Pizza Delivery Boy Rips His Leg Open in Holland

Pizza Delivery Boy Rips His Leg Open in Holland

Today’s edition of “Best Gore Members Rock” is brought to you by Best Gore member bigdjo from Holland. We don’t have many exclusive photos from the Netherlands so it was great to hear from him. The pizza delivery scooter accident the aftermath of which is documented in these pictures took place in a small town called ‘s-Gravenzande, located near Hoek van Holland. English is not bigdjo’s native tongue, so with his permission, I made minor modifications to the submitted story:

My friend Joram rides pizza delivery scooter. One day, after delivering pizza, he was on his way back to the store when his motorcycle lost traction due to excessive gravel on the road. He was able to regain balance but as he attempted to bring the scooter back to speed, the traction got lost again and Joram flew into a lamppost.

Having seen a young man crash, the people who were around came to check if he was OK but more than anything he felt embarrassed to have crashed and took off telling the good Samaritans that he was just fine. Upon return to the pizza store, he checked his leg to see this nasty open wound and realized he needed to go to the hospital to get it stitched up.

The way bigdjo described the impact sounds much better than anything I could possibly write so I’m sharing it here in its original form:

Then he jumped off his scooter because he thought “fuck this shit” but the scooter followed him and he drove/crashed right over his leg.

Thanks a lot bigdjo for sharing these pictures with us. Dutch people are awesome πŸ˜‰

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43 thoughts on “Pizza Delivery Boy Rips His Leg Open in Holland”

  1. It’s good to see someone looking after their ‘sore’ for once! I’m glad we didn’t have to hear “and then I ripped the scab off so it would get all infected, and now I can stick my finger down to the bone blah, blah”. This has heeled nicely, well done.

    1. True.
      Finger-banging one’s own leg is such a preventable life-experiance.
      As a young boy, I could have fisted the inside of my leg. There was a birth mark that turned cancerous, and was removed, leaving A BIG GAPPING HOLE in the skin.

      Finger banging one’s own leg…..why not?

    2. C’mon, why wouldn’t you want to see that get infected? all that nice pus oozing out! I hope you guys aren’t gettin’ soft on us, oh, and by the way, when’s the wedding? I would love to be there! And as far as a scab, d#%nit, that makes for some good chewin’ !

  2. on the job accidents suck. you’re just trying to make a living and BOOM! fate bitch slaps you right in the kisser and you get ktfo. my accident was at work. one minute i’m driving a taxi and the next i’ve got a long pin in my hip with 7 long screws holding it all together. let me tell you it feels quite strange because only my left hip was damaged and always hurts while the right side feels and works fine.

  3. I use to deliver pizza way back when I was a 18, I also sold pot during that time, sometimes id even deliver both to the same house, I had one guy take a look at me pay for the pie then straight up ask me if I knew where to get bag, to which I replied 10 or 20? I had another guy answer his door smoking a jay and askme if I wanted to take a couple hits before I had to leave I didn’t wanna be rude so i said hells yes, I was a big stoner in high school and I definitely looked it. I met a lot of stoners on deliverys and a lot of weirdos to, a couple hot girls from time to time but I never came across the fabled “desperate house wife” type that only orders pizza to lure you into her house for a good smashing but we always talked about it but it never happend to any of us. It was great job tho, being out on the road all afternoon delivering pizza allowed me to meet up with my stoner clients and make drops, I was usually in or around their neighborhood anyways plus the pizza place payed for our gas, we’d also get paid by the hour and keep any tips we made and the best part was getting to eat as much pizza as we wanted we also had a really cool manager a couple years older than most of us so we would party soon as we closed up on weekends, he would also hire a lot of girls to work in store which was a plus but he did fired for it I think he ended up banging one in the restroom or something, it happen after I left but I don’t doubt it considering the crazy shit we would do their. It was the coolest job I’ve ever worked the sad thing is work will probably never be that fun or cool again it seems every job after that sucked more than the last, now that I think back I really miss those times

    1. @SK, I have had people straight up ask me if I know ‘where to score’ grass too, I put it down to my hair, it’s ‘unruly’, (rather long, natural curl, they think I’m a hippy?), I guess people think they can judge a book by it’s cover…

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