Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car

Pedestrian Dismembered by Speeding Car

In Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, a pedestrian was hit by a speeding vehicle. The impact was so strong, the pedestrian’s legs were amputated, and his legless body flew into the vehicle after smashing the windscreen. The ever awesome translation from Thai explains it all:

Ben Pass Bridge accident. Nakhon Nayok, Prachin labels closely to float plying the saloon across the street, killing one man on the individual parts. In cabin Parts of the body On the road.

At approximately 20:50 pm, 3/24/59 notified accident. Contact Phli district – Nong Cha Rd. Suwannason 33 channels heading Nayok. Volunteer check out its sedan suffered the pedestrian died at the scene as one man down the upper body in the car. Lower leg two sides separated on the road side by side. The motorists were injured shad hanging broken. Ambulance to help deliver hospital doctor carried out. The body of the car died three bright sending legal duty hospital XVI’s center. For more mortem.

Officers on duty at the scene of the police investigation. Prachinburi investigate the incident further. Smuggled cigarettes were found hidden inside the car of the six bong has taken further investigation.

Now you know exactly what happened:

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        1. Well whoever called in the accident could say the ” yes there is a nut in the road, we need emergency response!” Then instead of an ambulance a padded wagon shows up 😉 “see I told you there was a nut in the road, its laying right there!” 😉

          1. @tas-tiger Maybe it landed on the driver during the crash and became stuck to his clothes and didn’t even know it. It could have fallen off of his clothes somewhere else, at home? Who knows.

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            I’m almost as bad as that Jew who eats everything on t.v….gizzards have a real odd texture, kind of like rocky Mtn oysters (testicles).
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  4. Legless drunk drives home and renders an innocent pedestrian legless.
    How come you never hear of this kind of accident happening in the UK or US. Surely we have some really bad drivers over here too? Maybe it’s coz our bad drivers don’t run into someone at 70mph.

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