Older Man with Right Leg Crushed by Truck

Older Man with Right Leg Crushed by Truck

Older Man with Right Leg Crushed by Truck

I don’t recognize the language spoken in the video. Hence, no idea where it is from.

The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident. An older man apparently got his right leg run over and crushed/smeared by a truck. He’s alive, but the leg looks like a goner, at least from the knee down.

Several men assisted the arriving medics with the victim. Women were busy being strong and independent from a safe distance.

Props to Best Gore member @sorethroat for the video:

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59 thoughts on “Older Man with Right Leg Crushed by Truck”

  1. Oh Fuck ! we all know old age is such a curse.That said, this oldie may have blacked out standing right there ; when the truck passed him by crushing his one leg in the process.

    I guess, the poor old man will have to resign to his fate from now on walking with prosthetics

      1. Its looks people avoid involving themselves or coming forward to render any help as this being an accident and a police case ;although they may very much want to be as humane as possible like most of us .

        It could be the fear of the atrocious Police which might not be people friendly at all .

          1. Just look for them and there’s a distinct possibility you’ll see them with your face balls. When you do, talk finger-tip-mouth words at them and try and cause them to recognize their folly

  2. I think That not a problem for this type of old dirty bastard. Probably he know wars and torture and other shit like this in his fucking savage country. He is not a fucking soft French guy like me. Good recovery

          1. Yeah that’s true, he doesn’t seem to be going into shock. But I’ve personally seen people calm and collected after having a gruesome injury…..then they look down at their injury and the visual sight of it sends them into a panic and they go into shock and die………….

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