Philippine Female Biker Loses Head Colliding with Truck by Invading Oncoming Lane

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Philippine Female Biker Loses Head Colliding with Truck by Invading Oncoming Lane

On National Highway in Barangay Tuboran, Mawab, Davao de Oro, the Philippines, a female motorcyclist invaded an oncoming lane on a bend, and collided with an Isuzu Elf truck.

41 year old Zaldy De La Cruz Policarpio of Toril in Davao City, who drove the truck, didn’t suffer any injuries. 23 year old Donna Belle Caspillo of New Panay, Tulunan, Cotabato, lost her head in the collision.

Her headless body stayed on the road, but the severed head rolled onto the dirt beside. I just can’t quite understand which part of the truck she hit that decapitated her. The truck’s sideview mirror seems intact…

Props to Best Gore member @jam8teen for the pics:

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    1. I’m guessing she smacked the truck at a wicked angle, it was an impact against the dull edge, and her head got broken and torn off. Sort of like steel panels are broken to size and not really cut.

      In any case, the mortician will have to rely on a turtleneck blouse and a little imagination.

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