Old Man Squashed Like Ripe Tomato by Truck in Brazil

Old Man Squashed Like Ripe Tomato by Truck in Brazil

65 year old Jose Garcia de Araujo was squished like a ripe tomato by a semi truck while walking in flip flops down highway BR-116 just outside of Timbaúba dos Marinheiros in Chorozinho, Região Metropolitana de Fortaleza, Brazil.

According to the eye witnesses, the truck was traveling at a low speed but the victim did not notice it and fell under its wheels. Unlike this truck driver (same highway), 36 year old Joseph Wagner stayed with his truck at the scene and cooperated with the police during an investigation.

The old man’s children said Jose Garcia was drinking that night and may not have noticed the approaching truck due to the effects of the alcohol.

Brazilian highway patrol reported that in the 24 hours proceeding the accident, other 11 accidents which left 2 people dead and 6 wounded took place on the highway.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

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74 thoughts on “Old Man Squashed Like Ripe Tomato by Truck in Brazil”

  1. Definitely a highway of death, must be thousands of people whose blood has seeped into the gravel and the tires of every car that passes through there. Flip flops and alcohol don’t seem to mix too well together, you’d think after a while they would understand that walking around barefoot is more likely to let you live longer.

  2. Looks more like a tank ran over him.
    BTW Thanks to all of you who helped me through the worst time of my life a couple of weeks ago. I was very close to commiting suicide but the kind posts I got and the fact that I have two kids to think about ( I.m divorced ) made me reconsider. The abuse I took as a child will never be answered for now. Thanks again to all of you.

  3. I think the main problem is the flip flops. They really slow you down. Have you ever tried running in them. In spite of looking like a complete doofus, you are going about 0.5 miles per hour and making hilarious slappy sounds.

  4. Wasted away again in brazil, my friend. Searchin for myyy flip flop on the road. Theres so many ways that you can die or get killed, but i know, da silva aint the way to go. (to tune of margaritaville)

  5. I’ve been coming to this site for YEARS and finally made an account so i can be involved in all the gore. Gotta say, totally agree about looking at dead people as food, doesn’t help that i was eating a jelly filled krispie kream i suppose

  6. Poor old guy, probably worked hard all of his life and wanted to have a couple of cocktails with buddies . Makes it to a ripe age considering what shithole country he is from, and SPLAAAAAT ! Lights out. Just like that , feel bad for the old man and his family. Retirement sucks for this fella…

    1. Ha! You got to love Brazil,is like three different countries at once: First you get the wealthy side with beautiful beaches and buildings.Then you get the poor side(favelas), inhabited by poor black people and gangsters. And finally;the goriest place in all the americas: The brazilian jungle. The funniest thing is,their government won’t do shit about it,and most “accidents” are censored. There’s a good movie about the favela situation,called City of God.

  7. Following the accident, dirty favela children scooped up the man’s remains in dirty glass jars, which are sold to dirty food companies who package them as “ketchup”, who sell them to dirty burger joints, where they are sold to dirty scroungy tourists from Europe. One can’t help but say “Mmmmm”.

  8. I think this old man wanted to die. Living in Brasil probably in poverty in your mid 60’s he probably drank like their was no tommorrow just to not feel any physical payne before he went out like that.

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