Not Much Left of Motorcyclist After He’s Run Over by Truck

Not Much Left of Motorcyclist After Hes Run Over by Truck

Video from China depicts the aftermath of a traffic accident involving a motorcyclist and a big truck. Needless to say, not much is left of the motorcyclist.

I’m not too sure if the motorcyclist was a man. The scooter, which survived without much damage (as it typical), looks gender neutral, but there is what looks like a purse next to the pancake. When you’re reduced to a bloody squirt, it becomes difficult to determine what your sex was. What do you guys thing? Man or woman?

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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73 thoughts on “Not Much Left of Motorcyclist After He’s Run Over by Truck”

  1. It appears to be wearing a skirt so I would say that it’s a she. However if, what ever the fuck it is, was a liberal when alive it may have considered itself to be “non-binary” and therefore “gender neutral” in which case one would have to hedge their bet.

    Personally I find putting a gender to this jumbled up mess to be a far easier task than having to guess the gender of a random nigger as black people tend to be interchangeable just by adding or removing the weave.

    1. @thedre

      Thanks for the kind words. I am so far keeping my drinking under control and will keep posting so long as this remains the case.

      It does feel odd though regaining control after all these years of heavy drinking and drug taking in that my mind now works in ways that most people would consider to be insane and yet I am in full control over that insanity to the point that my madness now acts as the inspiration on which I draw.

      It makes you realise that normality is merely the standard on which we are judged and is therefore a comparative judgment based upon the status quo of ones external reality.

      Anyway, enough of my vainglorious ranting, it was good to hear from you again dre.


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      1. Jesus all of you guys are so damn ignorant! I have dated white, black, hispanic, asian, etc…and DATED does NOT mean SLEPT with…I was abstinent for nine years until a year ago when I met the amazing man I am with now. We are both educated-both have our RN, BSN (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing)-I graduated with honors-and both intend to get our Masters (MSN). The man I am with is a gentleman, has a nicer car than me, pays for everything, and treats me like a queen. He has a TON of money in the bank, amd owns a home he rents out for even EXTRA income; on TOP of his two jobs. Do you guys have/do all that? We are so in love and he is from Atlanta. In GA they don’t tend to mix race-oh, yeah-he’s BLACK-OMG alert the police! I’m the 1st white woman he’s ever dated. My attitude is that if you close yourself off to ANY race, you may just miss out on an amazing person. Maybe your soul mate! I don’t think I’ll be changing any of these racist-ass opinions, but have you ever sat down with an educated, polite black individual and had a conversation? I’ve seen my share of white trash too-every ethnicity has it’s chunk of crap…but there are SO MANY amazing people in this world to meet-try to open your eyes, your mind, and your heart to meet some of them! They just might surprise you! Good luck and God bless!

  2. All that pancaked splatter looks more like a river of Blood but as ya can see in the video his head seems intact and well seated on the road ……. smiling ear to ear and doesn’t even seem to be regretting his folly .

  3. Holy crap!! Of all the brutal accidents involving motorcycles/scooters, this is the most horrible, destructive, mashed up mess I’ve seen since coming to this site!! To me it looks like a woman judging by the hair but who knows. I’ve seen the way both truck drivers and motorcycles drive in these countries and would never, ever consider riding on a motorcycle in any of these countries! When I watch a lot of these videos of trucks or cars driving erratically, speeding, or recklessly swerving like maniacs. I seriously question sometimes if these people are mentally deranged, psychotic, mentally disabled, or who knows what the fuck!! But this shit we see here is just not normal!! Think about it! How many times have we seen a car run over a person and stop, back up, go forward three feet and run them over again, back up again, go forward, back up again and stop on top of the person and then jump out of the car and look confused like “did I hit something”? How about the guy pulling his car into the bay of an auto repair shop, and once inside the bay he smashes the accelorator and squishes and pins the poor mechanic against the wall?? The truck that is speeding through a small village 60 miles per hour, turns the corner on two wheels and rolls over the poor woman crossing the street! I mean, WTF???
    What the hell is wrong with people? People always make jokes about Asian drivers, but I wish so bad there was some kind of logical explaination as to why they are so clueless! Is it something in the DNA? Is it the drinking water that kills brain cells slowly starting from birth so that by the time they reach the age of being able to drive they are already half brain dead?? What the hell is wrong here??!! Is their any explanation??
    Think about all the hundreds of videos we’ve watched with similar outcomes and everyday there is yet another video!! Is there anyone else here that sits and scratches their head trying to figure out why this is, other than the old standard response of, “well, their Asian, what do you expect”!!? Feedback please!

    1. @thedre ………Bro
      Except for his Head his entire self has gotten tomato pureed and yes this one is truly Epic and look at the size of that Monster truck what to expect if ya try being aloof right next to it
      This dude might have been either biking /riding too close to the tyres or might have been on the wrong side trying to overtake.

      He is happy for his head atleast …..ya can see those eyes watching over his own disintegrated self …………

    1. Yeah ya got that right it’s ” she ” and not ” he” .Also there is some sorta handbag which only the ladies carry normally and then the shoes worn on those legs do indicate that its gotta be a female rider as thats a scooterette she rode and no bike

  4. The still image is enough to ex-spleen everything. When-testine out the speed of your bike, don’t turn too heart without keeping eyes peeled for oncoming vehicles. This poor woman’s image is belly recognizable anymore. Of course, it’s no surprise that the truck driver will out liver.

  5. We all are just a big piece of meat walking on legs…some bigger , some smaller, Chinese guys are usually small, but I wonder what a glorious mess it would have been if one of those 400 lbs westerner ultra obese guy or gal was hit , while coming out from their McDonald’s temple,that would have a been epic sight…

  6. That undertaking has he’s work cut out. Reminds me of the sick and dropped kebabs on the pavements after a Saturday night.
    I’ve sent a sos to all the kings men and all the kings horses hopefully they can do something 🙂

  7. If you have a lot of Chinese people in your city then move right away. They take away all the house and real estate and they drive like crap. You are more likely die from a Chinaman with a car than die from a bacterial disease.

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