People Pushing Broken Down Truck Hit and Killed by Drunk Driver

People Pushing Broken Down Truck Hit and Killed by Drunk Driver

Two people died and three others were seriously injured after they were hit by a drunk driver while pushing a broken down pickup truck up Avenida Coronel Teixeira in Manaus, the capital city of the state of Amazonas in Brazil.

The truck the five drove in suffered a mechanical failure so the youths got out and started to push. They were rear ended by the speeding drunk that hit them so hard, several amputated arms and legs flew through the air. The drunk driver then pulled a hit and runner but was soon caught by military police.

His driver’s license had 129 demerit points accumulated on it. 20 demerit points usually mean that you are forbidden to drive anything.

Props to Best Gore member Another Brazilian for the pics:

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  1. That’s a new one, the title pic is amazing. What a way to go, I wonder if there are human-shaped indentations in the truck they were pushing? Any time i broke down at night on a dark road, i didn’t even.sit in the car for fear someone would smash into the back of me. I left the hazard lights on, and stood out of the road away from it. These folks should have put someone on lookout for other cars. Or maybe the driver that hit them saw the chicken in the miniskirt and thought “fuck me, im rear-ending the shit outta her!”. So many unanswered questions. Ah well, if they’re all organ donors it’ll be a good day for people on the donor waiting list.

  2. hell, there’s people with five DUI’s and are still driving. one was more than enough for me. i can’t afford it. i hate jail, i hate community service(i hate the community in general), and i hate losing fucking money(i guess i’m kind of a jew that way, i love money and work my ass off)…ANYWAY, interesting death pose. one of those emo fucking “artists” or photographers wouldn’t be able to capture the emotion and pain in such a natural “piece.”

  3. Dumbass drunk drivers making responsible drinkers like myself look bad.Kind of like when an ungrateful kid slaughters schoolmates due to the hormonal imbalance/I hate mondays b.s which brings a negative light to gun owners who only want to protect their family and crops……

  4. If a car comes towards you and you don’t have time to get out of the way, jump in the air, even it’s just an inch you could save your legs a whole ton of damage by not being connected to the road when the car hits you.

  5. Well that’s a tragic bloody mess hey .

    Throw the fucker in jail , preferably in a cell currently occupied by a sex starved man bitch , and throw away the key .

    No time for drunk drivers , pricks .

  6. This whole post is really quite disturbing……

    It just seems that Brazil has sooo much bad luck like this. I mean, a drink driver could do this in any country in the world at any time, but it just seems to be Brazil’s tragedy, day after day. Just a month or so ago we saw that terrible accident with 4 Brazilian teenagers killed and just the one one dude that survived, and not long before that was the 6 Brazilian teenagers that got hit by a drink driver and killed at a bus stop. And now we see this. Very sad. It blows my mind…..

    Drink drivers who kill are up there with armed robbers that blow their victim’s head off for the hell of it…..

  7. Drunk drivers killing people is a part of life which is all to common and shouldn’t be happening.

    The penalties for doing this are disgustingly low. If you are charged with man slaughter or even murder then I’m sure it would deter a lot of people doing it.

  8. This fuck needs to go to the jail were one of the victims family members are (you know they are so don’t get mad) at let them at that drunk driver dude. Since the cops didn’t shoot him first.

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