Pedestrian Runs from Behind Bus, Gets Hit by Car and Flies Like Ragdoll

Pedestrian Runs from Behind Bus, Gets Hit by Car and Flies Like Ragdoll

Careless pedestrian ran right in front of a car and was sent flying and spinning like a ragdoll because he assumed that the visual block that the bus created also blocked all passing traffic.

The video shows that there are road signs informing drivers of the pedestrian crosswalk, so the pedestrian was technically on the crosswalk, but he gave the driver no chance to react and besides, he should have been the one to check if it was safe to cross.

I think he was desperate to get on a bus coming in the opposite direction. You can see that bus pulling up to let the commuters board and the pedestrian knew that if he doesn’t get there right away, he’s gonna miss it. Well, he missed it all right. Even the many that came after this one.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. Weakest attempt I’ve seen. 4.5 and that is mostly for how much flopping he did in the air.

    From what I see in the video dude saw the car and tried to outrun it. Realisticly he can’t blame anyone but himself. Although I think the driver didn’t try to stop but tried to swerve around him.

  2. I rarely have noticed myself not checking where I’m crossing because I’m so into the music I’m listening in my iPhone. I just hope I don’t end up in this website dead it or not, would be pretty embarrassing.

    1. @CityGirl, I’m the opposite of what you are walking around. No iPhone for me, I’m always in stealth mode wherever I’m at for some reason. I think I think too much ahead, you know like two steps ahead all the time and listening to music would distract me. I’m not a spaz either, I’m just always on guard. It has paid off too, I’ve kept people from harm numerous times.

  3. So that bus stops at a bus stop and there are clearly visible pedestrian crossing signs mounted next to the road. Two busses are in the immidiate aread of the bus stop Nonetheless:

    – Cars are overtaking the buses in that area
    – Cars do NOT even slow down for possible passengers acting like they have been freed from a hostage situation
    – Passenger needs to get home quickly to get sandwiches made for the hubby.

    I thought it’s quite common knowledge that especially kids might exit a bus running a ll over the place. If I approach a bus stop with a bus stopped, I slow the fuck down, waiting for some numbnut jumping in front of my car.

    But obviously here the people do not care for pedestrian crossings or overtaking buses in a curved road.

    Something like that had to happen. Perfect fuck up scenario.

  4. Kinda funny how the bus just eventually takes off! Not that they could’ve done anything anyway, but here, that bus, and any and everybody around would be stuck there! Traffic would come to a stand-still and even traffic helicopters would probably be summoned!

  5. I had a co-worker who said she ran for the bus and was hit by a car. She landed on the windshield, but was able to get on her feet and still catch the bus. Trouble was, the bus driver wouldn’t let her on the bus because her face was all bloody. She didn’t say what happened after that.

  6. Haha fucking dumbass. Though i’m sure the driver, even though the guy that got hit is in the wrong, is gonna be paying out the ass and loosing his license etc. for this since everyone knows pedestrians and cyclists rule the roads now and have more rights on the streets than motorists due, even when they break all the laws.

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