Overturned Truck Explodes During Attempts to Steal Fuel It Carried

Overturned Bus Explodes During Attempts to Rescue Passengers

Overturned Bus Explodes During Attempts to Rescue Passengers

I got no backinfo on this video, so I can only go by the visuals. And the audio, which sounds like it’s from Latin America to me.

What the video shows, seems to be an aftermath of an accident involving a fuel truck. The truck is shown overturned beside the road, as if the driver fell asleep or otherwise lost control and slid off where he could not keep the vehicle upright.

There’s a group of people apparently attempting to steal fuel it carried. Some of the would be thieves wear motorcycle helmets, suggesting those people rode by and stopped to “fill up“.

But then the bus explodes, presumably because the fuel leaked and either someone smoked where they should not have, or the gasoline ran down the overheated engine which lit up the fumes.

If you recognize the accent, please let us know where the video is most likely from.


Many thanks to everyone who pointed out that it’s a fuel tanker and not a bus. Apparently I can’t tell what I’m looking at. Sorry about that. It happened in Colombia. I fixed the text.

Props to Best Gore member @nintenboy01 for the video:

Video of the aftermath, props to Best Gore member @tonymontana1:

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118 thoughts on “Overturned Truck Explodes During Attempts to Steal Fuel It Carried”

  1. That looks like a gasoline tanker to me and people are carrying gas can to steal some and boom someone funked up, (probably it lit up due to engine sparks) – you can see the flames started from front side.

    1. Diesel engines doesn’t create sparks, while maybe the electric wiring could have originated a short circuit though. Possibly it could ignite by static, note that they were bikers with cotton clothes and carrying plastic containers, every surface with negative electric charge due to making contact with the air while driving at high speed, and when they touched the metal of the truck they created an electric arc. Obviously they didn’t have this kind of knowledge, otherwise they could’ve not stayed anywhere near a place doused with litres of gasoline.

      1. Idk if stealing is the right word for, collecting a fluid that is leaking out into ground, where any form of recovery is impossible. But def was a spark from the engine it seems, possible that fuel just arched the starter.

    2. This video was in Tasajera Colombia. Department of Magdalena. The truck had an accident. (Excuse me my english). The truck it was full of gasoline. Many people arrived there to robber the gasoline. I have more pictures about that accident. But I m new here and I dont know how to Publish It.

    3. Idk if stealing is the right word for, collecting a fluid that is leaking out into ground, where any form of recovery is impossible. But def was a spark from the engine it seems, possible that fuel just arched the starter.

    1. I don’t think so…Biden is brain dead…he just forgot to lay down. He hasn’t been out of his basement for weeks. The Trumpster is going to wipe him out. For the record, I’m a proud Independent.

  2. At least 11 people have died and 52 injured after a fuel tanker exploded in Colombia on Monday
    Manuel Cataño was driving a truck with 5,000 gallons of gasoline when a caiman blocked his path on a highway, forcing him to lose control and crash
    Cataño said residents from Tasajera, Magdalena, crowded in front to the tanker to extract the gasoline and he was told to step away when he warned them


  3. Señores, esto sucedio en COLOMBIA. Es un camion que transportaba GASOLINA y explotó porque le intentaron robar la bateria y salio una chispa que produjo la explosion. Hasta el momento van 10 MUERTOS y decenas de heridos. Los muertos quedaron totalmente calcinados y reducidos a huesos y cenizas. Esto sucedio en la costa en una zona muy pobre del país donde es comun que la gente robe los carros accidentados.

    1. some translation
      chaps, this happened in Colombia. it was a truck transporting gas and the crap crashed, some greedy assholes went to mass loot the leaking gas but suddenly exploded because some idiots tried to steal the battery, a spark of doom burned all the greedy monkeys to hell. To the moment there are ten deaths and dozens of suffering bastards. deads were reduces to smoking sad piles of ashes. this happened in a very poor zone of the country (99% of the country) where is common 4 people to steal from road accidents.

  4. Die trying to get a small trash can full of gas.
    There must be some serious inbreeding and genetic failures in that town. It looks like half of their population was there risking their lives for a couple gallons of gas.
    Why is it we’ve only seen this happen in Latin America and Africa, I just can’t figure it out.

    1. I doubt that’s half the town sir. You know how those cockroaches roll. That’s only the occupants of a honda civic and half a pickup bed worth. Ever seen the video of the 15 pack van wreck and the counter starts with about 35 people climb out?

  5. Lmao at the 20 second mark when the dude with his arse on fire runs into the bushes behind the lorry on the right.
    I’m new here btw.
    Well been popping in and out for years but I just made an account recently.
    So hi everybody.
    Except the Jews. I hate all you bastards on principal.

    1. I love this one because you literally need to be dumb as FUCK to die here. It would be horrific if it was a snackbar truck but this is more hilarious to me. Even looking at the charred skeletal remains they fucking died for a bucket of gas. LOL.

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  7. If a gasoline truck spilled its cargo, I wouldn’t dare go near it, but third world monkeys jump in it! Good for me, I get to watch he results of this massive stupidity. There was another incident just like this that happened in Africa, with way more charred bodies. This very website posted it, but it is a few years old now.

  8. Buena noches, actualizó, también soy de Colombia, van hasta el momento 21 muertos y mas de 30 heridos, los trasladaron a varías ciudades, algunos ya tienen el “Covid”, esto se ha vuelto un buen negocio en toda Colombia.

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