Old Person with Cane Hit by Bus While Crossing Road

Old Person with Cane Hit by Bus While Crossing Road

The CCTV video shows an older person with a cane trying to cross the road. The person criss-crosses among vehicles stopped on the lights and has the last lane to clear in front of a public bus.

As the light changes and the traffic begins to move, the person tries to get off the road quickly, but it’s not so easy when you face mobility challenges. The bus driver doesn’t see the person right in front of the bus and drives forward, hitting the person and causing them to fall under its wheels. Instead of getting run over, the person is wedged between the wheel and the road and gets pushed forward.

Even though likely not fatal, the trauma would involve a deep tissue rash and possibly severe damage to the upper body including at least one arm. I don’t know where the video is from.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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140 thoughts on “Old Person with Cane Hit by Bus While Crossing Road”

          1. It’s her moment of realisation when the other traffic starts moving, and the little sprint that follows, that get’s me. She was close though, bless her.

        1. I’ve been a member for about 8 years and can’t remember the exact length of time you need to wait from first registering as a member until the time that you can post into the forums. It could be 4 weeks or 4 months?

  1. I know its São Paulo – Brazil cause the bus final destination is Santo Amaro, a neighbourhood in SP, and also cause there is SP police car in the beginning of the video. And also cause she was my granny.

    1. Siempus, yes agreed…… I also wonder if mayhap she had tossed the cane even at the last second and gave it that one last full throttle pump with both arms free like a sprinter in the last dash…… lunging at the finish line…. one more stride is all she needed…… just throw the cane down, miss, and gun it for the sidewalk….. she just about made it…..

    2. Driver shoulda’ been more alert too…… people are like ants from his perch…… he/she should be more vigilant, not just ho-hum the light turns green and Shazzam….. he/she had long seconds to see that fuckin’ land whale comin’…… turned their head slightly in 10 seconds someone’s brainless wife, granny, sister, mother would still be well.alive…… you’d think……

      ~2 Lazy Idiots & A Bus~

    1. In this case, Zerp, depends the post…… but the headline for this says it all….. Old Fat Lady With Cane Run Over By Bus Crossing Street…..

      Their worlds collided….. just sometimes that’s the way it works…… sad to say…..

      Let us know what ya’ dig up…..

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