People Apply Tourniquet to Biker with Amputated Leg, His Friend Has Ripped Crotch

People Apply Tourniquet to Biker with Amputated Leg, His Friend Has Ripped Crotch

According to the info I got, this happened near Bilimora City in Gujarat state, India. Two guys riding on a motorcycle crashed and while both appear to be alive, both suffered significant injuries to legs.

One biker had his lower leg pretty much amputated just above the knee. Of the two, he’s the squeaky one so he gets the grease, which in this case is the tourniquet. His friend, on the other hand, had his crotch ripped open, but he doesn’t squeak so he just gets comforted on the side a bit.

Props to Best Gore member @fayazravat1 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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74 thoughts on “People Apply Tourniquet to Biker with Amputated Leg, His Friend Has Ripped Crotch”

    1. Gotta feel for the guy with the crotch ripped open. The other guy is getting all the attention but really… how do you help a guy in that situation? Who is gonna sit there beside him and keep pressure on the wound?

  1. Its clearly a case of rear ending a huge truck with
    top speed the ill-fated duo rode their bike with; which is there on the scene as well along with the truck having turned turtle seen in the back drop ,too.
    No helmets worn by either of them and yet their skulls are left in one piece but strangely they have been able to cheat death but with disastrous results .
    The guy who lost his leg below one of his knees will have to take to crutches for life and the other one may have to go in for an emergency operation
    for a sudden sex change as his crotch looks all destroyed and now appearing to be more like a slit.
    Looking at the duo its easy telling who was at fault. In all probability its them who had a burning desire in rear ending something someday preferably a girl but it turned out to be a huge monster of a truck.

    1. Wearing or not wearing helmets didn’t matter much here ‘ as with or without it their skull caps are seemingly intact with no spillage from neck above .
      It was a day for them to lose some of their body parts waist below because the speed with which they rear ended the truck must have been the one they were habituated to often giving no regard to personal safety laughing at those cautioning them often times .
      Now both will have to go pillion riding … two wheelers have wheeled out for good from their lives . One of them will have to be made to sit with the crutches folded and kept in the lap the other one will have to contend wearing a sari because of sex change post accident .
      Some people have it in them to never heed good
      advice and they end up paying the price dearly.

      1. Of course, wearing a helmet has a correlation with injury prevention. It’s an important part of driving a motorbike safely while enjoying the ride. That includes:
        – having the cycle road ready
        – wearing protective gear
        – riding responsibily
        – being sober

        Statistically, the motorbikers that wear helmets are more likely to observe the other factors due to overall preparation. The NHTSA reports that a motorbiker is 27 times more likely to die in a crash than other drivers.

        While it’s a facetious statement that helmets would have saved Pegleg Pradash and Slitty Sandheep, and one which I really enjoyed, it is not without merit.

        1. My dear the well stated factors that contribute to a safe ride on a bike are well observed but the irony is even though the traffic norms are for everyone to abide people tend to ignore it on purpose here in ASIA as heaps of statistical data that pours in on a daily basis is for every net surfer to see
          What happens then when the norms are blatantly flayed , this is what ya have at hand
          –Whether or not the bike is road worthy the rider doesn’t care and the cops don’t mind if their palms are greased.
          –Wearing a protective gear is out of question cause they can’t afford it cause even the bikes are mostly loaned.
          –Riding responsibly they wouldn’t know as each of them wants connected to the wind talking going at breakneck speeds
          –Being sober they hate to as the booze is easily available even if its a country liquor they are all for it .
          But its the lack of total awareness and nobody gives a damn.

    1. As the roads inevitably get more crowded and the natives resort to more severe forms of faggotry, that could curb the population explosion in Clusterfuckistan. It’ll be fun to watch – only the crash videos, of course!

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  2. They just got out of the theatre after watching a showing of The Fast And The Furious. They decided to imitate the heroes in the movie. More good advice from Hollywood. Let your kids watch The Fast And The Furious and then hand them the keys to your sports car. Even Paul Walker himself bought into the hype of speeding around in your car and ended up dead, burnt to a crisp. Hollywood is poison.

    1. Hey, POZ I never knew this before but did you know Paul wasn’t the one actually driving that car? It was his buisness partner, Roger Rodas and if you look closely in that video you can actually see Paul being consumed by the flames trying to escape the wreckage.

  3. Poor kid, he,s looking for somebody to hold his hand and comfort him, but nobody pays attention to him. Cause the guy who was just at his head seconds before got up, and started walking away from him,,, sad man, he just a young boy ffs. Compassion man,,, forget about looking tough fuck-nuts and help the kid-out.

  4. His pussy is still intact doesn’t have a reason to scream other guy’s tool seems to have been damaged beyond repair in India they would bury him alive for not having looked after the family jewels. Ethnic cleansing of minorities is common practice there. Indian army kills civilians daily in certain parts of the country

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