People Crushed by Collapsed Overpass in Belo Horizonte – World Cup Host City

Public Transportation Bus Partially Crushed by Slab of Collapsed Overpass

An overpass across Avenida Pedro I in the Saint John the Baptist neighborhood (bairro São João Batista) in Belo Horizonte, a host city for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, collapsed and crushes at least two people to death. Mayor of Belo Horizonte Márcio Lacerda said poor work or error in design are being investigated as possible causes.

The overpass was being built to accommodate the flow of traffic for the world cup. But as its scheduled completion did not happen on time, the final touches were only hastily done which likely contributed to the collapse. The two people confirmed killed by the collapse were 25 year old Hanna Cristina dos Santos – driver of the bus, and Charles Frederico Moreira dos Nascimento – driver of Fiat Uno. 22 additional people were injured.

Lt. Col. Edgar Estevo da Silva (there had to be one), communications adviser from the Fire Department of Minas Gerais, said in a press conference, that despite the tragic loss of life, the collapse happened during the least busy time of day. The throughway under the overpass sees bumper to bumper traffic during the peak house so if the overpass collapsed then, the death toll would have been much higher.

The crash site is about 5 miles from Mineirão stadium, which will host one of the World Cup semi-final matches on July 8, and 10 kilometers from the Rooster City (Cidade do Galo), the Training Center of Atlético in Minas Gerais, where team Argentina is stationed.

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian for his contribution to the post. Video of the aftermath from the ground level is below. It shows injured commuters being taken away from the crushed bus and from around 0:58 you can see the crushed bus driver twitch as she’s dying. I think the bus driver was a woman:

Here’s the moment of collapse captured on a ground level CCTV camera:

And a gallery of a few photos:

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  1. “…coz i need to watch things die,
    From a good,safe distance,
    Vicariously i live while the whole world dies.” -TOOL (Vicarious)

    Everytime in vids i see someone in a gore vid with theyre cell phones filming i think of that song…but hey im the same 😉 not dissing it.

      1. Absofuckenlutly my dear BG brother 😀

        Wonder when the next album is ginna come out, got to reserve a vile of ketamine for whenever it does lol.
        That song tho is one of the reasons why i am working on getting a degree un journalism. I cant talk about the other reason tho lol.
        Could be dangerous for me.

          1. It’s just that I like Holly plants and I don’t like to say “holy” cause I don’t believe in such things 😆

    1. Oh yeah!! Like i’v always said:
      “nothing scary about dying, its suffering while dying that’s scary.” seeing someone helplessly twitch in pain like that while dying just makes me wanna bury a cap in her poor brain to make her stop suffering.

    2. Yea, me too! No matter how many times i see it, it still creeps me out. Construction should NEVER be rushed. I don,t care if the Pope, or some other important fleshy virus is coming to town, but fuck man, take an alternate route, but live another day!

      1. Yup… I find it to be an odd coincidence that stuff like this happens JUST as they’re hosting the world cup… But then again i am paranoid by nature and seek to find hidden plots in just about everything lol.

        1. Hey im the same way! Uber paranoid and looking for evil plots around every corner…nice to meet a kindred spirit @zen! Of course I don’t like to call it paranoia…I like to refer to it as being very ‘aware’

  2. There was a hell of a lot of emergency workers standing around not doing much emergency work, while that poor bus driver was in some desperate need of some emergency help. She was probably thinking, the emergency workers will be on site any minute and maybe I will have a chance. Little did she know they had been there for fifteen minutes…..

    1. I heard about this overpass collapse on the TV while I was watching Costa Rica beat Greece having penalty shootout (go CR!!).

      Only BG has the scoop of footage inside the crushed bus….and has the guts to show the footage inside the bus….

  3. This is just 2 miles away from Mineirao (soccer stadium where brazilians are going to face germans next tuesday).

    You know when you are at the soccer’s country when you see almost everybody in a mourning mood not because this tragedy, but because a player got his back injuried.

    Someone stop this world that I wanna step out.

  4. Who’s betting that coach will be back on the road as a ringer !?

    Poor lady , driving for a living one minute, in her final death throws before the piper descends the next . Cruel world ” cup ” .

  5. How can you host the World Cup in this dump(rhyme).This place is the 7th circle of hell.The goverment actually thinks this will help their economy?It costed more to make the preparations than they will ever make from the event.

    1. I thought the Mexican football team played really well , and they were unlucky with a few important decisions too. But of course , Brazil have, and will continue to be, assisted all the way to lifting the trophy !

      1. I don’t know about soccer but I want Brazil to win cause they give us tons of gore and funny stuff, I’ve heard dad complaining for something but don’t know what,I saw people crying and that was funny 😆

          1. hey you’re right I hope they lose they’ll go crazy,I was wondering why they haven’t killed tons of people 😉

      2. Are you guys for real? Respect Brazil for God’s sake. Did you see Neymar injury? Are you sure we will be assisted to lift the trophy? You guys don’t know anything about football. Its the oposite. FIFA is against Brazil in all means. A spanish referee in a match between Colombia and Brazil? Really? We are in semi finals among the world’s top 4 teams because we have great football. And if Germany beat us tuesday it will be ok because germans are playing a good football. But I believe we will have this cup with or without our number 10 Neymar. Just respect Brazil as we respected Mexico, USA and all other teams who come to our home. Much appreciated.

        1. I’ve always respected Brazilian football . This team however , is over rated , has a very shaky defence , which was breached on more than two occasion in the very first match against Croatia , who were skanked by a bent referee who was clearly under orders to get Brazil the victory no matter what . I know how FIFA work.

          1. @ewestomper if you know how FIFA work, you know how we are not getting any help at all… that japanese / corean referee, who gave the penalty on our striker (Fred) in the first match against Croatia, was the very same who gave a red card to our player in 2010 quarter match against Netherlands, which destabilized our team, which turned out we lost 2-1 (we had 1-0 within the first half) thus getting us out of the 2010 world cup. You know, we had a penalty against Mexico and Chile which was not gave to us, because after that mistake of the first match (listen, referee mistake, not orders from FIFA) and because of that mistake we have not given no more penalties… Let’s see tomorrow, against Germany, if the referee will really help us out! Any way, I respect your opinion, and don’t want to start fight, I’m just defending my country and my national team, which is better than 2006 and 2010 world cup (it’s almost as good as 2002, but without Rivaldo / Ronaldo successful partnership)

          2. Hey @Murilo . I remember the Zico , Elder , Socrates , Falcao days , now that was a great team , although they didn’t lift the trophy , they were by far the most entertaining team . I love Brazilian football , but in all honesty , this team is very average imo . That’s the thing about opinions and
            influences, we’ve all got ’em . I respect
            yours also.
            We will see .

          3. Do BrazilIans they will forever be good? lol what a joke. other nations just get better. They hate it. This team was supposed to be out against chile.

        2. brasile?o soccer this year is mediocre. gaymar is over rated. and all you have is home advantage. don’t blame Fifa. Alemania beat you fair and square. I left brasil that night. all brasile?os where In awe and crying. lol. I loved it. If the government spending all that money to buy the cup wasn’t enough of a giveaway. then you’re in denial. and you can’t speak about respect. When these Muertos de hambre were selling tickets outside the stadiums for $1000. When they got them for under $100 reales. I was disrespected the whole time I was there.

  6. Your fantasies are very telling . One track mind , you have that shit on your tiny brain , which can mean only one thing …. you ain’t getting any or rather , ain’t had any …… Ever !!

  7. This right here is the fucking reason why the 2016 Olympics should not in anyway, fashion or manner held in Brazil!!!

    That’s just asking for trouble…

    I read that head officials are in talks of holding them in London again…
    The reasoning is that to date, Brazil has completed roughly 10% of what they need to have done before the Olympics…

    Its ridiculous!
    These bastards don’t deserve the revenue that they are getting now and most certainly not what they’d get from the Olympics…

    1. i get what you saying @shannon

      but to be fair, they where saying the same thing about brazil and the world cup – and they seam ti have oulled a good show off.

      so shannon – you an irish girl then?

    2. I was in brasil to watch the games. and all the venues I went to weren’t done. and looked incomplete. and I even went to the same venue twice. and they weren’t working on the venues while there weren’t any games going played to try to finish it for the next game. lazy brasile?os.

  8. Seemed to me that the overpass sunk down further when ole dude was on the inside filming. I noticed the driver twitching more after that. She was prolly doomed as it was but that last drop(if that’s what it was) finshed her off.

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