Pics of Broken Limb Caused by Traffic Accident in USA

Limb with Compound Fracture Inside Brace

Pics of Broken Limb Caused by Traffic Accident in USA

These pictures are of the aftermath of a traffic accident that happened in the USA. The pics were provided by Best Gore member @lordquas who got it from a firefighter on the scene.

Best Gore was requested to exclude the information regarding the exact location of the accident as well as some other specifics. We honor the request and provide you the content.

Thanks a lot for the pics, @lordquas:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Pics of Broken Limb Caused by Traffic Accident in USA”

  1. This only applies to BG members from the first world especially the Anglo countries. Fifth world dumps with lack of law enforcement are exempt. If you see gore. Record and make yourself as anonymous as possible then send it here. So you don’t get sued or fired lmao.

    1. Some firefighters are paramedics. They hang out in the ER during their shifts to hit on the nurses and often have a room in the ER to clean up, grab a water, take a nap… etc. And the ER docs don’t care if staff or medics see radiological images on the computers. The monitors used for viewing are right out in the open.
      When shit like this comes in… everyone wants a peek.

  2. Bottom of it looks like a breadstick broken in half…and the rest looks like messed up pasta with a few flies on top to go with with bread stick. Bon appetit. Dinner anyone?

    1. I thought this was a woman by the looks of the hand. Could be wrong, we’ve seen some men do some pretty questionable things on here, a cross dresser just doesn’t surprise me as it would before my BG days. Hah

      1. Lol @Pablo Escobar…could be a woman..I just assumed a man because it looks like a mans wedding band and some men have hands smaller than women. Either or…it looks like it hurts like hell. They will definitely be feeling that in the morning..

        1. And in the afternoon, the evening, pretty much for months to come at least. That’s assuming they’ll even be lucky enough to keep that leg! But, Maybe it could’ve been a man on a motorcycle? Also, any idea what could’ve happened to their other leg? Seems like they were more interested in cutting the fabric off of that one.

  3. Unless that patient gets septic, they will live. A decent trauma surgeon can get humpty-dumpty’s leg together again. Rods, pins, external fixators… the real issue is the risk of a fat embolism from the femoral fracture. He/she could just be laying there over the next few days and a bit of shit from inside the bone finds it’s way in a vein… then to the pulmonary artery via the right ventricle. Blood is unable to get around the embolism and exchange the CO2 for O2…. and you die taking huge gasps of air to no avail.

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