Pedestrian Fatally Hit by Speeding Car in Ahmedabad, India

Pedestrian Fatally Hit by Speeding Car in Ahmedabad, India

CCTV video from the city of Ahmedabad, former capital of the state of Gujarat in India, shows the moment a speeding car hit parked vehicles, brutally slamming a pedestrian.

According to the info I got, the young man died. By looking at the footage, I’m not surprised. That was a brutal hit. Definitely a fatality material.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “Pedestrian Fatally Hit by Speeding Car in Ahmedabad, India”

    1. I’m currently working in Mauritius, just finishing in 2 weeks after 3 months. They do not have any footpaths on aside of the roads in majority places. Roads are very narrow. I hate to walk here, as the consequence of colliding vehicles passing each other may result in a tragic form to me. And I have witnessed 2 collisions like that so far.

  1. I totally thought it was going to be the first pedestrian that got hit. I watched him saunter off-screen thinking, “Wait, where’s the splat?” Damn, talk about wrong place/wrong time for the other guy!

  2. I love at 0:34; the guy is like “Ew, I stepped in dog shit” unaware that destiny has worse in store for him. The Fates have an odd sense of humor.

    Another fucking speeder. If the victim had been a loved one of mine, I would wait for the driver to get out of the car, then shoot him in the face. “Judge, I was in such a rage over the sudden loss of my loved one by a reckless driver that I couldn’t control myself.” 3rd degree murder or manslaughter charges, possibly dropped on the grounds of temporary insanity.

    If you’re going to drive recklessly, you are giving up your right to live, just like you are neglecting others right to do so.

        1. Exactly, but most people in India don’t really care and lack civic sense, that’s why it’s so incredibly dirty. It could’ve been gum but my best guess is that it was paan (a mouth freshener made from betel nut). I don’t know if it’s chewed in other countries but it’s very popular in India and neighbouring countries. It’s addictive and sometimes also mixed with tobacco. People spit that shit out everywhere and the whole country is stained with red paan spots. Even in some of our historical monuments. It has become a big problem.

  3. This is my home city. Trust me, it is not so risky for pedestrians. But there are some exceptional douche bags.
    Fun Fact-Ahmedabad is part of Gujarat which is a dry state which means you cannot get booze inside!!

    1. @Mr Spock. I agree whole-heartedly. theres no such thing as fate, and even the bible doesnt support it. Upon being born, God gives every human-being the ability to choose their lifestyle, believe and do as you see fit. the reason for that is simple. when you lay your soul to rest, and judgement time comes, there will be no excuses as to why you chose to do what you did. as you can imagine, if everything was predetermined by fate it would be mighty unfair for anyone to judge you.

  4. Fuck. Stay out of the street no headphones on walking anymore. I look both ways on train tracks and run even if there’s no train in sight. I don’t wear flip flops. They are cursed w Indian Thailand Indonesian desilvas!! Don’t flip anyone the bird. Never fuck another mans wife. I wear a helmet just to wear one. I don’t beat anyone for money. Stay away from ninja looking sand people. Big crowds i don’t like. A lil paranoid?? No way. I’m a BESTGORE MEMBER. did I miss anything

      1. @Kevin. when I was younger, had a childhood friend who was a little older then me, who rode to and from school on his bike everyday. as I was waiting in front of my house for my ride one day, saw him riding so I waved hello. he stopped, we chatted a while then he set off for school. upon coming back from school I learned a car hit him on his way to school in the morning and he died.
        never stopped thinking about that, what if I didnt wave at him that morning and he didnt stop to talk, would be still be alive? crazy. but hey, like you said, we cant live in a bubble. gotta go out there and slay that beast called life.

        1. Noooo that story creeped me out. Omg dude. U can’t think like that though. If I start this shit now I’m gonna be haunted. A lot of my friends are gone. ONE from suicide. Fuckkkk if I called or went there. I found another friend dead. I knew he was dead. He was supposed to meet me IT was important. When I got to the store he wasn’t there. So I went to work and called his phone saying I had to get to work. I felt he was dead right there. Omg I’m crying. I called all day he didn’t answer. I went there banging on the door after work. He didn’t answer. I did this for 3 consecutive days. His family basically disowned him so he was all alone. With noooooo one. SHIT makes me upset. I fucking broke in the window on the 3rd night. I remember it was right around Halloween so the leaves were down n there was a breeze. I remember the sound of the leaves as I was walking toward the back of the house. I looked through the window and I couldn’t see anything. It was a kitchen w a hall to the right you could not see from looking in the window. I checked the window and it was open. Those leaves crunched as I jumped up and pushed the blinds. I jumped into the kitchen and when I landed you can see right down the hall. He was laying there dead. I FUCKING freaked called THE cops and when they got there. They weee asking me what I wAs doing there and how I got In the house. I said i jumped through the window. They were ?ing me as I’m fucking balling my eyes out. The coroner said it was a drug induced seizure. He was dead for approx 36 hours. Now if I would’ve Went there on MORNING one could I have saved him.?? Idk but it haunts me. His face haunted me for months. He was all puffy and like 4 diff colors. My ex that BITCH I couldn’t sleep for weeks. We would fight and she would say u could’ve saved him. Evil fucking bitch. I cared about him as a friend. Feels good to talk about this. I bury this shit

          1. @Kevin thats some story!!! kinda freaky how things happen sometimes. we can’t control everything, but we can definitely lower the probability of certain events occuring the way I see it. take for instance that guy walking near the street. if he walked on the street every day of his life, the probablility of him being hit by a car im sure was 10x more then someone walking the sidewalk, and 100x more probable then someone taking the bus. im not a math wiz but probability has always fascinated me 😀

    1. Back when I drove a stick (manual transmission), I’d pace myself to hit all the lights just as they turned green so I didn’t have to constantly shift up and down.
      This trick was accomplished by driving between 28 and 29MPH on a 30 MPH road.
      One particular day there was a car ahead of me, stuck at the light, light turned green, car ahead of me started driving just as I was catching up to it, and it got t-boned hard by some asshole who ran the light that had just turned red.
      Seeing a car suddenly drive sideways (drift?) is a very surreal experience… especially when you’re not expecting it and it happens right in front of you.
      The difference between witnessing the accident and being IN the accident was literally a matter of seconds… if I hadn’t paced myself it would have been me waiting for the light to turn green.

      TL;DR I agree with @sirthomasknight, timing is everything.

  5. Just think if the poor guy was just one second before or one second after from making it to that exact spot where he was hit he wouldn’t have lost his life! Everything happens for a reason and it was just his turn for death to find him for sure.

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