Pangasinan, Philippines, Delivery Truck Crashes Head-On with Motorcyclist

Pangasinan, Philippines, Delivery Truck Crashes Head-On with Motorcyclist

Special delivery happened for man on motorcycle at night in Pangasinan, Philippines. A delivery truck went head on with man on bike and free shipped a head on collision. Overnighted and marked urgent, the man not wearing a helmet received a fatal parcel collision.

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  1. Would’nt it be cool to see one of these Accident Victims Get-Up one Day, and watch him Go Totally Fucking Ape-Shit On Him, while Employing some type of freestyle Kung-Fu Shit, while Frantically Feeding-It To The Driver? Cause Fuck-Man, lol,,, this would Be Epic, No? 😉

        1. Yes,,, lol, i think i remember this video also, man it made me laugh. And the fact that she ended-up seemingly unhurt by the hard hit just made-it that more funny! Good memory you have,,, very good memory actually. 🙂

  2. Bikers and trucks in those countries work the same way as mosquito lamps, biker sees the light and rush to meet it. Resulting in one less biker in the world.
    Overpopulation in those countries also means we are never going to run out of videos like these in the foreseeable future.

    Body language of the truck driver was clear he was more pissed about his ruined truck than the dumb fuck who facepalm it.

      1. I know filipinos are small and smelly but lets not confuse them with our loyal canine friends and unless dogs go around in bikes in the middle of the night on the philipines, the truck driver knew what kamikaze his truck.

        On the plus side the biker looks so peacefully resting there while profusely bleeding from the head.

  3. Ok. I am confused. Why did he drive straight into a 5,000 pound truck with no helmet ? What did he hope to accomplish? Anyone have any ideas ? On a side note. When he went to the doctor, the doctor gave him the wrong med and he had an allergic reaction and passed away.

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