Nobody Cares About an Umbrella Man with Head Crushed on the Road

Nobody Cares About an Umbrella Man with Head Crushed on the Road

I don’t know for sure, but something’s telling me that this photo is from China or there about. There’s a person with head crushed on the road and nobody cares. While it could certainly happen in any country, China perfected the art of playing an ignorant prick when fellow human is in trouble.

I don’t know whether the victim is a man or a woman. That umbrella confuses me. Why would anyone use an umbrella? What’s wrong with a little frolic in the rain? It’s just water – you’ll dry up and be like new. I must be old school. The no flip flop, one shoe off situation is just as confusing. I bet that silver car ran the victim over one more time for a Chinese double tap.

Many thanks to drccoco for the pic.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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109 thoughts on “Nobody Cares About an Umbrella Man with Head Crushed on the Road”

  1. We are just longer versions of nearly hairless roadkill…..whats the big deal, right?
    The apathy in some places, actually most places on earth were humans are abundant is shocking.
    Shocking to most, but not so much to us, The Students of Best Gore.

    We are all too familar with the drill

        1. no no, you use thread. it’s much more comfortable on the eyes.

          regarding the umbrella…i think it’s silly, too. only thing i can think of is that maybe it was raining earlier. but people in china also take umbrellas out when it’s sunny, to keep the sun out of their face. umbrella > hat, right?

          1. @ reikoko , you have a good sense of
            Humour , am hopeing you never lose
            that , most of the racist stuff is sort
            of observational humour , is not said
            to hurt etc , vitriol is directed @ those
            people/races that deserve it . That is
            different , comes from personal

          2. well said @odgoso, ‘observational humour’ is a great way to explain it! i
            It’s just ‘good natured’ racism! πŸ˜‰

    1. honestly, i think its very sad that people are so pathetic as to just walk by a mutalated body like its nothing, poeple today are no better then the beast we eat bc we think less of them, ugh, what the hell is wrong with people nowadays?

        1. true its still kind of depressing that everyone is so uncaring. i know what site im on but i dont know why im just addicted to looking at more of this stuff its just so shocking to me. see im going to school for nursing and i just dint have it in me to hurt anyone or let someone suffer like that young child yue yue (i think thats the name) πŸ™ the world is going down the damn drain

          1. You have to be dead to be a zombie. Jesus was not undead, He was fully alive again, therefore Zombie Jesus is incorrect, but people like to be retarded and overlook technicalities if it sounds “cool.”

  2. There really isn’t a lot you CAN do in this situation…You go to try and clear the poor fucker off the road (I can’t honestly use the word HELP) and what happens? You become similar roadkill. This former person has clearly been hit numerous times as is evident by the lack of “vertical definition”…and with a few more won’t event register as an inconvenient “bump” when the wheels pass over.

    Bet they’d fucking notice if their shithole country got flattened…

    1. hey boatman, have we met on a forum site? “boatman24”
      i dont remember the name of the site, it was a fanclub site for a movie, if it wasnt “how Stella Got Her Tube Packed” it mustve been “Schindler’s Fist”

    1. I kind of disagree on the don’t care thing.
      3 people cared.
      1- The one that took the pic and sent it to Best Gore
      2- The one that published it in Best Gore
      3- That guy on the front of the pic seems to care enough to cover his nose lol

      It’s impossible in the current world we live in not to give a crap about that dead guy on the road

    1. Rotten I see you have just started your OWN club with 2000+ comments! Just wondering, do you talk heaps in real life? I know I do, it’s like someone you know see’s you coming down the street and they quickly cross the road to avoid you, cos they haven’t got 2 HOURS for a chat! Well I THINK that’s why they avoid me? πŸ™‚

        1. Rotten I’ve found it hard to get on the computer the last few days, school holidays have started (2 1/2 weeks!) and there’s always extra kids in the house, my computer is right in the kitchen/dining area, so I don’t want some brat to walk past and see something ‘nasty’ ha ha, ( imagine them trying to explain to they’re mum “and I saw this body, and it didn’t have a head! whaaa!)

          1. @tiger…i have a 16 year old son that thinks he is 26 and there is a lot of stuff on here i MAKE him sit down and watch….just to let him see he is not in any way invincible

          2. @Razorblade I TRY to get my 15 yr old son to have a look but he’s just not interested! I tell him “post this on Facebook, it’s cool” Nup won’t have a bar of it!

          3. i have had so many “friends” delete me on facebook because i post some of these videos on facebook…..fuck them….i prefer the darker side of humans than all this everything smells of roses bullshit….my son even blocked me because i posted a motorbike crash on his page with the heading “this is what will happen to you one day if you keep flying around on motorbikes with no helmet” LOL….

  3. There are 4 crush points: head, midsection, femur, and lower leg. It appears he was crush by 2 different cars: head & femur (hopefully first for his sake) and midsection & lower leg.

    So there were TWO piece of shit hit & run drivers. And they say lightening doesn’t strike twice!

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