Older Woman Remains Chill After Truck Destroyed Her Leg

Older Woman Remains Chill After Truck Destroyed Her Leg

Older Woman Remains Chill After Truck Destroyed Her Leg

According to the info I got, this happened in New York, although by the way people in the video other than the injured look and sound, you’d think it’s Puerto Rico.

The video shows the aftermath of a traffic accident in which an older lady had her leg run over by a truck. Despite the seriousness of her injuries, the lady remains remarkably calm and even says something to the tune of “It’s OK if I die!” She’s one incredibly chill woman.

Props to Best Gore member @seraphim-serenata for the video:

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39 thoughts on “Older Woman Remains Chill After Truck Destroyed Her Leg”

          1. I bet she is on something she way to calm to loose both her legs!!

            Plus I’m back bitches I was deployed in North Africa.. but I’m back with a gift basket of stuff

      1. I read the article on this. The woman is a 50 year old nurse… that would be the reason for her remaining so calm… She knew she had to. The guy calming her and keeping her talking is a medical student that was visiting NY from TX.
        The woman was on her bicycle and was said to be going the wrong way on a one way road. The driver made a right turn and ran her over.
        The guy that hit her has a suspended license. This happened back in mid Nov 2017.
        Casual Observer is right about where it occured… NY Lower East Side corner of Ridge and Stanton. Last update was that she was in critical but stable condition and was losing the left leg.

    1. “destroyed” as the applied word is absolutely right.
      What’s wrong is the truck driver keeping the engine running. That likely causes more pressure and fear in the victim’s mind. Amazingly this woman is one calm creature for her gender. In fact the first ever female I’ve seen not freak-out in a situation like this.
      Perhaps due to her older age? or perhaps she’s been through worse… Hmm!

  1. That’s one tough lady.Not in shock just managing a whole lot of pain and staying alive waiting for help despite those morons shouting and arguing around her. For fuck’s sake don’t they know how vulnerable she feels?

    1. She’s in shock at the time this was filmed, so the pain isn’t what it will be later, she probably got a look at the mess and hence the “it’s ok if i die”. Problem is she won’t die from that, and will have a long and fucked up rehab learning how to do pretty much everything all over again. Hope the insurance payout is good, but I would keep my legs and they can keep the $, given a choice.

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