Out of Nowhere, A Person on the Highway

Out of Nowhere, A Person on the Highway

Dashcam video from Russia shows a driver gliding down a highway at night, when out of nowhere, a person turns up directly in front of his car. With no time to react, the driver hit him square on.

I don’t know much about the background of this video, but it almost looks like suicide (possibly successful). Unless the fellow was wasted drunk or high on drugs, and didn’t even know what he was doing.

There doesn’t seem to be much in terms of human habitation in the vicinity of the accident. There was one lone gas station along the road earlier, but then practically no houses or anything suggesting that the victim was on his way home, or something of sorts.

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    1. Maybe it was an attempted car jacking gone wrong. Guy stands in the path of the car. Thinking that the driver can see him. Thinking the driver will slow down and stop. See the hand reaching behind him? Maybe to grab a gun.

          1. @sakshiloveslions
            It is not exactly a top secret 😉 I believe that all the wisdom humanity will ever need to know is in Hinduism and Buddhism.
            I must say that I like your nick and avi pic too!

    1. @bloodbinge your not the only one!! lol

      um maybe its cause I grew up in moose country and know what to look for but I saw him quite clearly from far enough away to have stopped twice. Moose seem to like walking in the middle of the road. if there is a pattern of lights that doesn’t fit you stop. if a light blinks… you stop! if the black space between lights is getting bigger you should have stopped 3 seconds ago!!!!!

      1. 6 mos. and you should be back on your knees mouse.;) lol just occurred to me you will be hung like a pinkie mouse once they pop your cap.
        I had an amputation but was lucky enough to not have low circulation issues so my stump didn’t pink.

  1. Damn, I used to have a recurring nightmare about that, except it was always my neighbor’s little girl, who has downs syndrome. Haven’t had it in years, so probably will tonight after seeing this, lol.

  2. I could almost here that song “Where is my mind” watching this. This reminds me when I was on a road and I jogged right to keep my sweet ride full of transient shit, but wait there’s more, up the road was his buddy…dead on the road…in the middle of the street. Probably the reason why I’m the way I am today but dought it. -951-

      1. Agreed @ stomper! I have watched a lot of video,s regarding this subject. The Pineal gland is one amazing little organ that our ancient Earthlings use to use on a regular basis. In a lot of the caves they lived in they would show spacecrafts from other planets come down and help them build huge structures, that would baffle many of today,s top engineers. They would use their pineal gland to communicate with the other worldly beings through telepathy! Cool Topic Indeed, matey! 🙂

        1. It is very interesting @dre for sure.
          The third eye. Of course I was kidding in this instance, but, without doubt, the powers that be have used various methods to stifle the power of the pineal glands of the general populace. That fact alone would lead one to believe that the amazing, acorn size mass that sits within our brain, does indeed have the capacity to enable us to see telepathically, or at least think deeper, more intelligent thoughts.
          Those cave and tomb carvings are fascinating my friend. 😉

          1. I like these topics! I think Entheogens are the key but they are also regulated by the powers that be… The “third eye” has to bee turned on with a substance kind of like how we have to eat food and drink water in order for our body to work, if you dont have food you can’t just imagine or think you are ate food and live because you still have an empty stomach. And even back in the day before society got bigger and bigger Entheogens where growing everywhere but not so much now because they are illegal. If more people had the knowledge and guts to step out of the comfort zone and try some of these Entheogens then more people would be “awake” but that’s also the reason they are regulated and illegal.

      2. Fluoridated water supplies are causing a spike in thyroid disease. They used to make kids take a fluoride tablet every day in elementary school because we were mountain folk with wells so we didn’t have fluoridated water. Only way you were allowed out of it was a note from your parents. Thankfully mine gave me a note every year because they didn’t trust it was healthy. I still ended up with Hashimoto’s disease induced hypothyroidism but that’s an autoimmune disease I inherited so I was screwed anyhow! Now I’m seeing studies on thyroid disease proving that it can be from too much fluoride in some cases.

        1. I’ve been visiting this site forever and hardly ever comment but today I feel the need to say something….

          Chosen I totally commend you for having the patients to reply and stand up for our people. I have too short a fuse to rebuttal to some of the completely ignorant anti Semitic remarks made here. Not that im an angry person, just it really gets under my skin when folks make remarks about our religion that they know nothing about. I cannot comprehend having such hate for a group of individuals based on untruths and assumptions. I appreciate and completely respect your willingness to stand up a be a voice of reason. Thank you…..now back to lurking….

  3. That has got to be one of the creepiest things that i have seen in awhile! Imagine driving home on a dim lit highway with Eye In The Sky ( The Alan Parsons Project ), tune playing, and your mood super mellow, then,,, Ka-Boom 🙁

      1. I’ve been fortunate not to hit anything in my car, but a few years ago on my Motorcycle I was on my way to work early one morning I had a crow hit my helmet at a tremendous speed, cracked my helmet and was literally picking feathers from it for the next few days.

  4. Doubt it was intentional suicide, it looked to me as if he had his back to the car. One would think that if he intended suicide he’d have faced the car.I could be wrong though. Any way end result, it was suicide or just dumb as fuck on his part

  5. Had a friend that died this way walking home drunk. Average speed on that road about 35-40 mph. I heard the accident ripped a couple of limbs off. The car in this video must have been doing at least 60…must have been a fucking mess!

  6. Good crunch to that one.
    Regularly while driving I get some cunt who frankly deserved to get run over just walk out and if you beep, you get the middle finger and a “pedestrians have priority” shouted back at you.

    1. Russian’s are always in tracksuits – it’s just how they roll.

      If he’s russian – he was drunk. Most of russia is basically piss-blind drunk, all day every day.

      He was probably in the road because someone told him they dropped a 2 rouble tin of bud-light there.

  7. Most of you would be screaming fake by now but since you haven’t I will say it looks fake. Why is only the right side of his right pants leg lit up? I’ve seen a another video just like this that was proven to be fake.

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