Palestinian Man Delivers Vehicular Justice Onto Occupying Forces in Jerusalem

Palestinian Man Delivers Vehicular Justice Onto Occupying Forces in Jerusalem

That’s double tap in a single day. Well done, Palestinians. Show the occupying forces that regardless of how badly they are depriving you of access to life sustaining needs, they will never be safe squatting on your soil.

Earlier today, in Hebron, a Palestinian used his vehicle to ram three occupying Israeli soldiers. In the same day, in Jerusalem, another Palestinian used his vehicle to deliver justice onto occupying forces by ramming people at a busy intersection with a tram stop at the Tomb of Simeon. Unfortunately, this freedom fighter, identified as Ibrahim al-Akri, was later shot and killed.

His deed managed to leave 10 Israeli occupiers injured, and at least one dead, although some sources are already talking about two dead. Actions of these Palestinians were not only moral, but also legally justified under international law.

Props to Best Gore members ColombianBastard and fracazzo for the videos. First video is a street level view of the car driving into the crowd of pedestrians:

Second video shows the aftermath of the rampage:

Third video shows the Palestinian concluding his suicide mission:”

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  1. The Zionist reaction to the British Parliament?s symbolic vote to recognize a Palestinian state has once again revealed Jewish Supremacist arrogance and hypocrisy for the entire world to see: while they demand that everyone recognize Israel, anyone who dares to recognize a Palestinian state is ?anti-Semitic.?

    The Zio-controlled mass media has, of course, played along with this Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy, and not one outlet has dared point out this obvious contradiction?that recognizing Israel is fine, but recognizing Palestinian demands for their own state is ?wrong.?

    1. also this,
      Gaza flotilla raid: No Israel charges over Mavi Marmara

      apparently, The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda said
      “despite “reasonable basis” to believe war crimes had been committed,I have concluded that the potential case(s) likely arising from an investigation into this incident would not be of ‘sufficient gravity’ to justify further action by the ICC”

      in other words, some war crimes just arent “bad” enough to justify action by The International Criminal Court – and the murders committed by israeli terrorists or the gaza flotilla from turkey are an instance of this

      1. What Americans need to remember is that Israel is our greatest ally and the only democracy.
        If we didn?t have Israel on our side, we would be completely doomed for some reason.

        We must stand by them, even when they slaughter thousands of babies on purpose.

        That?s what friends do: they help each other murder children.

      1. Whenever Jews are involved in anything, there’s always trouble. You’re either ‘anti semitic’, or you’re a terrorist. These Israelites should be wiped off the face of the earth for the good of humanity, the baby killing, civilian murdering, war mongering inbred fucks. Maybe Hitler was onto something after all.

        1. Maybe.. but don’t forget cock sucking bitches like Churchill and stupid fools like free masons who even infested German Wehrmacht and SD. That’s why Hitler had called them all traitors then at the end.

          1. It must suck to watch Jews make such advancements in science, engineering, medicine, art, etc. What you got going on in your life? 😆

          1. @chosen: did you just seriously write that? You know, the stuff about science and technology? WTF is that supposed to mean? I’m really confused, because what you are implying is that something even remotely useful was invented by the israel ! You are a funny bugger aren’t you ! And no, we are not talking about accessories for you ridiculous weaponry for
            your army to slaughter innocent
            Palestinians !

            So please, tell me, what has Israel contributed to science, technology and medicine as you insinuate in your post?

            Also, tell me what you personally have to done to advance science and technology while all us westerners have been sitting on the lounge, jerking off to porn all day ?

            This is going to be interesting……

          1. Israel has many exports and many worldwide contributions in science, medicine, and engineering. That information is easily accessible online.

    1. @Chosen,

      Definition of bigot, “One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ”.

      I would have thought that Israel and Jews in general come under the above as well, after all Jewish people do tend to live in predominantly Jewish areas regardless of the host country. They also primarily marry fellow Jews and work for Jewish run firms.

      Therefore the entire history of the Jewish people can be said to be bigoted because they are strongly partial to their own group, religion and political leanings whilst referring to those who disagree with them as anti-Semites, which itself is a form of intolerance to those who differ.

      1. There’s a difference between being anti-other races and religion and trying to preserve one’s own. Jews make up only .2% of the world’s population so it makes sense to keep the communities tight. I wish the Native Americans and other small groups would have been able to do the same.

    2. I?m a friend of Israel, because Jewish efforts to create and maintain a homogenic society in Israel is in stark contrast with their efforts to prevent every other nation from keeping their society homogenic, and because the laudable pride the Jews have in their own culture, their own Race, their own religion, their own traditions, sits oddly with their pride in undermining everyone else?s culture, Race, religions, traditions and nations, and thus very importantly reveals the true Jewish agenda.

      Lest I have the honour of becoming the first ever self-confessed ?Friend of Israel? to be added to ?the Enemy of Israel list?, let me make it easy for them and let me tell you why I?m suitable, if ever I become important enough, to be honoured with the tag of ?an Enemy of Israel?.?
      Enemy with a capital ?E?.

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    1. That country, no sorry, Israel isn’t even a country, is built on hate. The very core, the whole ethos of that place is founded upon hate. So don’t give it the haters spie,l because it doesn’t wash here.
      By the way, No, you are / were, not chosen.

          1. There’s that Jewish supremacist attitude you kikes are known for. You’re living up to your reputation. The only problem with that is your the only ones who believe it. You little Jews have always been jealous of the white race.

          1. LOL! Poor Jews will be hiding in the bushes from everyone in the near future. You guys thought you had it all figured out, but you fucked up, and now you’re going to pay for it big time.

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  3. my wife was muslim and once I ordered some pepperoni on her sandwich and didn’t tell her what it was. She ate it without asking, but about 10 minutes later started throwing up.
    I felt bad afterwards…that was a fucked-up thing to do. her body knew right away that was pork, even if she didn’t..

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