Pair on Motorcycle Ran Over and Crushed in Surabaya, Indonesia

Pair on Motorcycle Ran Over and Crushed in Surabaya, Indonesia

In Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, a pair on a motorcycle crashed and got run over. Both died. At least one had innards squeezed out and deposited on the road.

I see traces of former motorcycle helmets near both victims, but not only did the helmets splinter, they would be of little assistance when the content of the abdominal cavity has been removed and thrown aside.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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48 thoughts on “Pair on Motorcycle Ran Over and Crushed in Surabaya, Indonesia”

    1. Yea, no shit brother @Derkopfsammler .It is amazing just how much guts are packed inside our bodies. Fuck it looks like the last Buck that i hunted a couple years ago, and gutted lol. Like talk about spilling your junk all over the street man, holy!!! 😉

  1. There was a helmet law in Floridah…but Jeb Bush repealed it…the following year, deaths by motor cycle doubled….motorcycle riders are permitted to drive at any fast speed here as the police told me Sunday..the state made the license plate so small that they are unreadable and we cannot catch them…so there are no real speed limits for them until they hit a rock, tree or car…then their speed is reduced suddenly.

  2. You need to understand that the human body is frail. It doesn’t matter if its a beefy guy like Arnold Schwarzeneggar or this skinny guy, the human body melts when it comes into contact with metal. Fucking guts everywhere.

  3. Man,that thumbnail for this one is fucked up. Looks like the blob or something down in the corner, andit also looks like the pile of innards and people goo and shit is somehow actually bigger than the person the people goo came out of. Weird.

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