Pattaya City Head Bust with a Pointer

Pattaya City Head Bust with a Pointer

Pattaya City in Thailand is the world’s most prominent death zone. The proof is in the pudding. All one needs to do is search for “Pattaya” on Best Gore to get a realistic picture of the city. Don’t let leftist sheep trick you into thinking that Thailand is safe or you’ll end up on Best Gore faster than you could say blueberry cake.

The worst thing about going to Thailand is not that you end dead, but that you end up dead and Thais will do pointers at your corpse and pose with it for family albums. How’s that for an unintended end to a vacation?

What we have in these photos is a 25 year old motorcyclist who was struck down and had his head run over by a truck. The truck driver pulled a Brazilian cheat on the accident and fled, abandoning the truck at the scene. Because the truck didn’t have any plates, nobody knows who the driver was.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Pattaya City Head Bust with a Pointer”

    1. Not only that, but all that gooey shit on the road can now be utilized and charitably incorporated into a stew for other starving thais(all of them. Hehe.)
      But for cerealz that’s how my body looks if I don’t constantly eat and take protien supplements.

          1. @1girl
            I did some meth shards at approximately 8pm and my face lit up. Mmmmm! good stuff. Even better than a rueben sandwich. PS i have a bud named rueben. He is black and gangster.

  1. …these Thai gooks have a bad habbit of “pointing”…hehehe..why do they ‘point’?….to blame?…do they assume the cause of death is not known by the viewers?…hehehehe….or just to show that they were on the ‘scene’…..well,in this case they should point their fingers on their face too………what make them point evrytime/always???????

  2. I don’t think this guy was driving DEFENSIVELY. Although it’s kind of difficult to defend one’s self against a giant truck tire when riding a scooter & the truckdriver doesn’t give a shit if you’re in his rearview mirror or not.

    What, exactly, doesn’t pointing accomplish? It’s not like someone looks at that pic and is going to go, “OK so where, exactly, is the evidence again? I’m having trouble finding it. OH yes, the squashed head! Right.”

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