Pizza Delivery Biker Delivers His Brain on Road

Pizza Delivery Biker Delivers His Brain on Road

In Thailand, a pizza delivery boy had his head run over and crushed by a truck. His pizza delivery will be late, but that brain matter could not have been served any fresher. Awesome translation from Thai follows:

30 Jul 59 at 16:00 pm. Police officer comforts a garden. Bang was informed of the accident. Motorcycle truck was crushed to death quickly check the scene.

The scene in front of the village. Phli City Rd. Satyr km 14 find motorcycle Honda Wave a red or black 7718 four studies Bangkok condition damaged body was found next to the deceased. One man lie face down head wearing a helmet at the lobby. The brains out on the road pile.

An interview witnesses said a pizza delivery employee (who died in color) motorcycle speeds. Pink taxis plying cause rear-end collisions or TOT 2459 Bangkok before flying. Went under the truck, the driver followed. Over the body of the deceased.

The brains out on the road pile:

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  1. Some poor sod did not get there pizza on time. I wonder if they put in a complaint about there pizza being dead cold, to obtained a free one for next time. They also might of said that these drivers are rubbish, have not got any sense at all, nor the brains that they were born with. Mindless fools.

    1. @JustJustine – Nah, my dear – you got it all wrong….
      He was wearing a CRASH helmet – and he had a crash. Someone else here says he had a SAFETY helmet but I beg to differ for the reasons given. Also, notice in the first photo the SAFETY pin on his name badge ejected itself during the CRASH and so did its job perfectly.

      What is it about SAFETY and CRASH that people don’t understand? πŸ˜‰

  2. Police officer comforts a garden. Bang was informed of the accident. Motorcycle truck was crushed to death quickly check the scene.

    the fuck i stopped read after that XD.. crazy language translate

      1. The starving coon would want to eat the brain, then the blood and finally the rest of the human flesh. Maybe then and only then finish off with a nibble at pizza.
        Our western staples are not the same as the Africans.

    1. Wasn’t that sung by Pepperoni Como?

      He also sang…
      “Goodnight My Love”
      “Goody Goodbye”
      “Here Comes Heaven Again”
      “That’s the Beginning of the End”
      “My Bambino Go To Sleep”
      “Hit and Run Affair”
      “Somebody Up There Likes Me”
      “I May Never Pass This Way Again”

      I think we’ve found the Grim Reaper’s Daddy.

      1. Take a whiff on me, that ain’t no rose
        Roll up your window and hold your nose
        You don’t have to look, you don’t have to see
        Cuz you can feel it in your olfactory

        Dead Thai in the middle of the road
        Dead Thai in the middle of the road
        You got yer Thai in the middle of the road
        And he’s stinking to high heaven

        London Wainwright

  3. Really hope he pulls through. Wondered if he will be back into work on Monday. If he can get his head around it. Mind over matter. There all fucking mindless braindeads anyway, he will fit in even more.

    1. Well, Officer Bang was in his garden when he got the call of a pizza guy who got rear-ended by a pink taxi which caused him to fly and then land in front of a “motorcycle truck” where he was crushed to death and died in color.
      So they didn’t alter the photo by making the all the gore in black and white this time, like they did in a previous post about a month ago.

  4. life can be not so great for some yet others sit and savor pizza and may not even tip the delivery guy. perhaps in a former life things were absolute i dont know but lifes journey was cut short and if you think about it this guy made next to nothing delivering fat guys pizza was probly young and maybe going to school but no matter he made an honest living and didnt deserve to put his brains on display as he tried to get it to customer on time.

  5. Why is it all these foreign folks seem like they have such a hard time doing simple things. Example driving seems like a real challenge for most of them. Now there all heading for the west. Bye bye miss American Pie.

  6. -“All right, guys. It’s just another dinner rush. Let’s not lose our heads.”
    -extra crushed head pepper
    -Pizza delivery boy killed when head was wedged between street and truck.
    -I’m so tired of pizza.

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