Filipinos on a Motorcycle Crash Square Into a Wall

Filipinos on a Motorcycle Crash Square Into a Wall

CCTV video from Taguig City, which is part of Metro Manila in the Philippines shows two Filipino twinks on a motorcycle crashing square into a wall. The impact immediately propelled them forward in a very esthetic ragdoll fashion. I’d give them a 9.5 for difficulty, but they’re only gonna get 8.9 because their synchronization fell apart later in the spin.

Later in the video, an idiot biker is shown once again driving down the wrong side of the road next to the same wall and crashing head on into a taxi cab. The cab driver slowed down so the impact was not too strong – which is unfortunate cause stupid bikers deserve a kick in the nards that ensures they won’t ever sit on a motorcycle again.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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76 thoughts on “Filipinos on a Motorcycle Crash Square Into a Wall”

        1. A few days ago my family and I got backed in to by some whore in Pennsylvania. My family was unharmed, as the driver only rammed in to my door. I hit my shoulder, smacked my head and cracked my neck. Ambulance rides are fun when you’re out of it. XD

          1. Sounds like a good one alright,how are you and the family now?Never been in an ambulance but I got morphine for a neck injury in hospital which was great. What drugs did they give you?

  1. The second crash had rather great potential I thought….but yes stop the consistent procreation of oblivious morons clogging up the road with their DWAness. That second dude is probably going to forget how lucky he really was in about a week I say.

    1. I hate censorship, but I hate this dumb ass even more.

      Can Mark please shut this guy up? Of course he’s already been used to being silenced in China.

      Besides, his ugly mugshot (might be himself in real life) in his avatar is annoying as hell.

  2. The second dude was actually a policeman who broke traffic rules and almost paid with his life. Lucky bastard.

    Also that poor cab driver is gonna be paying for all the expenses. The police is my country is that corrupt.

    1. @Senor Piggy & @Aleezy

      Correct; that horrid, ear-bleeding gibberish those Pinos were speaking is called “Taglish” (a portmanteau of Tagalog and English) in the Philippines.


      For the Philippinos, certain terms do not exist within their language, which is why they often code-switch (linguistics) using English and/or Spanish.

  3. At least the guy on the back had the opportunity to use the driver as a human cushion. His grip wasn’t good enough though, I’d love to hear the noise they made as they hit the wall. I’d love to get the guy from southpark who own the shitty wok restaurant and get him to Harare the video from the drivers perspective. “haro, shitty bike tours, wanna take a shitty ride in shitty sewer?”

  4. South East Asians have evolved for lousy driving. That’s why they’re about 4’10” and 90 lbs. They just bounce out of most accidents. I’ve seen people in Jakarta get thrown over a car, and then just pick themselves up and walk as if nothing has happened.

    They’re so small, their momentum only gets high enough to splatter them against a wall if you hit them at least at 100 mph.

  5. Those idiots on the first video are wearing family-sized shorts and flipflops. Probably snatched a bag from an old lady or robbed someone somewhere and used the motorcycle as a get-away vehicle. The motorcycle guy on the second video is either just drunk, retarded or probably both.

  6. The first bikers were going way too fast for that corner. You can clearly see him trying twice to veer right again but his speed wouldn’t let him. Second biker was probably drunk or on drugs.

  7. The news says the 2 passenger left the Driver of the Motorcycle cause he fell down the Manhole haha!! watta douche.. They need to learn how to orient the Curve “in, out, in” remember that!! Enter the curve on the inner side, gradually go to the outer side then straighten up your front tire and exit the curve on the inner side..MSF

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