Pedestrian Taken Out by Loose Tire

Pedestrian Taken Out by Loose Tire

Meanwhile in Russia…

Car with dashcam is stopped on the lights, pedestrian tries to cross while he still can but then a loose tire comes at him out of fucking nowhere and takes him out. Like there’s not enough dangers lurking out there already.

It reminded me of this video of a tire coming loose off a truck and slamming into a car with a dashcam and the videos of tires exploding and killing shop workers.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Pedestrian Taken Out by Loose Tire”

  1. “Meanwhile in Russia…” One of the most comedic introductions ever! Thanks, Mark!

    Poor bastard though, this should go on some Russian Bloopers show along with the cow tipping truck.. I just love the dashcam videos and how they really get the best of random things happening to people. It makes me think twice when I drive.

  2. Bowling for Dummies

    Section 1, part 2,

    A citizen walking down the street is not considered to be a scoring target unless they are shaped like a pin, such as, having a small head and a fat ass, or possessing such waist line girth that the cock and balls can no longer be deemed to exist.

    In part 3 we will be discussing how to knock down a Karate practitioners grandmother without ending up in the gutter.

  3. Awesome! Only way this could have been improved upon was the poor soul carrying a couple bags of groceries and they scattered everywhere… with perhaps people scurrying off the sidewalk to scarf them up while totally ignoring the pedestrian.

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