Pedestrian Run Over and Ripped Apart

Pedestrian Run Over and Ripped Apart

A man was struck by a car and totally annihilated, spreading his flesh and muscle and blood all down the road. You can even see the fucking tire marks in blood. Not a whole lot available on this one but pretty damn gory. Thought I’d share it with yall.

Car crash causes unidentified pedestrian died at the scene on the road
304 departures Korat’s Fed. Enriched the estate. Away green. Man died.
The Unknown

Hook’s 31-point Udomsap The dead had to Hospital. Green Already

I’ve had “to hospital” myself a few times.

On a side note, happy birthday to Best Gore member rebelk. Here’s a gory present for you.

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      1. I think its a girl only cos I can see stretch marks on her lower back (I know guys get them too but it seems commonplace on girls to get them there)…plus she seems to have a more female shaped bottom….

  1. This reminds me of HS when I saw a man on a bike dragged and run over by a cement truck; in front of a hospital of all places. He was smooshed in half with a giant double tire tread. Of course, the ‘good Samaritan’ that ran over to ‘help’ just grabbed the guys bike and ran. Incidentally, the thief was wearing a yarmulke.

  2. “Death enriched the estate” eh, good job Google translate is a liberal left leaning tool.

    My country too as been enriched, and by immigration according to the liberal left leaning government.

    Rape statistics are on the up, burglary statistics are on the up, murder statistics are on the up, paedophilia statistics are on the up, pick pocket statistics are on the up, unemployment is on the up but this is enrichment or so they say.

    The indigenous population is forced to endure unemployment, not just in my country but in France, Germany, Spain, Greece, and most other European nations and we are supposed to accept this “enrichment” without struggle.

    The corrupt corporations have used peace and “free movement of labour” to employ people at rock bottom prices undercutting everybody else.

    I don’t give a flying fuck that this has nothing to do with this current post, I crave social open posts in order to express myself but I will ignore the truth no more, the “free movement of labour” is destroying indigenous employment and reducing consumerism on the whole.

    My country is filled up with immigrants and the indigenous population pathetically accept it. The immigrants work cheaply and live ten to an house thus reducing individual rent, they also receive social support for child benefits and low wage top-ups and they then send their wages back home where it goes further.

    This boosts foreign economies but never are own, it also reduces indigenous consumerism whilst depletion our GDP and forcing a raise in taxes whist maintaining our dependence on cheap manufacturing.

    This is why China and India are the upcoming economies, because every fucking country sent their jobs over there in order to manufacture cheaply, cheaply for them of course because they still sell high back home here.

    Private enterprise therefore gains but state enterprise loses, this is the future they wanted, where we are slaves and subjects to their whims.

    My conclusion, if consumerism is the main stay of capitalism then non purchase is the bane of gain.

    Let them keep on at it if they want I say, capitalism and consumerism is dead as long as they keep on their current track.

    A future of boarded up shops and social support is non profitable and they know it.

    Fuck them all I say, the born rich can go fuck themselves and die.

      1. @Empty, Dude don’t even say that. Who cares about some ripped apart pedestrian, Half these fools comments including mine ain’t even worth something that you have commented about. You drop it down with the knowledge man. Your right, we need to see a social open post. Your good at giving it your angle on shit, if drinking helps grease up the hinges and it makes you happy then don’t stop… But if you got an ulcer or some serious shit maybe you should cut back a bit… Ahh but that’s just my opinion and it don’t mean shit.

      2. @Empty Please don’t – you’re one of the few posters I actually enjoy reading here any more.

        It’s a shame about your drinking, although when I reach your age I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m in the same boat. Perhaps a damn good therapist would help? although that’s a rarity.

  3. Off topic I know but lately my dreams are effecting my day to day life and vice versa. Let’s say when I’m driving some idiot cuts me off. That night in my dreams I will catch up to him and slit his throat. On the flip side I’ll dream that I’m in an elevator with four beautiful women who get real flirty with me. The next day I’ll be on an elevator and four beautiful women get on and by the time I reach the top floor I get off and zip my pants up while thanking them.
    It’s embarrassing when a beautiful woman tells you you’re flying low. Anyway, strange shit has been happening to me lately.

        1. No, weed is medicine. Do you take any prescription medicine to help you sleep? My dad takes one that has him either screaming at people or have whole conversations in his sleep. He even fell out of bed fighting with his pillow. One night he was yelling “God bless you, you cocksucker” cause he was dreaming that he was fighting with the devil.

  4. My doctor called me yesterday and told me he needed to talk to me about my recent blood test results from the lab and told me to come to his office first thing in the morning. When your doctor calls you on a Sunday you know it’s something serious.
    The worst part was having to wait until the next morning to find out what’s wrong with me. I hate having to wait to find out important information.

      1. @OEW, like I said…my doctor called me on Sunday and said I needed to see him first thing Monday morning. I assumed by the lack of response that nobody cared to hear what the doctor had to tell me. I don’t have much in the way of family or friends and my kids have been working and living out of the city all summer long. I’ve been very depressed for months now and the call from the doc had me in a bad state of mind. I was a little upset that the people here who I consider my friends either did’nt remember I was getting some bad news today or just did’nt care. On Sunday I took a bunch of oxys and sleeping pills because I was scared and upset. My life has been one downfall after the next and I’ve had more health problems than I care to remember.
        In any case I was told that I have some kind of blood infection going on that’s making my white cells go out of whack. I also am borderline for Diabetes. I’m on heavy duty antibiotics for the next ten days and then another blood test. If it has’nt cleared up then I go straight to the hospital for I.V. antibiotics for as long as it takes. I’m sorry for lashing out…I’m upset, scared and I already have a ton of shit to deal with in my life.

        1. I know how it feels to not have many family and friends around, I am in the same boat. I was going to ask you if you had some results, but at the last minute I deleted it because I didn’t want to come across as being nosy. I hope the anti biotics help with the infection. I too am scared and upset, I have my 6 monthly check up soon, to check for cancer spread. It feels like playing russian roulette everytime, will it happen or won’t it and that is terrifying. Makes you realize how important your health actually is when your body starts turning on you. Just take it day by day and find joy in life although at times that is hard to do. You don’t have to be sorry for anything, lash out all you like, it is better than keeping those emotions bottled in and I can relate to your pain, you are not alone.

        2. Aghh I just wrote a long reply to you brokeback and after I posted the comment never showed up. Will have to re type it when I am sitting behind my actual computer later. Typing with one finger and one eye on an ipad is hard work. 🙂

          1. @OEW, thanks for the kind words. I sometimes forget that there are others herre with serious health problems too. Just seems like death is always out to get me.

        3. The oxy/sleeping pill combo, might be causing the weird dreams. I hope the infection clears up with the antibiotics they gave you so you don’t have to go to the hospital. Just to be safe, soak the penis pump in a strong disinfectant. 🙂

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