Party Goers Die After Taking U-Turn on Highway in Costa Rica

Party Goers Die After Taking U-Turn on Highway in Costa Rica

The video is of an accident that happened in the city of Cartago in Costa Rica. According to the info I got, a group of party goers crashed the vehicle after taking a U-turn on a highway while returning from the party at 5am.

During the U-turn maneuver, they reportedly cut in front of an oncoming dump truck and got slammed. Looks like they are all dead, and one of them looks to be a child.

Many thanks to Andrey J. for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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125 thoughts on “Party Goers Die After Taking U-Turn on Highway in Costa Rica”

    1. I really have no sympathy for people that are stupid enough to drive whilst being under the influence of alcohol. they are also putting other lives in danger which makes me furious. And regarding this incident, I find it to be well deserved.

          1. The worst is when you wake up the next day and see that your dick is covered in dried blood and then you look in the mirror and it’s all over your face and in your mouth too.
            Then you start realizing what you’ve done and begin puking into the toilet.
            Yup… I think that’s about the worst for me anyway. Sometimes it’s better to wake up dead after a night of partying.

          2. I’m so glad the Americans are here, it always livens up BG when you’re around

            Hey Broke sorry but i said your joke about the hangover i didn’t realise you’d already put it, can you forgive me pls

          1. Partying all night, drinking, lack of sleep, probably going home to sleep all day, makes you wonder how many times the privileged little fukkers have done that before. Also makes you wonder how much damage they’ve done to others. They got away with it for long enough. Good riddance to bad blood.

          1. It wasn’t a correction so much as an observation of working class life : ( My job right now is not so bad but i’ve done jobs where you literally just count the minutes

      1. Fools that live every day as if it’s their last, typically burn out way before their little hearts quit pumping blood. Providing the harbingers of the dead with at least 12 job titles for qualified practitioners. At least he didn’t die like a hairless twat, huh? He meet his demise like a big man without a care in the world, now someone has to clean up after him on account of his absentmindedness. Poor chap was just too high strung. That last joy ride was probably the best thing that happen to him.

      1. Sick and proud, motherfucker. People are disgusting. And evil. Only one species could have the capacity to destroy so much, so willingly, for so little. Seven billion people is seven billion too many. If we’re gonna even try to solve overpoulation, might as well start with the ones who drag us down. Case in point, normies. I use that term abundantly, as you can probably see, as a derogatory term for high school/college-aged sheeple with no regard for anything but fitting in and having asinine, primitive, and meaningless fun at the expense of others. I wish stuff like this happened every day. You know…minus the pointless collateral damage of children for Leviathan’s sake.

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  3. I don’t mind drinking despite the fact I started drinking alcohol recently this year of 2018 while I am still alive typing this comment while being old enough to understand the problems of drinking and driving, yet texting and driving is worse for humans don’t seem to understand the risks or don’t care for the risks of such things not that it matters to me for us here of BestGore don’t know the folks who died in this video sucks for the family and friends who knew these folks yet good or bad or neutral or nihilism we here of BestGore have yet to die makes you wonder how will we all go.

    Damn good thing I don’t have to worry about drinking while driving for I know better I used to be able to drive but couldn’t pass the license test due to simple errors plus my vision isn’t that great as it used to be so I gotten used to it and accepted the fact while still having muscle memory of driving it simply wouldn’t be wise for me to drive so which saves me the trouble.

  4. You know, I’ve always wondered how people die with their eyes wide open.
    Keeping them open requires some muscular effort from the eyelids, that’s why when you relax, your eyelids drop shut.

    Even in a serious accident, there is the flinch reflex where the eyes blink shut.

    Still, it would be quite interesting to die with your eyes wide open. One second you can see, the next you can’t, even with them wide open! (Because you’re dead!)

    The guy in the main pic probably thought he was a handsome fucker whilst he was alive, a proper party animal and babe magnet. Well right now he is probably a germ and worm magnet.

  5. Heyyy guys I’m new around here. Not new to the site, but as far as making an account.
    But anyways; it’s 2018 why are people still dumb enough to drive SEVERELY impaired? There are so many other safer options. Jeez.

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