Overturned Truck Explodes During Attempts to Steal Fuel It Carried

Overturned Bus Explodes During Attempts to Rescue Passengers

Overturned Bus Explodes During Attempts to Rescue Passengers

I got no backinfo on this video, so I can only go by the visuals. And the audio, which sounds like it’s from Latin America to me.

What the video shows, seems to be an aftermath of an accident involving a fuel truck. The truck is shown overturned beside the road, as if the driver fell asleep or otherwise lost control and slid off where he could not keep the vehicle upright.

There’s a group of people apparently attempting to steal fuel it carried. Some of the would be thieves wear motorcycle helmets, suggesting those people rode by and stopped to “fill up“.

But then the bus explodes, presumably because the fuel leaked and either someone smoked where they should not have, or the gasoline ran down the overheated engine which lit up the fumes.

If you recognize the accent, please let us know where the video is most likely from.


Many thanks to everyone who pointed out that it’s a fuel tanker and not a bus. Apparently I can’t tell what I’m looking at. Sorry about that. It happened in Colombia. I fixed the text.

Props to Best Gore member @nintenboy01 for the video:

Video of the aftermath, props to Best Gore member @tonymontana1:

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118 thoughts on “Overturned Truck Explodes During Attempts to Steal Fuel It Carried”

  1. At least seven people have died and over 50 others have been injured after an overturned fuel tanker exploded near Pueblo Viejo (Magdalena department) on Monday, July 6. The fuel truck was involved in a vehicular accident on the road connecting Barranquilla and Cienaga. Despite police warnings, scores of people reportedly rushed to the site of the accident to siphon off fuel when the tanker burst into flames. There are fears the death toll will rise as many of the injured suffered severe burns.

  2. I think this was a murder
    Anyone else notice a half second before the explosion a guy was running toward the point of ignition with what appeared to be a gun in his hand?

    Also, I rule out the hot engine theory because obviously the truck had been laying there for a long time if that many people had time to go home and get their buckets and come back….

  3. No matter the excuse to justify, if its not yours (someone else owns it & you didnt pay for it), and you take it… thats called STEALING.
    God showed everyone there the punishment for breaking just 1 of His commandments.

  4. any asshole who doesn’t know how dangerous gasoline is, and expose this way to it, deserves to die. We have seen this many times, idiots POS always do the same, then run in flames the same, and plop on the ground the same and burn the same and the charred remains all the same

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