One Pedestrian Dead and Five Injured After Driver Suffers Heart Attack in Romania

One Pedestrian Dead and Five Injured After Driver Suffers Heart Attack in Romania

A driver from the town of Constanta in Romania reportedly suffered a heart attack while driving and plowed through a crowd of pedestrians, killing one and injuring five.

It looks like the cameraman just wanted to film Miss Bouncy Tits but then also got some footage of the aftermath. Toward the end of the video, you see an idiot trying to “help” a person to stand up. All he achieved was help them to a more damaged pelvis.

Props to Best Gore member Massacre_art for the video:

50 thoughts on “One Pedestrian Dead and Five Injured After Driver Suffers Heart Attack in Romania”

    1. …Inconsiderate cameramen could have swung left and followed miss bouncy tits for a bit longer !

      I plead the “ejaculatory fifth” to that…

      I gave up Skoal years ago!!

      …however, having a little of that between my cheek and gum right now, would make for a lovely close, to a pretty decent Monday

  1. Uhhh, Romania has to be the most depressing countries to live in. Every time I see a video from that place, it always seems to be overcast and dreary. Maybe the dead are just people who’d had enough of that kind of living, saw a quick opportunity and jumped in front of the old mans car and the injured were just a little slow in getting there in time

    1. heart attack or not, its a real hell to be a pedestrian in Romania. most drivers have bought their drivers licence (bribery) and have no respect for human life at all. you can die easily while crossing a street because an arrogant driver thinks that he is the shit. police can’t do much. law isn’t tough with drivers who kill people. if they do kill someone, they get a few years in prison.

        1. I’ve got a brother on the east coast of Spain. So yeah, that might be an option, though he’s got plans of moving all the way north, somewhere in Finland or Norway. And i can say i kinda fancy those countries. But anyway, the point is this one country i live in is Europe’s trash can. I know other countries are bad too, but Romania is absolutely ridiculous.

      1. boobs are heavy to carry around and hurt ya back. I don’t want t complain too much because of the women who lose theirs to breast cancer. It would still be nice If I could take my boobs off and sit them on the night stand so I could get a good night sleep. lol

  2. Warning to all the male drivers out there:
    “These boobs were made for bouncing, that’s just what they do and one of these days these boobs are gonna bounce in front of you…”.
    Keep your eyes on the road.

          1. yeeeah I highly doubt that….
            hmmm…look what I found from a study done for Insurance policy groups…

            Violations for which men scored at least 50 percent higher than women:

            TYPE OF VIOLATION (the numbers indicate how much MORE men violate as opposed to women)
            Reckless driving 3.41 more times
            DUI 3.09more times
            Seatbelt violations 3.08 more times
            1.75 more times
            Failure to yield 1.54 more times
            Stop sign/signal violation
            1.53 more times

            I can give you more stats if you like…..

          2. aaand just a wee bit more…

            The study analyzed different kinds of vehicle code violations (traffic violations) and then compared how many times men were cited versus women. The conclusion was that men break more traffic laws and drive more dangerously than women. Because they violate laws designed to make the roads safer, men cause more accidents and expensive damage.

            thank you… I shall step down from my podium now

          3. I didnt even bothered reading your SJW (Social Justice Warrior) wall of text there. Im just gonna reply, its ment to be a joke, when i mentioned that is caused by women i mean because when men drives, and finds a decent looking women on the street, they cant look away and have accidents… because they were looking at the women instead of the road.

            So thanks for ruining the joke…

            Now im 100% positive that 95% of feminism related bullcrap are caused by women not getting men jokes… 😐

      1. @ Der Kopfsammler, like on the movie desperado when Salma Hyek walks across the street looking sexy and all the men start staring at her and are no longer paying attention to their driving and it causes wrecks lol

  3. The way that little ” Miss Fox on the run” was running away from the camera, tells me that the poor soul fainted, when all his blood left his brain, and rushed to his penis.

    I live next to a pretty big college, and my car insurance premiums are through the roof!!

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