Pedestrian Killed by Drunk Driver in Distrito Federal, Mexico

 Pedestrian Killed by Drunk Driver in Distrito Federal, Mexico

An intoxicated driver collided with another vehicle, pushed it into a trailer of a truck causing damage to the truck, then bounced and killed an innocent pedestrian who was just in the wrong place in the wrong time.

The accident happened on Apatlaco Avenue, in Campamento 2 de Octubre, Iztacalco, Distrito Federal, Mexico. Normally, if a driver causes an accident in Mexico, he pulls a hit and run on the scene, but this time around the driver was too drunk and his vehicle too damaged, he got arrested. Hopefully his punishment will be adequate the horror and grief he’d caused.

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    1. @Jalisco Well actually I have a beaner uncle who is a very good *certified drunk driver* ^_^ yep at his job no one gives a shit about drinking beer while on the job so every night he comes home buzzed, I think it’s either he loves drinking beer or maybe it’s because his wife is a giant turd that yells at him and that’s why he gets shit faced so he won’t have to put up with her bitching ..

  1. Man..I’ve driven drunk..high on mary..ecstasy…coke..pain killers/rx prescriptions.if there is a creator who’s watching over me…THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.I’ve been clean for three years.No more drugs for me and that includes the legal one such as Rx and beer.I had share of fun.

    1. I drive better when Im high. I tend to get paranoid so I drive slower and cautious. However, once I drove while on ambien and fell asleep. lucky for me I only got raped once, the guy wore a condom so it’s kewl.

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