People Rushing to Score Free Gas Burn to Death as Overturned Oil Tanker Explodes

People Rushing to Score Free Gas Burn to Death as Overturned Oil Tanker Explodes

On Sunday June 25, 2017, an oil tanker en route to Lahore from Karachi, carrying thousands of liters of gas overturned on a road in Ahmad Pur Sharqia, near Bahawalpur in central Punjab, Pakistan. The accident attracted looters who rushed in to siphon off free fuel, but shortly after, the gas ignited and the tanker exploded.

As of this post, at least 148 people were killed and 125 were injured by the blast. The death toll may rise as some of the injured are in very serious condition.

Similar incident happened a few years ago in Africa. 220 people died in Congo trying to get free gas after a fuel truck overturned.

Props to Best Gore member @sagar_jungrana72 for the pics and videos:

Aftermath video showing charred vehicles and some corpses on the road:

Another aftermath video of dozens of corpses on a field beside the road:

One more video of carnage left in the wake of the oil tanked explosion. Props to Best Gore member @abhinav-i-em:

Video of what preceded the explosion:

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            Beaches? Who gives a fuck about beaches? Every country has beaches. What’s the big deal? India itself is a peninsula. We have thousands of beaches.

            In India, we can enjoy every type of climate and terrain and don’t have to live under your shitty forest. We have some of the tallest mountains in the world. We have one of the most coldest, hottest, wettest places in the world. The kind of diversity that can nowhere be found in your shithole Brazil.

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            It also snows down here:

            This is not Europe, but surely looks like:

            This is just one city called Gramado where people of German ancestry lives, there are thousands of other different cities. Saying Brazil is a whole forest or just beaches is really dumb, just look how big is the country in a map. There’s snow, beaches, deserts, forests, swamps, everything.

            @gnat I just featured a white city called Gramado, we’re all white down there, German ancestry, state of Rio Grande do Sul, state of a lot of German, Italian, Dutch and other Europeans came to live last century. The black people are mostly in favela in Rio de Janeiro, which is another state!

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            Snow in Brazil occurs virtually every year in some cities of the high plains of the southern states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, and Paraná. They account for approximately 23,000 km2.

            Haha. That is not even half the size of my state and my state is pretty small, compared to other states in the country.

            Your whole country, minus this 23,000 km² is the shitty Amazon and oh yes BEACHES BEACHES BEACHES! (So big deal! ) …

            Those handful of cities don’t even come close to our Himalayas!

            We have a subtropical desert, as well as a cold-winter desert. In India, lowest temperature goes down to -55° C and highest is 51°C.

            We have the wettest place in the world that receives the most rainfall.

            Most of the tallest peaks after Everest (which is in a neighbouring Hindu country – Nepal).

            We have the second coldest inhabited place on earth after Siberia.

            The highest motorable road as well as the world’s highest helipad.

            We have thousands of years of culture, history, heritage in our historical monuments, forts and ancient ruins. What the fuck do you have except your adopted Portuguese culture?

            You don’t even have a language of your own. You speak a foreign language. We have over 1600 languages in India.

            We even have a live volcano, islands and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

            I can go on and on. You still wanna compare your shithole Brazil with those BEACHES??? hahaha

          7. Once again…

            You can talk about ancient history all you want… but what have you done lately?…
            Let’s say… in the last one hundred years?…

          8. I really appreciate the change from offenses to ‘my country is the best’ attitude. Thanks.

          9. I don’t know what are you talking about, the Amazon rainforest is mostly in the Amazonas state hence the name, where native indian people lives, and some other Brazilian northern states. I’m from the south, the Amazon rainforest is not here, it’s just in the north. The Amazon rainforest covers just like 5 states or less, there are 26 states. As a matter of fact, the Amazon rainforest got really reduced from its original size due to desforestation. There are other forests in the country but not where I live, get your facts straight. One more thing before resting my case, I wasn’t talking about India itself to start with but about Indians, did you notice? Well, anyway, I’m done here. My country is beautiful, the problem is mostly with the Brazilians, sames goes to India.

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        3. that’s why your family is living in hell, don’t fart anymore for sake of your own family, for instant remedy : you should connect a hose and fill many cylinders as possible and donate to your poor family members or your country, so they can cook proper curry at home and don’t have to beg for free curry leftover by hindu at hindu restaurant. Also you can blows some balloons if pressure is not enough to fill cylinders. I will show you place to sell balloons so you can buy proper curry for your family. Don’t beg free curry i repeat don’t beg

        4. I know why @Hindustan is reacting in such a manner. And people finding it funny? What if someone says, s/he gets diarrhea after eating at a Christian restaurant? Or perhaps a Jew, Muslim, Buddhist restaurant? Why to drag someone’s religion to such things makes you all feel good? And feel good about what? If you can’t say something good about a religion, then why say bad about it?

          1. @gnat
            With due respect to the country you belong and the others reading this post. When you ask what we have done in the last hundred years, I must say other countries may have achieved many things greater than India has achieved yet.

            But lets give it a try.
            We tried to spread the ancient power of Meditation and Yoga around The World by sending various missions so that the entire human race may benefit from it. Which started just about a hundred years from now. And we are still doing it, and that too, free of cost. Anyone of any country, religion or race can learn yoga at various camps organized by the Indian Government from time to time. June 21st 2017 was celebrated as The 2nd International Yoga Day. Many countries and people took part in it.
            We believe in imparting of the knowledge without any charge and not to commercialize it.

            We also fought in WW I and WW II for the British and contributed about 3.5 million soldiers to the British Indian Army. About 165,000 soldiers lost there life and more wounded for a general cause. Over a Million civilian causalities were recorded to the famine Bengal caused by keeping food supplies in stock for WW II than distributing it to the famine effected areas. I’m not quoting any monetary aid provided by India to the Allied Forces here. Though, other nations have incurred heavier losses than India, let me remind you, these were the Wars India was forced into without any direct loss or gain for it.

            India gained freedom only 70 years ago from it’s former colonizers by NON VIOLENCE. It’s a huge achievement in the world history in itself.

            Post Independence, India has been in 5 Direct wars and numerous battles the neighboring countries out of which India won 4 wars clearly and also, fought at 2 different fronts and won it, helping in liberation of the area and forming the country Bangladesh of today. Out of all 5 wars, India never initiated any war because we believe in peace and prosperity. We are the 3rd largest Army, 4th largest Air Force, 5th largest Naval force in the World and we have achieved it in relatively short period of time. Still, we don’t consider any Nation inferior to us. Rather we believe in all equal.

            Ever since India was denied GPS support by The US of A in the 1999 War of Kargil, strived hard to develop it’s own navigation and GPS system. And in very short period of time succeeded in it too.

            India has also developed its own rocket engines and nuclear plants. The first nation ever to achieve success in Mars mission on the very maiden voyage. India has a very dedicated and competent team of scientists at ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) that has been successful in various space missions and this year itself, has helped many countries from Europe, Asia, South America and the USA to launch their satellites in the space at a very nominal costs which is way more cheaper than what they would have spend if they used their National funded space agencies.

            We still entertain foreign students around the world to come and learn in our country governed universities which provide world class higher education like any other country without being ridiculously expensive. A foreign student can start learning in top Indian universities and fees could be even lower than USD 1000/- per annum.

            We race with the world in producing some of the best engineers, doctors, scientists and corporate leaders who make there presence feel around the world. We are the 2nd largest English speaking country in the world. Mind you, it’s not even our native language. About 80% of total Indian population can speak or interpret 2 or more languages. English and Hindi are most common to all along with another regional languages.

            Well, these are just a handful of things India and Indians have achieved in about 100 years or less… There’s a long list of other things too, but this is good for the time being.

            Anyone is open to troll now.

          2. That’s not all. There are many other Indian inventions contributions that were made in the last few centuries.

            The most important one is that Radio was invented by J.C. Bose, an Indian, before Marconi.

            V. A. Shiva Ayyadurai improved upon the concept of email and laid the foundation for the email we know today.

            There are many others…

          3. @recoilrocks

            Arey bhai usko kuch samjhane ki jarurat nahi hai. Inko bolo ye Jo bakchodi kar rahe hai – Felipe, wallabeast. Aur acchi treh na bolo ye wo nahi samajhte.

            Waise ab hum yaha share karna bund kardeingay ab. Owner k alawa sabse jyada post yaha Indians k he hai. Unn he k maare site mein itna traffic hota hai. Ye tou kuch karte hai nahi bus comment chodte hai. Ulta hum he ko be faltu, be matlab post pe gaali dete hai…

          4. @hindustan Baat to bilkul sahi keh raha hai bhai. Inki gaand faadne mein apna hi mood kharaab b hota hai and maja bhi aata hai. Mai to yaha sirf videos dekhne aata hu. Inke comments ki ma ki chut. Waise mujhe gaali dena accha hi nahi lagta, not even in real life, social media to baat ki baat hai.

            Saale yeh humare watan ko kis kis cheezo se compare karte hain… karne do saalo ko. Ignorant fools to yeh hai hi. inke kuch bhi kehne se kuh farak nahi padne wala. Hum fir bhi tarakki hi karenge.

            Tu inki acche se le leta hai, mai shishthachaar mein reh jata hu. lol.

            Baaki yeh jada ucchle to saala mujhe bhi apni aukaat girani padegi.

        5. how about you go to a american restaurant and eat a greesy fat supersized cheese burger and later ask your gay boyfriend to fuck you riht in the pooper(just as you white trash like it). white trash from america thinks they are superior to everyone.why dont you dumbfucks talking shit about indians go find who your real daddy is since most of your population is full of bastards. just because your mother couldn’t keep her legs closed at the age of 14 and you were left in a brothel,doesnt mean that you are gonna talk shit to others.

    1. Don’t bother covering the few corpses that didn’t blow away in the wind no more paying for gas …or anything else its over. This reminds me of all the dumkoffs that got electrocuted trying to get free electricity.

          1. Are bhai itna dhuva kisne fela ke rakha he, phone ki screen nahi dikh rahi…,Unki koi aukat hi nahi he isiliye to curry ke pichhe pade he dost, vese bhi me pure west ki tabahi dekh raha hu, fark itna hoga ki oil tanker ke badle chhotasa nuke hoga.

    2. This video blows. I want to see someone actually getting El Fuego’d in the beginning… That would help me blow a large load. Arms, legs, and torso all distorted. Not enough flame the site… NEEDS to have a bigger HD base. It would seem they carry only the most recent catastrophe’s. I do require more…

    1. Why did you decide that a random vid comment was the way to announce your entrance into this community? A minute of searching would show you that there is an “introduce yourself” section in the forums… Anyway, welcome to the party 🙂

      1. That’s true. @svarg26 never chimes in on an issue without offering a solution. His solutions generally involve genocide, nukes or sodomy with assorted gardening implements, but at least he makes an effort.

    1. Did you know that cigarettes invariably fail to light gasoline? Fun fact… A lighter would do the trick though. I keep thinking of the scene from Zoolander, after they have the gasoline fight

          1. Yeah @illegal.
            So fuck you right in your epithet, or epitaph. Which one do you poop out of??? Lol.

          1. You mean you’ve never had a taco? You’re missing out. Join me for Taco Tuesday sometime? Just don’t be around me on Wednesday. You wouldn’t like me on Wednesday.

  1. it’s astonishing how many peeps die every day, thousands/millions??? and it makes no difference in the numbers of FV running around. we need a true planet killer asteroid for good DEPOPULATION. what is going to take us out with our numbers? WHAT? WHAT? bring it on!

  2. this one is sad to me, when I clicked on it I was expecting 5or 6 fools blowing up. but to read nearly 300 really showcases third world. and all the bikes? how many gallons does one even hold ?
    probably equivalent of one dollar to fill

      1. according to my calculations it is roughly $4 /gallon in whichever city I selected in India. that is indeed expensive. I am better understanding the bike. does it rain alot in India?
        and bobby I forget what thread it’s in but there is no Shazam slam I just wanted to say it because it sounds cool. I apologize for that, you are a favorite of mine I shouldn’t have been an ass regardless how cool Shazam slam sounds. but that fella did have them sausages in his pocket!

        1. It rains a lot in South and North East India. I think one of (if not THE) thickest rain falls ever recorded happened in Meghalaya (north east).

          I remember when I was 5 and was out with my dad. The water came up to knee-level one day after excessive rainfall during June-July time in UP (north-central). (The poor infrastructure has to be blamed.) We couldn’t even walk. It felt like a flood.

          While in the desert parts, rain is quite scarce.

          Why do you ask though?

          1. U need to chill on all this habibi shit already! Im gettin sick n tired of you talkin bout curry this and curry that flying around in ur little Vimanas and all that…hell no…praying to that mortal kombat bitch

          2. I had flooded streets growing up as well, bad sewer line. I asked because everyone tools around on bikes , can’t be all too convenient in excessive rains

        2. No apologies required.
          Thank you for your lovely and sweet words. Hope you visit India and do a tour. Just last week I met and befriended (for 2 hours) 2 american girls, one from Lousiana and one from Texas, here in Bangalore. They were so excited to be in church that they were jumping like lil kids.
          Was nice to see but couldn’t take them out to coffee as I planned.
          American girls are fun.

  3. ‘They didn’t start the fire’
    Lyrics by: People rushing to score free gas.

    Oil tanker, Lahore, Karachi, Johnnie Ray
    Asia minor, Ahmad Pur, Joe DiMaggio
    Bahawalpur, Mamnoon Hussain, Studebaker, Television
    Punjab, Pakistan, Marilyn Monroe
    Rosenbergs, Flip-flops, Looters, Panmunjom
    Brando, Husn Ka Daku, The Catcher In The Rye
    Motorcycles, Vaccine, England’s got a new queen
    Marciano, Liberace, 148 Fuckistanis fried goodbye

    They didn’t start the fire
    They were trying to siphon off free fuel from the tanker
    They didn’t start the fire
    now they are all burning and the world keeps turning
    They didn’t start the fire
    No they did not light it, but they tried to fight it

  4. If I was to witness a fuel tanker over turned with all the fuel and it didnt initially exploded first thing on my mind would be, “See you later pootadas!!!”
    then I would take off running away from tanker faster than Forester Gumper. without looking back.
    One thing I would never do is try to get some free gas.
    And if I see people doing it, I would tell them
    “Run you fucking stupid assholes, run, run”

    1. that is my thought exactly too, not like it was a donut truck. surely they know it’s flammable . what were they even doing? they all come riding up with tiny hoses? third world is tragic

  5. What in the actual fuck???? How many motherfuckers were crowding around that damn truck…i bet most of them were more interested in getting free gas not because they actually needed but just because everyone else was doing it and they wanted to join the party

    1. “Quick Navidh….fill up the green jerricans!”
      “Oh for fuck’s sake, Shezzard, get a move on, haven’t got all friggin’ day”
      “Parakash mate, you’ve been there long enough, my turn. Outta my way!”
      “Javed – what’s that you got in your mouth? Put it out now! No don’t drop it here, you cunt!
      “Javed – step it out! Step it out now! We are gonna —”


      Yes, I know someone above mentioned cigarettes already. I just wanted to imagine the dialogue.

      1. No it’s not. The Pakistani men who lost their lives looking for some free oil are not the ones who raped English girls in London.

        And I’ll put money on the fact that MOST of those English girls were not random strangers to the rapists, they were known to each other. Those girls should have tried to find a quality man using that feminine intuition and entitlement.

          1. Yes, of course illegalsmile55 🙂

            I think you are talking about Bradford, not London. Oh yeah, those Pakistani gangs are a nuisance, I’ve read how they groom girls there over time. I think they should be deported, along with the Romanian begging rings that network all over London.

  6. @Hindustaan,

    Wallabeast knows which of your buttons to press to get you going, and it looks like he is succeeding.
    Just ignore it, he will get tired when he doesn’t get the attention he wants.

    One of my brothers, the youngest one whom I visit now and again, can be very annoying.
    He tries to press my buttons to get an angry reaction from me. No response. Then he tries to press
    another combo set of buttons. Again no response. A third combo. No response. Just logical responses when I feel like. Nothing infuriates someone that to be forgiven all the time by some condescending, superior twat like myself.

    Now he knows that he cannot punch me. Punching is not allowed, and I might react.
    Similary Wallabeast cannot punch you either. Well not through the screen, I hope.

    1. Here’s what’s really funny about dindustan, he makes his own little forum to tell all the other Indians to ignore @walla. He can’t even take his own suggestions. You’re right about triggering him, but its so easy, he bites every time. The rules don’t t apply to him, and when he breaks a rule, he doesnt own it; instead he makes excuses, like: “I don’t start shit” We all know that’s not true. He can’t handle even the smallest amount of criticisms, and even funnier, its usually not directed in a personal way, but at the whole country of India! He feels he has to constantly stick up for his shitty could try. Hey Hindustan, its called an opinion. I don’t start shit with every asshole who says something derogatory about the US. He’s an immature hot head who’s never gotten his pee-pee wet.

      1. I had ignored him for a long time and yes I had suggested others do the same but then he kept it on for months and months, after which even Mark had enough of him and had him suspended. Everyone has limits. Commenting that once in a while is okay but on every single post? I wasn’t even attacking him but you got more offended by my comment than even him. I suggested he get banned and that had you triggered. Because apprently someone here doesn’t like you and suggested you get banned too. I know exactly how your petty mindset works. There are many comments that talk shit about India and I don’t reply to every single one of them. When someone becomes a constant nuisance then it’s hard to ignore.

        And you have tried to get a response out of me numerous times because you are lonely and desperately seek attention. Well, good. You got it today! I’m not interested in fucking your old, rotten cunt, so please stop obsessing over me and leave me be.

          1. Not only she has my cock, she has me entirely. Maybe you didn’t live long enough to know, but a woman with her sense of humor is not just rare, is priceless! Be cool bro, go find yourself a young cunt (curry eater) to play with. I’m no Mangina (Am I?? 😮 😮 😮 ), I honestly agree with her comments. No hard feelings. 🙁 🙁 😀 😡

  7. Having written the above, top marks to Hindustaan for having an answer to practically everything.
    He would make a fantastic barrister.

    I’ve just skim read the thread. Psml, hehe, lol. He da man!

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