Pair on Motorcycle Knocked Down by Truck, One Gets Destroyed, Other Survives

Pair on Motorcycle Knocked Down by Truck, One Gets Destroyed, Other Survives

Looks like China again. The video consists of a CCTV footage of an accident, and a short aftermath.

The CCTV footage shows a pair on a motorcycle side-swiping a truck and getting knocked down. One of them falls under the truck and gets run over in a rather nasty fashion. The other one avoids, albeit narrowly but still avoids, getting mushed.

The video then continues with the on-the-ground aftermath footage, which shows the survivor facing the harsh reality of having his partner next to him dead and no longer the same.

Props to Best Gore member @BoscoTkc for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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66 thoughts on “Pair on Motorcycle Knocked Down by Truck, One Gets Destroyed, Other Survives”

          1. Hey I worked some Tropic Thunder in there too…either way without the whore no Nam flic will ever be the same….for me anyway.

  1. The Chinese are very superstition and have given 8 unique names for a day that has an unusual and ‘final destination’ like death. The names are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and everyday.
    Health care out in China should invest in free eye widening surgery. It would save many lives, fuck da nipps

  2. Well, next time, when you’re handling a motorcycle next to a great big truck, try to stay further away. That way, even if you slip, you will not be turned to mush. I even do that even when I’m driving my pick-up truck and come close to an 18-wheeler. Remember, you’re more vulnerable on a motorbike. And when your girlfriend, boyfriend?, whore, bitch, is lying dead under a wheel, it is not the smartest idea to lie there on a busy road staring at her pussy even if it had brought you countless hours of pleasure before. Some other car might come by and run you over, too, and most probably will from what we’ve seen on here lately.

  3. I’ve lived in China for a while and I can’t understand how anyone can participate in traffic there. The Chinese drive like absolute mad people and keep up the “I don’t care about anyone else” attitude they portrait so openly on the streets in traffic as well.

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