Oblivious Child in Parking Garage Ran Over by Car in Klang, Malaysia

Oblivious Child in Parking Garage Ran Over by Car in Klang, Malaysia

Oblivious Child in Parking Garage Ran Over by Car in Klang, Malaysia

In Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, child without a care in the world is ran over by car with driver without a care in the world.

Young female child in Malaysia finds a way to pass time while in a parking garage by running up and down and side to side within empty parking spots. The world cannot always be your oyster when you are mowed down in your prime of life. The hit and run driver presumably a female continues to ride on without a care in the world as child is crushed by rotating wheels and weight of machinery. Abysmal parenting is the byproduct responsible for child killed by Knight Rider reincarnate.

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  1. Seems pretty clear: females are especially trained in Asian countries to drive this way, and are also trained to be piss-poor at attending to their cunt-cabbages so as to help settle some of the overpopulation rampant in those countries.

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  2. il est vrai que la mère à pas fait très attention à son enfant (elle dois le regretter je suppose),mais que dire sur la personne au volant qui arrive quand même à écraser 1 enfant qui est droit devant faut le faire quand même ??

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