Paul Walker Death Photo – Fast & Furious Actor Killed in Car Crash

Paul Walker Death Photo - Fast & Furious Actor Killed in Car Crash

On Saturday November 30, 2013, actor Paul Walker of the street racing franchise “Fast & Furious” died in a fiery car crash in the community of Valencia in Santa Clarita, about 30 miles north of Hollywood in Southern California. Paul Walker was in the passenger seat of a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, driven by a racing team partner Roger Rodas. The car slammed into a light pole and burst into flames. Paul Walker was 40 year old.

As it always happens when a famous person dies a violent death, the internet gets quickly flooded with phony images of their death. This was also very much the case with Paul Walker. Various photos alleging to depict the corpse of the actor started to pop up all over the place, but so far, there is only one truly authentic, confirmed pic of the carnage.

The photo shows burned corpses of both Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, but since they can be hard to see in the mess of the wreck for some people, I’m also attaching a comparison image which contains outlines showing which part of the wreck is whose dead body.

The one-page preliminary report released on December 4, 2013 by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office listed the cause of Paul Walker’s death as the “combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.” That means the actor did not die on impact. He survived the crash but his injuries were so severe, the combination of sustained trauma and the fire that broke out later on killed him. Whether he suffered for too long or not is not clear.

Roger Rodas was autopsied by a different doctor whose report concludes that the driver suffered “multiple traumatic injuries”. From his report it is also not clear whether and for how long he lived after the crash.

The high-performance Porsche, one of only a few hundred made, clipped a light pole and a tree before erupting in flames. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office said speed was a factor in the crash. Whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident will become clear after a toxicology report which will be available in six to eight weeks.

Universal Pictures studio said in a statement that production of the seventh installment in the “Fast & Furious” franchise featuring Paul Walker would be shut down “for a period of time”.

This CCTV video alleges to show smoke rising from crashed Porsche in which Paul Walker and Roger Rodas fried:

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    1. may the guys soul R.I.P.
      or as my tribe saids”
      “may the great spirits watch over his soul and bring it peace, may the great spirit who watches over all bring his family comfort knowing he is in good hands and watching them always.
      The great spirits shall show us all the truth when the time is right to see it, but we must find it within our selves to find what path we must take for the path of the spirits is a long and confusing one.
      he/she who has taken the spirit journey will know the answers to find harmony in death and what makes them who they are.”

      and it goes on like that for about an hour but it cuts deep into ones soul….
      the point being that you must first find harmony within your self and know who your are at your core spiritually, mentally, and physically in order to find peace and know what your true purpose in life is in other words a spirit journey.

      but paul walker R.I.P

      may the great spirits watch over you and guide you home <3… peace

      and now how are they going to finish the Fast and the furious chain πŸ™

      1. I’m up for it if they want to hire me. What I lack in chix magnetness, I can make up for in witty, dry humored, one-liners. It might lift my acting career to fill the slot of the Riddler in Batman & Robin vs. Ace & Gary.

  1. Yep, knew these would get out soon. Mr. Rodas basically died on impact. Mr. Walker did not died on impact but he was knocked out and did not ultimately suffer. I can assure the public that both victims did not suffer or burn alive. Mr. Rodas was dead before the fire, Mr. Walker was unconscious the minute the car hit the pole. As for the outline of the bodies you do have them correct, except the driver wasn’t mangled he was mostly covered with debris and Mr. Walker’s body.

    There’s more photos, but sadly I can not share them. Sorry.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Medical Examiner
    Harley Q.

    (I work at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office) πŸ™‚

    1. Well if you think its because of privacy? Like the hipaa law in the usa it doesnt count. Car accidents dont fall until that law only private health insurance like blue cross blue shield. Fine you gave info what we already knew but damn dont fucking tease that you have pictures, and not share. Email them and keep your name out of it. I have been waiting almost a week for them. I didnt think paul was a great actor but i worked EMS in a large famous county and saw my share of shit. Of course before cell phone cameras were out but damn i want my blood and guts fix!! Steph

      1. Why are you criticizing a professional coroner for having a user-account here, when you’re just as guilty of being a gore-gawker yourself! is a resource amongst the community of coroners!

        Late actor Paul Walker’s first starring movie is:
        Monster in the Closet [1986]

      1. I can’t share the photos cause they are property of the L.A. Coroners office. We are searched before we enter the building and before we leave the building. Our personal cell phones are turned over to security before we come in. They do this because we have lots of high profile people on our tables. The only time you see a photo from the coroners office is because it was released, never leaked. Our agenacies like the CHP leak photos that they took their selves. I have photos on Mr. Walker on the table cleaned up and so on. Can’t share them cause they are locked on my office computer. Sorry. Plus I value my career way too much to let these photos get leaked. Not everyone can say they have had their hands in the chest cavity of Micheal Jackson and a random gang member in the same day.

        I’m here for abit of both. Been lurking for years, but was sick of being silent and not correcting or sharing my knowledge. I wanted to be a medical examiner since I was in grade school, everyone always tried to talk me out of it cause why would a girl want to work with dead bodies.

        1. @harleyQ,

          At the end of the day, jokes aside, Mr Walker had a family and friends and as such we would not expect you, or at least I would not, to provide us all with all the photos and such.

          This may go against what Best Gore stands for, in the eyes of the new members, and I expect that I will get a lot of insults for this stance particularly since BG stands for the uncensored and truth but at the same time we must see the bigger picture.

          A man has died, in this case a well known man, and as such we should deal with it in a reasoned manner, not an emotional frenzy, or a need for the bare bones of the fact, if more photos come our way then we should understand them and deal with them but we should not on purposely seek them out like some decedent searcher of truth.

          I suppose it is all opinionated in that what we come here for is different to all of us and as such I refuse to speak for everyone but I myself feel no need to be provided with up to date photos on this case, I will merely deal with what is in front of me and conclude to the best of my knowledge what is fact and what is fiction.

          1. @Empty,even though I agree with many things you say here, it’s very rare I bother saying so. But this comment made me respect you even more than I already do. It shows why you are liked & held in such high regard by most of us here.

          2. I agree and honestly if I could share them, I doubt I would. For me it was an honor to see his body and get to say a farewell to the man. He did so much more then act, he was always raising money for charities and I liked that. It was heartbreaking to see his father come into the office.

            When ever anyone comes in our office they receive the best care ever. Doesn’t matter if they are a celebrity or a grandma from down the street. They receive excellent care, as we are most likely the last to handle their bodies.

            Although, I will say that the last few baby killing gang members might of fallen off a table or two. Total accident of course.

          3. Let’s not treat him special because he was famous. Let’s see the corpse, it would be a good cautionary tale to all drivers, especially considering the fact that he was making movies promoting dangerous driving. Poetic justice. I wonder how many young people watched his movies and then started racing around on the streets and got themselves killed?

        2. I’m guessing you’re single, right?

          I can’t imagine dating goes very well for you when people find out what you do for a living.

          Then again…….California is it’s own country. Like Texas, only better.

          1. @DIVISION
            You’re kidding, right?
            I think spending time with harleyQ and picking her brain about her work would be fascinating… probably most of the people who visit this site would agree, otherwise why are we here?

            If you’re ever heading up to western Canada harleyQ let me know ~ the beers are on me πŸ™‚

          2. Actually no, I’m Married going on 8 years now and a mother to 4 little monsters. At first my husband didn’t believe me, but after words he begged me to not bring work home. Lol.

            The PTA and other kid related stuff can get tricky cause no one wants to be friends with someone who might handle you at your end.

            I’ve had my own family in my office a few times, I’m not allowed to take the case, but doesn’t mean I don’t get to see them.

            I love my job, but it does suck the life out of a social life. No one wants to hang out with me. :-/

          3. Thanks. Coming here is the most social interaction I get now a days. So forgive me if I don’t make sense most the time. Talking to dead people or toddlers most the time, I tend to forget how to speak to a living adult.

          4. I just turned 30 years old in October and Boozer I am married. Sorry Hun. Although the husband and I do the swing thing sometimes, mostly so I can get my girl fix since I was a lesbian and now am BI.

          5. @harleyQ
            I knew I liked you from the start but this news just confirms it for me.
            I too was of the lesbianic persuasion, but ultimately changed my label to bisexual.
            Being a greedy little piggy I wanted my choice of, well, everyone! πŸ™‚

        3. Hey, I understand you can’t share the pictures but can you tell us if he looked a bit more normal after you guys cleaned him up? Or did he just look burnt? And was there anyway he could have been saved before the fire or in the early stages of the fire? because they said he died from the burns too

          1. Yes I can share that. He looked better then the photo up there. Most the burnt skin came off during the wash. But sadly he was still burnt pretty bad, we had to use dental records to make a positive ID.

            No, there was no surviving the crash. The tramua from the accident was the major cause of death, the burns from the fire being the secondary cause.

            We cover all causes possible when we make our reports.

      1. Thank you, I wish I was more physically strong. I torn a tendon in my shoulder last night moving a 300 pound gangbanger from my table to a bag. I should of waited for an extra set of hands, but my dumb ass was in a hurry. Now I’m out for abit, well gives me time to catch up on my reports due, but no more table time. Ugh.

        Also plus side is more time with my monsters. Yay.

          1. I think it’s cause I’m quick to talk work when in social settings and people get freaked out when I talk about a dead body like someone talks about a book they read or something.

        1. Harleyq when my son started working for the medical examiner he was quiet thinking a lot and not in the best of moods..he couldn’t sleep..when I asked him what was wrong he said he could of handled anything but not a baby….that day he had to pick up a 1 yr old and the family was screaming…he was depressed for bout a month…what affected you the most?

          1. The babies are always the hardest, I have to remember to separate my own babies from these innocent victims.

            The one that got me the most and had me out on leave and seeing a therapist…. It was my second month with the office and we were called to a scene to bag and tag. No other info, when we got there it was a drug deal turned bad. The father was selling drugs and got robbed, he shot one of the guys. In the commotion his 2 year old came out of a bedroom, the grandma ran after the baby and grabbed him, but the father didn’t realize who it was behind him so he shot blindly and shot the grandma in the head, as she fell she landed on the baby and somehow the baby got his neck snapped. When we got there they hadnt realized the baby was under grandma, so when I went to flip her body I saw his little face staring up at me. I freaked, screamed, and had to be removed by medics for shock. To this day I refuse to enter a scene til every body had been flipped and the deceased accounted for.

        1. He looked better then the photo up here. Most the burnt skin came off during the wash. We had to use his dental records to make a positive ID. He did have some unburnt fresh skin on his back.

          Yes, he would of died regardless.

          1. I don’t have the report at hand right now, but I know it’s public knowledge, so it’s easy to get ahold. If I remember right he had extensive injuries to his head and face as well as extensive injuries to his chest. He had signs of internal bleeding in his brain as well as his abdominal cavity.

          2. Yes it would of been and I can say for sure that he did not burn alive and he did not die screaming. I know that some witnesses have said they heard the men screaming, which isn’t possible. Mr. Rodas was killed on impact and Mr. Walker was rendered unconscious upon impact. Any screaming people heard was most likely the tires losing their air or some other cause.

          3. No, Mr. Rodas’s body was intacted. The trauma he suffered to his head and chest killed him. We judge that within seconds of hitting the pole and tree he was killed, basically before the fire started. Mr. Walker died seconds after the fire started, which is why we say he died as a result of tramua and burn injuries.

          4. he must of been travelling extremely fast for the car to end up in such a mess. the speed limit on that road was 45mph? has police determined how fast they were actually going yet and what caused them to lose control? since that part of the road was fairly straight.

    2. I live in a small town in one way or the other we know someone that knows someone we…my son works for the Medical Examiners Office and he is the one thatpics uup the dead bodies , accidents, suicides..So when someone dies my friends call me to get details because the media here doesn’t give you the whole story..but I am careful because he can get into trouble…when he goes to take a body he also has to drop his cell phone. One time he had a call to pick up someone and it was him I went with him…I took pics but deleted after.

      1. Yeah, the medical examiners office is always very secure about cell phone usage and photos. We have a saying here, “if it’s leak, it’s probably a cop pic. If it’s released, it’s a coroner photo.” We drop our phones or lock them in our lockers. Searched before we enter and as we leave. Can’t even take my phone to lunch with me cause I might have to go to a scene right after lunch and can’t risk it. I don’t mind dropping my phone, it sucks sometimes when I miss school calls or my husbands calls, but they all usually call the office.

        1. I know that i’m a little late here, but I would like to ask you a few things on the medical side. First, what would be the best way for me to prepare myself as a future medical doctor for the gruesome horrors that I may face? I think that Best Gore as helped me desensitize a little. Secondly, you wouldn’t eat until you were full during lunch would you, just in case you were called for a pick up soon after?

  2. Ironic! The fast and the furious, the last thing on his mind when he took the part for this movie franchise… was definitely not this! He looks ready to be serve with some sweet baby rays and some cayenne pepper….

  3. They were fucking roasted. That can happen when you fuck around in high power cars. If I was a celebrity and I owned a Porsche, I’d sell it. This is similar to the crash that killed the guy from jackass. Porsche, high speed, public road, fireball, death. In that order.

      1. If I had the money, it wouldn’t be a Porsche I’d spend it on anyway. I prefer them built, not bought. That car smacks of desperation, in a male sense. But if someone gave me the keys to one, I might have to go for a spin. Odds are I’d end up on this site though. Lancia Delta S4 group B for me. I’ll happily burn to death in that car. A fucking beast of a machine. It was 2 seconds faster round a track than a formula one car from the same era. My corpse would have a smile in my picture.

  4. damn the fucking day those cum snots took the Leman’s v10 race platform engine with extreme difficult throattle applicationn even in the straight-away and stuck it into a street machine grade without manditory roll cage..

    paul walker was REAL race car lover and racing sport affectionado, not just some soupy fuckn pretty boy actor bitch

    paul walker, roger rodas

      1. @obli.
        scholar’s 100% pure fkn car scum

        that why scholar’s got airbrushed betwwen her boost controller and NOS switch :
        “CAMARO. best car to die in” offense about cancelling taken friend… Booger’s wired to be nothing short of a misbehaved BEAST

        1. Yup . Just because you may die doing something you are patssionate about, don’t mean to stop. Be smart and careful and hope for the best! Even after being on BG for over a year I still push my limits with my truck but not so far as beyond my capability. But shit does happen.

          1. @realitycheck.
            i.m like that too!

            i do what i want! where i want! the way i want.
            folks dont like the sound or smell of my exhaust can get on their kneesand lick the cock mulch off the bottom of my boots

            thats right take your fear and get the fuck back onto the safe sidewalk and out a Boogers way

    1. @ScHoLaR oF SMuT – i’ve read that about paul walker as well, though from the first i read of this accident: it feels to me that even a very capable driver might have been tempted to impress his famous passenger :/

      1. @antivirus.
        most folks might be surprised to learn rodas and walker together own a racing team.
        believe me they have access to cars twice the brutality of this porshe V10 , cars so lethal there not street qualified..
        to drive NOS or blown or twin turb driver has and to get that beast from start horn to the finish line you got to maintain prioper throttle application.

        and porshe V10 from the gate had headaches for drivers when it comes to throttle sequence

        1. @mickeyGraves.
          actually not saying same thing
          walker never owned stock in Always Evolving race shop or any of its money making francise which include cache of leased to sell ferrier porshe lambo .
          walker was part owner of the race team that rodas ‘sponspored “. Roda’s used it as tax break and walker got on board namewise and raced to raise money for his charity from the winnings and donations

          1. @ScHoLaR oF SMuT – liking you more and more πŸ˜€
            i’d read of the whole race team connection, yet i knew he was more likely to be an affiliate as his acting career came first. which leaves room for my initial comment: that guy wanted to hot dog it with mr “fast and furious” in the passenger seat and i “highly doubt” he would have otherwise been inclined to do so in a fucking parking lot of all places. phew – thanks again, dear ScHoLaR πŸ™‚

  5. wow he looks like he was a pretty big guy…who knew!

    I was wondering, with the car exploding the way it did…I always thought that was a fallacy that cars explode upon impact…something mostly used in the movies and whatnot, but that cars actually didn’t explode like that (apart from race cars). For example, same sort of situation with the wreck of nikki catsourus and hers didn’t explode. I guess what im getting at is would this be a sign of something wrong with the Porsche or would it have been made more for use on the race tracks as opposed to a city driven car?

    Is this making any sense or am I rambling?

      1. Depends on where the fuel tank is, and what part of the car hits first. Like, if the fuel tank is under the floor of the trunk, like a lot of cars, and it hits a tree on it’s side, there’s gonna be a fuel leak. And if that touches hot exhaust, parts of engine, exposed live wires, there’s a good chance there’s gonna be fireworks. Race cars tend to have a strengthened fuel cell, covered in Kevlar and whatnot.

        1. @stagedoor
          and octane in a V10 5.7 litre engine’s HIGH than street gas pumpp octane…gotta mix xylene into it turn strreet unleaded into racing feul… just the act of cutting explosive combustible like xylene into the gas is dangerous never fucking mind crashing with high levels of 94+ octane
          xylene and NOS, best engine boner right there

    1. lots of reasons car can get lit.. i’ve had 2 camaro’s go up in flames cause of “heat soak”…if it gets too hot and your system that cools it down fails ( your water meth injection kit keepps engine cool) yu get lit… thats when you cuss jessus and grab the foam extinguisher πŸ˜‰

      the post ripping the car and heatsoak with broken fluid line is one of the possibe 20 things that lit that car

          1. yeah the one she had was older and of course a different model and probably more safe in some aspects? I don’t know…totally guessing

          1. are you saying she had her head on? Not really if that’s where you are going with that…
            her accident I think was much worse that’s why im surprised at the difference in the damage…

  6. I will admit that the first thing I thought of when I heard the news about his death was whether or not the next Fast and Furious movie will be cancelled, pretty shitty I know but then again I didn’t personally know the guy other than through his movies and I suppose feigning sympathy would be worse than pretending that I shared his loved ones grief, it’s still a sad turn of events though but not shocking when you consider that we live in a world as dark and miserable as ours.

    1. Hollywood bitches are definitely underrated.

      Of course, I’m talking Rose McGowan, Winona Ryder type……….not Paul Walker.

      Death is indiscriminate. We all gotta go, Lil’ Obli. You need more protein in your diet……

  7. Finally..yay..poor Paul Walker..fuck his friend though..he killed em both when you think about it..they both were car junkies and they knew that if they sped in that vehicle something like this could happen and well unfortunately it did…thank you for the photo leak… <3

  8. Shame, I heard the drivers son tried to help his papa. Watching your father toast ( if you like him) must be be beyond our imagination. I think he was under 10 years old.
    ‘ma, ….. Dads smoking again’

  9. The Porsche Carrera GT that his buddy was driving, which Walker as passenger, is a shitty craptastical car to drive. It is notorious for being a piece of shit with various problems, including steering, braking and various mechanical problems. Plainly put, it’s a bitch to drive and I’d only want my worst enemy to enjoy it’s crappyness. Sure, it looks sharp, but so does a razor blade.

    If I had to guess: Something broke, most likely brakes. Brake fluid leaked, they crashed with little to no brakes at a fairly slow speed, oil and other fluids caught fire, crappy body mangled (major flaw with sexy sport cars), shitty safety design, add all that up, two dead people.

    1. yep.. brake fluid….timing chain maalfunction even steering fliuid leaking outta seals can end thing quick..gonna take weeks if not month to reverse troubleshoot all that molten mess back to the originating underlying factor of the accident…and when they find it get ready for the manufacturer of the said component to relaunch sub countersuit for component in that component as causing the malfunction.. racing aftermarket lawsuits will drag this for years

      1. – and to think i was bemoaning the other night how this would too soon be forgotten because of the whole race enthusiast and “these things happen” angle – you may be right again @ScHoLaR: this won’t likely become another vic morrow/”twilight zone” case, yet it has potential

        1. @antivirus
          you’re my fuckin hero though.. you read up on it!*rodas went same school as donald trump, and just as $$$leazy as him *uses people/ charities to grow his brandname

          had a fucking good laff reading another rival gore forum ruled by asshats and feuled by lackwits comments the porsche accident could been avoided had the car hood and side panel fascia been built stronger.
          im telling ya the the ONLY cause of this accident is the racecar qualified V10 engine in it should NEVER EVER EVERRR have been permitted to be manufactured as “street car engine”. Period!!

          had this engine acted up and wiped out at the track.pre engine/frame/tireinspections, feul ratio inspection,mandatory roll cage, fire retardation interior/ track suits, emergency pit crew ,physician and paramedic…would have yielded different outcome ..maybe injuries..fier even death. but that car would of been where it was made to be..on a racing loop

  10. I am disappointed at the amount of fast and furious jokes here. Surely we can do more. Don’t get me wrong though, from what I’ve read Paul was a nice guy and with no way of truly knowing him its still sad he is gone but hey nothing ever truly dies, just changes in existence and switches design.

    So how about them jokes?

  11. It starts with vanity, arrogance and greed
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          1. texting teens, born at birth stupid women and some (not all) older citizens are worse fuckin drivers..just as dangerous as drunk/stoned brain dead fucks behind the wheel.
            *i’ll give a sharp punch on boogers gas just to get away from asshat lackwit hoovering my lane

      1. @DerSteppenwolf – you are literate and knowledgable of the political world climate and various cultures. also, you make the effort to share what you know. i’ve found persons like that are not always so keenly aware of pop culture by comparison and frankly it’s a trait i admire: it demonstrates a level of priority toward a truth not always put forth by media and also toward helping others in achieving a better understanding of the influences guiding humanity in this world.
        you’re a terrific asset to commentary here for that as well and i won’t be the first or last to thank you for it

  12. & can you believe there is actually talk and “vids” that this was a murder? They’re saying a drone strike. Apparently a camera on a street light caught the footage. I call bullshit. God for fucking bid a celebrity dies over their own stupidity, or even naturally, without someome calling murder. Like they’re invincible or some shit.

    1. It seems odd, no offense to that website or anyone, but why on Earth would you attach “RIP” to the headline of a website that shows your burned remains? It’s an oxymoron of emotions really and makes no sense. “RIP” my beloved movie star dude while I post your burned to a crisp final moments on this World for potentially millions to see.

      Maybe a simple headline of “Walkers burnt remains”, and move on. Leave the “RIP”s for those that, I don’t know, actually care enough for him to do so. I find it interesting all these people that suddenly come forward with all these “cares” that otherwise, two weeks ago, couldn’t give two shits and a fart for the guy.

  13. Though I live my life vicariously though others gain,
    I reserve my empathy for sisters and brothers pain,
    inundated with thought and streaming stimuli,
    anytime to me seems a long time to die.
    Could happen to any one of us, to be taken away so soon,
    why couldn’t it be someone else, like that Kanye buffoon.

  14. RIP Paul Walker, beloved racer forever.

    Sidenote: I see this site for what it is. Its not about sensationalism or getting high on other’s pain, although there are plenty of jokes.

    It’s about seeing the truth about our world.

    I spent a couple of years trying to be a pathologist. That means doing autopsies on infants, handling dismembered legs rotted from diabetes and tumors.

    I have seen death.

    It maybe that I will be able to finish what I started.

    And this site will somehow help me.

  15. With it being said that Paul Walker was the passenger, and since he was a “Hollywood actor”, maybe his death wasnt just an accident? Maybe it could have been he found out something he wasnt supopsed to find out and the driver was secretly hired to keep Paul’s mouth closed about something he wasnt supposed to know? Maybe he did something he wasnt supposed to do that broke a hidden contract that he wasnt aware of? If this were true, there could be no risk of Paul Walker going further in life than what he did, so therefore the “accident” happened the way it happened? Maybe Paul Walker stepped on the wrong toes without him actually realising it? Im not being disrespectful, and Im not here to raise questions. Im just looking at it from my own angle. Its just my own personal opinion that maybe this wasnt an ordinary traffic accident since it involved a famous person. Maybe Paul Walker tried to take control of the wheel cause he was afraid of what might happen and that just instigated the driver to cause the car to wreck when it happened? Trust me, I know how what Ive said sounds. But this is just my opinion and figured I’d share it.

    1. Well thanks for sharing but I think that it was nothing more but a lap of judgement, that happens to all the idiots and in this case you have a vivid example of an idiot behind the wheel… Having said that I bet I could win races against that Roda’s loon anytime and with one of my fingers up my ass too.

      1. Lapse of judgement, like Al’s last several Ministry albums.

        Tbh, Filth Pig was the beginning of the end.

        Even Psalm 69 was a bit too formulaic for my taste, although I did love the N.W.O extended remix.

        Al was a much better artist before the Heroin.

        1. Ahah! I do not agree but certainly must respect the sober critic in you. IMO the Filth Pig was the very last of all the goodies and still is one of my favorites. On the fucken H subject… lost baby sister to it.

          1. Drugs blunted Al’s creativity. His best work was early WaxTrax! and side-projects. Pailhead/Revolting Cocks/ 10,000 Homo DJ’s/ Lard.

            Over time, he devoted less time to Ministry and the quality of that music suffered. The last great album was “Mind is…”.

            Psalm 69 was blunted and it seemed like incorporated metal in to Industrial was the flavor of the week back then. I didn’t like it.

            Industrial was never meant to be metal…

          2. @Division
            So what? Do you think that I’m a racist ?! and don’t have to agree with Al on everything, actually would like to point few things out to him…Hes hatred for Bush was pissing me off more than you’ll ever know but everybody have the right to their own opinion. Racial Liberalism is fucking things up for us whites a big motherfucking time and niggers are just plain stupid, obama (zoombookombabweh that’s what I call him) is good example of “full on himself stupid dumb nigger with some white genes”

        2. Kristen Dwan (Demonika and the Darklings) talked to Al’s wife. She paid him $100 buck for 1000 copies for covering Every Day Is Halloween. Al’s wife said Al would be happy for the beer money.

          I tried HER-ONN once; it sucked. I just barfed non-stop. I could see why people would like it, but it is too BASE for me. I’ll stick to acid/nitrous/shrooms thank you. With psychedelics, I just transform into a Twilight Zone wing gremlin and I’m happy.

    2. @psychadelicTrip
      if you like the conspiracy that can be cooked up i’ll feul n fire your beep! beep! toot!! toot!! jets…Rodas is worth shitloads of $$$$$$$ death. like trump he went to Wharton business school ands first class financer..made just as much shitload $$$ selling and leasing race gear as he made on the track. walkers a drop of sand on the ebach compared to rodas.

      1. Im not doubting the fact that it could have been just a really miscalculation leading to a wreck. But you have a professional racer that wrecks a car like that with a famous person in the car with ya…something doesnt sound right about it being just a normal accident.

    1. Agreed, Aladeen! I’ll take my ’98 de Ville with 60K on it over a two-seat sports car every day that ends in “y”! As I become older, comfort and reliability are the priorities over speed and “cool”. Come to think of it, I was only in an absolute hurry once. I had just received my license in the mail, went the 20 minutes to my girlfriend’s apartment, curfew was 11:30. I left at 11:15. I got a ticket doing 82. This was when the posted limits were 55. My father wasn’t mad, even though I was late, and he told me something I’ve never forgotten.

      “If you haven’t got any by 11:00, another 15 minutes isn’t going to help!”

      I haven’t been in a hurry since…

  16. fuck everyone that dont care or make ignorant comments over paul walker death. at least this guy was helping kids and doing the best to improve better living or care for others what do we do? exactly nothing

  17. Just crying again. When my sister and I first found out he died we were shouting and denying it but when we saw it on US Weekly and TMZ we felt tears running down our eyes.

    This is just, just horrible. They said that yeah he was badly burned but I never expected it to look this way. Sorry we’ve been Paul Walker fans for a long time and seeing this genuinely makes me want to cry.

    I never knew and would imagine that the drop dead gorgeous Paul Walker, one of our favorite actors ever, would be BestGore fodder, looking generically like a dead body. It doesn’t upset me. It shocked me. This proves that in death, we are all equals.

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