Oblivious Pedestrian Struck by Train in Brazil

Oblivious Pedestrian Struck by Train in Brazil

An oblivious pedestrian with no apparent situational awareness and no peripheral vision was walking across railway tracks in Brazil and earned himself a mighty slap from a passing train he never saw coming. He almost made it, but not quite. Oddly, he didn’t react to the coming train at all.

I don’t even understand how he had no awareness of something big coming his way. You can usually feel the rumbling of the ground and the turbulence in the air as a train approaches, so even if he was listening to a really loud music, there were other things to alert him of an approaching monster. It didn’t look like a suicide to me.

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          1. It is possible to be completely unaware of one’s surroundings under certain medical circumstances. I know from personal experience, if your body is crapping out on you or something is temporarily impeding on cognition then you could be completely oblivious to everything while auto piloting around the place.

  1. you could be the bionic man blessed with einstien brain cells and still end up crossing the street….towards the grim reaper.

    only fate or stupidity dictates who makes it across each and every time!
    nevermind trains hitting pedestrians, look at the folks getting killed by cars .
    …dying because muffy wants to text lucy that she still loves billy
    …dying because billy is driving not lookin cause he’s staring at some girls ass
    …or dying cause lucy’s and imbecile and shouldnt be allowed a lisence let alone oxygene

    i’ve also watched elderly people half dead/ half alive behind wheels and half dead/half alive trying to cross streets..

    safe right of way’s poker game indeed, fates bluff vs your hand

    god bless them, i’ve seen elderly people trying to cross the street and almost gettting hit many times…
    their sometimes inhibited ability to judge speed and space makes it such a dangerous move

          1. @realitycheck07 and @crasschris.god your guys are sweethearts. who dare say men are pigs just come here and read this! *wish i sould send you two fella pack of tube-socks and some axe cologne. xox

    1. “you can take the man out of the train, but you cant take the train out of the man’s insides ”
      –Lamb of God

      “All aboard! Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa! ay ay ay ay ay ayyy . CRAYZEEEEE but thats how it goes, millions of people living as foes like the way trains taste”
      –ozzy osbourne

      “i rideee the winds that bring the train..
      a creature of love, , who shits clogs yuor subway station drains”
      –blackie lawless

      “oh fuck.. here i go again on my own..
      running down the only brazilians i’ve ever known.
      like a drifter i was born to ride alone, an ive made up my mind i aint wasting anymore time…choo choooooo beep beep toot toot!!!”
      -david coverdale

      “Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaainnnnn train train traaaaaaaaaaain ta ta ta traaaaaaaain”
      -alexi laiho

          1. Still Not my cup of tea……
            Wanna’ see pits go to a Black/Death South American gig….ouchhhhh!!!
            Hey when Pantera where around, they had Pitsssss!
            Ozzy, I never really cared for….
            Or much of what the typical Metalhead Claims to be rooted in us!!

    2. RIP dimebag but damn I hate how they remasterd pantera button pressin dug heads. they bricked the sound

      lol columbian metslheads are fucking apeshit crayzeee whenever ANYTHING THRASH comes to town …
      lol christ they almost friggin ate each other when maiden did their flight 666 DVD there lol

      HAILS ( n keep it BRUTAL

      1. Agreed, Hails!!!
        Colombian Black Metal is fucking insane! Them fuckers are extremist. Brazil, Peru, and Chile are no exception……
        Too bad for RIP Dimebag He was a Metal God…That Poser Phil broke it all off, but still good tunes.

  2. I work with an IT company that specializes in Long Term Care Medical programming. I spend a lot of time in these old folks homes. Most of them aren’t half aware of who they are and what’s going on around them. So, to answer the questions concerning how this could happen or why they wouldn’t see it, or feel it. Most old folks turn into toddelors mentally, They are clueless and zoned out.

    1. some of them are so lonely ..just breaks my heart
      i see them in the food store buying one tomato.. one tiny pork chop..one onion. you canfeel even a meal is a lonely time for them ;-( and they get in a taxi to go home 9and you know the fcab fare is going to empty their pockets but they got no car and no caring family.
      i dont think death is folks wretched place, its going to be growing old…alone and lonely
      *on that sparkling note happy thanksgiving

  3. How an you not hear a train… Unless that’s how they wanted to end it. Messy, painful, and never a hundred percent success rate. Then what to do when you have no legs? Toss yourself out of your wheelchair, into oncoming traffic? Where there is a will there’s a way. I’d prefer a nice calm drowning, and hold my breath, like a free dive, till my brain forgot to breathe. Painless, and no mess. I wouldn’t want to burden anyone with cleaning me up. Picking my parts up, and so forth. To each his/her own. *shrugs*

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