Photos of Hand Trauma Caused by Motorcycle Crash

Photos of Hand Trauma Caused by Motorcycle Crash

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Photos shared by Best Gore member @swagini show trauma to a hand of a motorcyclist caused by a crash:

This happened to one of my best friends. He crashed with his motorcycle and fucked up his hand (and 50% of the rest of his body). I don’t have more anymore backstory though sadly.

He’s your best friend. You should know the backstory. Just kidding. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Looks like these were taken at a check up a few weeks after the accident. The injuries are healing, but the hand was fucked up quite badly so the process takes some time. Cheers one more time for the share, @swagini:

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    1. Acneska…not Mark.
      And she’s a dudett…er girl…woman oh hell…Mistress !!! LOL πŸ˜€
      A treat to read.
      Occasionally refered to as “She who shall not be mentioned” due to the shitstorm she can create when appearing…one of her special powers.

  1. @swagini lives in a state where the department of tourism is more powerful than the department of transportation. People are cruising around with t-shirts, shorts and sandals with the throttle in one hand and a beer can in the other.

    It’s all about the Almighty Dollar. The gas stations, clubs, bars, restaurants, venues and hospitals are bringing in the green – and the tax on the green.

    I should know. After the PT in Aug 2005, my right ankle actually is stronger than my left one to this day.

    I’m 67, wear a helmet and have an automatic.

    P.S. That hand is coming along ok!

    P.P.S. My girl rides her own bike.

  2. If only someone could invent some kind of protective hand covering to stop this sort of thing.
    They could make it out of something soft, but hard-wearing, and add hard plastic or metal bits for extra protection. A bit like boots but for the hands. That would be really good I think.

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