Passersby Rescue Woman Trapped Under Van in China

Passersby Rescue Woman Trapped Under Van in China

On March 18, 2016, an unheard of thing happened in the Anhui Province, China. It started with your typical DWA van operator striking a pedestrian on the sidewalk, and continuing to drive forward despite something clearly being underneath his van. Up to this point it’s your typical China. But then things out of this world started happening.

Another pedestrian who saw the van run over the woman, ran after the van, got the driver out and both proceeded to attempt to lift the van to released the trapped human. The two of them were not enough to lift the van, but within seconds, like a swarm of bugs, a bunch of other men joined in, taxi drivers even pulled over and got off their vehicles, and all together they lifted the van to rescue the damsel in distress.

This was an extraordinary scene given that it happened in China, where we used to see people walking by fellow humans in distress, not giving a slightest of damns.

Props to Best Gore member @Dycrow for the video:

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      1. @trainwreck, you know that little person who got out would not have made much difference in the rush to lift the van? She probably only weighed 45kg, there could have been tool boxes or any amount of heavy stuff – it’s a van FFS. They were not going to take the time to unload, they needed to get the van off of the lady quick smart. Plus it is safer for the ‘little person’ (can’t tell if it was a kid) to stay in the car, where she cannot be run over. 🙂

          1. @thedre, it wouldn’t have mattered one bit that she stayed in the van, her weight would have been negligible in this situation. There were enough people to lift the van and it needed to be moved quickly, no stuffing around unloading.

          2. @thedre, I did read your reply, I’m just furiously typing away here, lol. Back and forth from post to post. I don’t use spell check or anything so I occasionally need a dictionary. hahaha I’m going mad!

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          4. @trainwreck
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          5. “I’m completely devestated”, “I love him so much”, “I’m so unbelievably sad”, “I haven’t stopped crying”…………”DAMNCAT SHOWED BACK UP A FEW HOURS LATER” 😆 😆 😆
            You crack me up @Train

          6. Hahaha. Well last night I was pretty terrified. He was running about in the same neighborhood he was running around when I rescued him. He was badly abused and was scared of everything but was attached to me and he’s a much more adjusted cat. I was worried about the cars, this nasty mean stray tomcat etc. Then when I seen him outside wanting to come in the freaking out turned to oh OK he’s home…then he proceeded to meow, pace, flipping on his back and on me following me everywhere almost causing me to trip and fall, following me into the bathroom. Shit I couldn’t even go to sleep because of his whining. Something happened out there but as much as I love the cat with everything I have, he was unbelievably irritating last night

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          2. Mine had always been indoor cat. I’ll take her out for a few min a day to play, but she’s always ready to go back inside.

  1. The van driver needed a solid thrashing in fact lynching would have been appropriate from the passersby . How one could be so blind not to see someone that size cross the road . The worst part is that he hits and runs her over and he doesn’t even care to get out of the van at once .
    Some chinky blind eyed Chinese scumbag of a fella there

  2. What is also “out of this world” is the clearness of the air in that part of China, in the middle of some major Chinese cities you cannot see across the road for smog. Their government quite often bans all personal vehicles in a particular city, for 1 or 2 weeks in a vain attempt to clear vehicle smog. (usually when they are hosting overseas dignitaries) Imagine a Western government demanding THAT of its people?

    1. SMOG is not the blinding culprit here as they mostly have smog clearing screens to absorb and filter out and reach a clear visibility point .Its ’em chinky eyes which can’t see beyond a certain distance hence the accidents more often than not .

        1. @Mikey, my dad has been to China a few times for his business, he said the smog is so thick that you literally cannot see very far down a street. He likes Chinese people, said they are very kind. All that Confucius, do unto others, be kind to others stuff. They take him to restaurants and while he likes most of the food he said they were confused when they bought out a huge bowl of cooked chicken feet and he didn’t eat them! lol They absolutely cannot understand each other at all!

          1. That’s so funny @tas-tiger. I would have no clue either on how I would’ve acted had I been sitting at that table 🙂
            I like learning about other countries customs & traditions when it comes to eating out. Like tipping, wardrobe, and certain things like that. I really hope I’m able to visit China one day. It’s definitely on my bucket list.

          2. Oh! Just so you know for next time if you’re sending me a message, a few people keep sending it to a different ‘Mikey’ (like your last message) lol! Just figured I’d finally let ya know 😉

          3. Can I just add, when he’s in China he is a single white man in an absolute SEA of Chinese people, like 10’s of 1000’s and he feels safe. Trying to negotiate the public transport once, he spotted another Westerner (a head taller than the ‘SEA’) and that guy helped him. Nothing is written in English for white folks sake, though China is open for tourism now and there are some signs in English starting to appear.

          4. @Mikey, any courtesy you have for trying ‘other cultures foods’ goes out the window if a waiter brings over a bowl of chicken feet! Urgh! I just think of how dirty a chooks feet get, scratching around in shit! He said most of the food is delicious, I wonder if he ate dogs or cats and the order was lost in translation…..

  3. I still don’t know why people feel so shielded in a cross walk. They continue to put too much trust into this ever-growing number of distracted drivers out there. That little pause she did, just before the van hit her, may have been the difference between life and death.

    1. You couldn’t be more right .what if the van was not the van but a truck
      Distractions everywhere and the life seems to go on
      Hey but the way the way china feels exploded with its populace I think their REGIME wants everyone walk the road sleepishly
      and get run over towards downsizing the growth SIZE
      with a promise of huge compensation to the NEXT OF KIN OR KITH

    2. @Re-pete, I couldn’t agree more, I never cross unless a car is actually going to stop! People are side-tracked, the amount of near misses in my towns ONLY crosswalk is unbelievable, I’ve taught my sons – do not cross unless you are 100% sure the driver has seen you, eye contact even. People just walk onto them as well, thinking a car will stop for them, well who will come off second best here? The bloody thing is a danger and it is only a matter of time before someone is hit. If you are a driver you have to wait until the pedestrian is completely off the crosswalk too, people start driving when the person is only halfway across, they are in the wrong.

      1. Tazzy, it’s basically war between pedestrians and drivers, they really can’t stand each other. Pedestrian: “These fucking drivers have to stop for me, I have the right of way” Driver: “Get the fuck out of my way, you’re making everyone late for work with your slow ass”

        1. @Re-pete, drivers are at war with cyclists, trucks and all other road users too! Impatience is what causes most accidents on Aussie roads (in sober people) fucking tailgaters I hate tailgaters the most. I rarely ‘break-check’ but i yell at people at red lights. “i’m not gonna speed so back off!” Of course it ends up a shouting match with them saying they were not. Mate I couldn’t see your number-plate you were that close!

          1. @tas-tiger I literally just asked a motorcycle cop on my lunch break when it was safe to make a turn when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk. His exact words were “when it’s safe for the pedestrian”. I was never too sure about that one, but he cleared that up for me. He did say “when they’re half way, it’s safe to turn whether they’re coming towards you or going away from you, but if you impede them in any way, he’ll cite you.” If there’s a crossing guard any where in the cross walk, you can’t turn until the guard is all the way out of the cross walk though. Also if it’s too close, he’ll cite you there as well. This was straight from a ticket giving cop from Califonia, the land of citations, but this could vary from state to state or country to country though. I figured I’d put my tax dollars to use 🙂

  4. I thought that this dude will start kicking driver who drive like complete retard.
    -Either he lost his glasses or he mix pedals or i don’t know what.
    By what i saw this man should say Goodbay to his license.

  5. The driver of the van is the STUPIDEST I have ever seen.
    Firstly, he was taking that corner at 20mph roughly, signalling, so he has the potential to be a sensible driver. However he still hits the woman head-on, bang in the middle.
    Secondly, it’s a zebra crossing, FFS, the woman had right of way. What was the driver thinking?
    Thirdly, even after hitting the woman, he doesn’t even slow down, he just keeps the same speed.
    Zero damns given.
    Fourthly, he takes a good while to come out of the car to help the stricken woman.
    Not exactly the sharpest tool in the box, was he? What was he doing? texting whilst driving?

  6. …and cut! OK guys that’s a rap for today! Dim sum time!!

    “Those were the words from movie director Soh Simpoh as they shot the final scene of (Dreams Made In China) A movie portraying an ideal China full of hopes and dreams imagined by a young restaurant owner from Hong Kong.”
    -“when I taping da scene today it was velly powefull because fo my people dis situation nevah leally happen. Nomally we dlive and do not stop foe hitting pesons walking the woad because stleet only foe vehicle.” Mr Simpoh added.

  7. In China, whats more shocking is how many people and how quickly they came to aid this victim. No one tends to give a shit about accidents or the health of others out there. I wouldn’t have guessed this happened in China in a million years if it weren’t for the Asian lettering on the CCTV footage.

  8. This was very heart-warming to see for a change.
    It is not too common these days to see us humans act like ones.
    Good job China, I’m a huge faggot so I actually shed some tears seeing how helpful these people were.

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