Our of Control Truck Rams Vehicles Stopped at Railway Crossing in India

Our of Control Truck Rams Vehicles Stopped at Railway Crossing in India

Our of Control Truck Rams Vehicles Stopped at Railway Crossing in India

All I got for backinfo is that this allegedly happened in India. The video is a footage from two different CCTV cameras at a railway crossing.

The boom gate is down, so several vehicles – mostly motorcycles but also a small truck – are stopped behind it as they wait for a train to pass. Then, people begin to panic and moments later, a large out-of-control truck barrels down the road, hits the small truck and pushes it across the tracks.

The mandatory dog takes off for dear life, and everybody else dodges as best as they can, denying the only woman in the lot her obligatory pussy pass as the guy beside her gets in her way so he can dodge.

She ends up on the hood of the small truck, but later slides off it and lands in the path of the large truck. The video is not conclusive on what happened to her, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got run over.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. She’s currently inspecting the brake lines and checking the hydraulic fluid for eternity! That poor dog is still running for his life and halfway up the Himalayan mountains by now! If amazon used this truck to deliver- the customers should be asking for a refund

        1. Honestly tho. In moments of life and death you can’t really fault a person for looking out for themselves first. It’s kind of instinctual. cowardly but instinctual. Sometimes people are in the right place at the wrong time. So many things had to line up in so many different ways at just the right moment for the lady to meet her end like that. Pretty crazy. That woman was not lucky. If she was lucky it was the devils luck.

  1. The woman in blue is killed because natural selection catches her as she is heading towards danger instead of fleeing the other way. She should have followed the dog like a natural instinct but this veiled slut with a good butt gets fucked hard by both trucks if you watch the video in super slow motion. Life hangs by a thread, especially if you don’t have the right brain!

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  6. Indian lass in sky blue almost got away those moustached dhalsims got in the way. She didn’t really push them hard maybe didn’t want to establish physical contact with the moustached dudes. Some indian women are extremely shy so much so they even refuse to have sex on wedding night thinking its immodest due to lack of sex education. Frustrated grooms have to settle for a babyoiless wank

  7. She had good chance of dying. The way she was pulled up and fell on the hood of the truck, her chances increased of getting pussy pass by death. Also the way she laid on that hood showed us she got a yumi-yumi ass. I think her pussy smells like sardine or cheese, but there’s nothing water can’t wash.

  8. Looking at it in slow motion, it appears the woman likely just barely escaped serious injury or death. Obviously just a theory.

    I thought she would have her head smashed by the tire of the truck she was riding but you can see it misses her. Judging by the location she is last clearly seen, it is very possible she laid between the tires of those trucks so that they missed her and passed over her. It is also very possible a foot or her head got run over and she is now teal-colored road kill.

  9. According to the information received at around 9 am, truck number RJ14 GE 9655 was going from Sagar towards Bina and due to the time of arrival of the train, the gates were installed. While going towards Bina, there is a big slope here and at this place the truck suddenly became uncontrolled. The truck collided with the freight carrier standing at the gate and then Nafisa, a resident of Sagar, who was with her brother-in-law at the gate, hit the truck, causing a painful death on the spot.


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