Older Woman Trying to Get Off Bus Falls Under and Gets Her Ankles Run Over

Older Woman Trying to Get Off Bus Falls Under and Gets Her Ankles Run Over

I don’t know where this video is from, but the guy doing the screencap speaks Spanish, so hopefully someone with good command of the Spanish language can deduce where it’s from.

The video is a CCTV footage of a bus stopping to let passengers off. An older lady takes her time because her mobility is not the greatest anymore, and that holds up other passengers waiting to get off. One of them is another older lady, and when she tried to get off, the bus driver begins departing without checking if everyone wanting to get off is safely off.

With part of her body on the ground, but part still on the bus, the lady lost balance and fell on the road under the bus, who ran over her ankles. The bus driver is an idiot for leaving the stop without making sure it’s safe to do so.

We saw a similar incident a year ago.

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59 thoughts on “Older Woman Trying to Get Off Bus Falls Under and Gets Her Ankles Run Over”

    1. I never would have guessed it was ‘Chile’;however, the people are great! Compared to endless videos where others do absolutely ‘shit’, this one shows compassionate people at least.

      1. After tripping down some stairs in colombia and having a bleed on my brain and subsequenr brain surgery i was medivaked to Santiago in Chile. They have the hottest nurses – wow. Chile is where i cracked my first fat after the accident, and i knew all would be ok. As long as my cock works, everything else is a bonus. All thanks to those sexy bitches that rubbed my cock with hot soapy water while licking their lips with heaps of lip gloss on, all while they winked at me in slow motion and rubbed their bald pussy moaning for me to insert a digit or two deep into her gorgeous dripping cunt….and whispered in my ear in rough English, “When you are feeling up to it i wanna masturbate with your big fat aussie cock”……

    2. All clues scream “Argentina, Córdoba”, in Córdoba the cabs are fully yellow, the remises (similar to taxi but cheaper) are fluo green, those are the kind of bus that are used, the bus driver attitude of starting to drive before you are completely out of the bus is so typical of Argentina, and the one speaking is, 100% sure, a typical ignorant cordobés that throws all the guilt to the state of the street and not to the fucking driver.

      1. And i forgot, in the back of the bus says “ERSA”, a public transport business from Cordoba. I hate cordobeses, porteños, rosarinos, and a lot of others argentinians, most of them are fucking selfish and lazy animals. I make clear that sadly im argentinian.

  1. Senior citizens get a discounted fare to compensate them for foreseeable mishaps such as this.
    It’s sad really… getting old makes it dangerous for them to drive cars yet taking the bus isn’t much safer. I guess this is the way people are rewarded for making to their golden years.

  2. It’s not a bus driver an idiot, but the system he is working for. Most of bus drivers should be on schedule otherwise they get penalty from own purse. For the drivers of truck or bus if you have schedule and your boss always complaining about your late or for w/e reasons you got distracted and shit happens.

  3. I see this all the time in China. Bus driver pulls away while people still boarding or exiting. I’ve seen people fall and get hurt, but never run over. It’s not because of schedule, there is no schedule. It’s because the drivers are too lazy to check if it’s clear. At the very least, the door needs to be completely closed before moving. Really unfortunate thing to happen. 100% on the bus driver. He should go to prison.

  4. ”The door needs to be completely closed before moving”- exactly. A simple solution to make it impossible to drive off while doors are still open.
    Granny’s ankles are mangled, she maybe handicapped for life because of this stupid driver.

    1. No, the lady was thick as shit, took ages to decide to get off the bus and when she did the driver had started moving.

      But yes, we can blame this 100% on the drive if we want to, as he should have looked.

      That said, he really isn’t fully to blame here, she took way too long to decide to get off the bus was parked there for more than long enough.

  5. A quick Google Search of Metalpar (manufacturer of the bus) and then the company listed, ERSA, tells me that it’s a city bus service that operates in Buenos Aires, Argentina so given the nasal SA accent of the “narrator”, the fact he is indeed speaking Spanish, and the fact the bus service is an Argentine company, I’m going to go with Buenos Aires as the locale.

  6. Can this be retitled to, “stupid woman leaves bus late and gets run over”.

    Seriously, since when was it a “surprise” that the bus was going to stop at a bus stop? Fucking idiots should get ready to get off, not panic and charge at the door at the last second.


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