Pedestrians Brutally Mowed Down While Crossing an Intersection

Pedestrians Brutally Mowed Down While Crossing an Intersection

Caught on a dashcam in Russia – some seriously heavy shit. A group of pedestrians was crossing an intersection on a crosswalk. It was clearly their right of way as all cars were stopped by the lights and all pedestrians were moving. But then a smartass who decided he was too good to stop on the red plowed right through the intersection, brutally mowing a number of pedestrians down. The driver continued on his merry way but as the video continues filming, a police car was after the hit and runner within a few seconds. A person who did this should never ever be allowed to ever drive again. A lifetime ban with no chance of revocation.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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  1. Forcing people to impersonate windmills so you can make it to wherever you’re going a few seconds earlier: I say Okay. What if your spouse is cheating on you? What if your favorite restaurant is going out of business and you want one final meal? What if you’re late, you’re late for a very important date? No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”…? These incidents raise a lot of questions.

  2. I’d be a lousy cop. If I had to chase down someone who did something like this, I’d be beating the crap out of the motherfucker once I finally caught up with him…then there’d be a post about me on BG about what an asshole cop I am.

  3. DUDE!!
    I did notice that the crosswalk was not reinforced with a steal cage.(sarcastic)
    It’s raining so anything could happen. OPEN YOUR EYES IN THE CROSSWALK!
    Roads are slick in the rain, but the car needs to slow earlier too.

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