Pedestrian Dies with Shredded Crotch

Pedestrian Dies with Shredded Crotch

A pedestrian was struck by a car the result of which left him with a very nasty wound to his crotch amongst other serious injuries. However, he was not able to live with his new found vagina for very long before he bled out on the road. The vehicle that hit him didn’t wait around for the authorities.

Is it just me, or are pedestrians annoying as fuck? When I’m chugging down the road, doing my part to kill Mother Earth, these asshats always step out in front of you and then act like they got all the right to take their fucking time. That really grinds my gears, just like those tires grinded the hell out of that mans crotch.

Center rescue radio bright blessings. Receiving an Unidentified
pedestrian was car collided and then escape. Jose. District No. 07 car,
Yam Island Cove.

A state funeral was scored pedal, the shift left leg. Left hip tattoos
sleeves 2 side chest. Wearing a red shirt – White Long Sleeve Red Pant Black

Mr. prosperous neighborhood girl, aged 39 years. Cruises Tai. Third
Chai. Investigation Area Police. Muang Rayong, moving the first man
died. 25-room Rayong bodies. Waiting for the medical examiner

Probably not a good idea to be called “Mr. Prosperous” in Thailand. Maybe “Mr. Please don’t kill me I have no money”, would work better.

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    1. Der kopfsammler

      Did you notice one of the guys helping was wearing some pink slip on shoes? It must be in style over there. My brother is Gay and would never be wearing a pink shirt. Even he thinks it is too Gay to wear some damn pink. I let him borrow my phone once. I had a pink phone at the time. He would hide at work and talk on it in the bathroom because he was to embarrased to be seen with it. Lol

    1. OMG I am scared. I heard about some ISIS here. Their location freaks me out. I don’t live there but I have heard of that town before. I have been having nightmares that they capture me and others and I am crying and praying to my God to give me strength and to take my soul when they cut off my head. I promise to God to never pray to their God. I ready myself for my turn and I wake up. I never get to see my own head chopped off.

        1. lol , @Broke, you crack me up man. So, your casket will open in the middle rather than the conventional top end !? . I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to leave this realm, when the time comes of course, with a huge hard on. 😀

  1. That’s a fairly extreme form of contraception. I wonder if he had lived would he suffer from phantom boners the way amputees suffer from phantom pains in limbs they’ve lost? This “guy” won’t have to face that possibility. Better off dead than waking up in a hospital to find out your junk was wiped out. No thanks.

  2. Pedestrians are annoying. So are bicyclists. They ride on the roads as careless as Hell and think the cars have the responsibility to avoid hitting and killing them as they ride merrily along, in their own dream world of ignorance. They all suck. DAMN IT!!

    1. Well, for the most part youre right, but just yesterday while riding my MTB a fucking cunt cut me of with her Mitsubishi Mini Active Urban Sandal, I crashed into her side of course, and this damn bitch just drove off, like I was nothing, well ok I am, but still, a little, friendly chat would?ve been nice. 😉

        1. A lot of what I say is tongue-in-cheek, don’t take it too serious.

          But I will say that if im running and get turned into road pizza, its most likely my fault. Roads are made for motorized vehicles, not self-propelled fleshy viruses. Thats a risk we take.

          1. No worries, I?m an easy guy, that doesnt take this illusion called life seriously. 😉
            But seriously, it made me laugh my ass off about the self propelled fleshy virus, cause normally a virus is neither alive nor motile, so humanity is a viral evolution. 😉

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