Plane Carrying Brazilian Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos Crashes, All Seven On Board are Killed

Plane Carrying Brazilian Presidential Candidate Eduardo Campos Crashes, All Seven On Board are Killed

A Cessna 560 XL carrying presidential candidate Eduardo Campos and six others including two pilots, a photographer, his advisor and other members of his team were all killed when their plane lost control while flying into Sao Paulo, Brazil for a campaign rally. They had clearance for landing but for some reason, possibly the weather, the pilot chose not to land at that time. And soon after, something went wrong, causing the plane to veer off course and crash into a residential area. Miraculously, there were no reports of anyone in the area being killed by the crashed aircraft and subsequent fire although there were numerous injuries.

Brazil is in shock of this tragedy as the forty-nine-year-old Campos, running for his first time as candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party, was a favorite amongst the people and they had high hopes for him and what he could bring them in the October 5 election. Other candidates have announced that they will suspend their own campaign activities for the time being out of respect for Campos and those who died.

The plane had been subject to routine maintenance so the cause of the crash is being blamed on poor weather conditions but a full investigation is still underway.

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        1. I think that being in a plane crash would be an exciting way to die. Falling from thirty thousand feet in the sky would be terrifying but thrilling. Sure beats being hit by a truck or any shit like that.

          1. Maybe Broke, except that you’d almost certainly be surrounded with row upon row of screaming wussies who would just ruin the whole experience.

          2. That would be a laugh Broke, but I think I’d still prefer bronco riding a live nuke right out the bomb bay like Major Kong in ‘Dr Strangelove’.

    1. ***I think us humans should leave flying to the birds!


      Birds don’t have to worry about getting their genitals fondled at the airport either!!

      …but if the bird was a hot chick, I could make some kind of concession at the airport I reckon’.

  1. Bad weather probably was the cause, but one never knows in these scenarios. The budding politician who was popular and making headway with the people. Maybe it is cut and dried, I.e no suspicious circumstances, but, it wouldn’t be the first time a politician like this chap, had been offed by an enemy.

    1. @Ewe your right it is probably weather related but the U.S. treats Latin America like a possession. Socialists in South America aren’t the Yes men that we want in power. If not weather perhaps a fuel problem. Or perhaps something more sinister ?

      1. @rayf. I wouldn’t discount something sinister mate, that’s for sure. It’s one of those potential conspiracy theory type ” accidents ” I guess , but you never know. I usually tend to view these things with scepticism, more to it than meets the eye.

        1. Funny, that was my first thought actually. “I wonder if this guy is unpopular with the establishment?”. Read a little further… Socialist, change, popular with the people, yep. To me, it’s a no brainer; our govt. doesn’t want another Morales or Chavez, plus look at the Brazilians own wanton disposition for the use of violence…

    2. They said in the news that it was bad weather. It was barely raining… They were already blaming the weather/pilots just a few minutes after the accident. At the beginning of the investigation, they said that the black box they received actually wasn’t from that plane. After sometime, they also said that the black box was inactivated and didn’t record the cockpit. Overall it’s very suspicious.

      Either way, people are dumb enough to not question anything and the politicians currently in power benefit a lot from his death.

    1. Saw that one. Still freaks me out!
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      1. @concussive tried looking that one up for you came up with one hit from 2009, but it wasn’t from a trusted source, by chance does this movie happen to be Russian ?

          1. There was an original film called “The 13th Sign” made in 2000 but I think the one CM is referring to is the 2011 film with Waylon Reavis. 🙂

          2. @Judge on spot with the extra details, but looking at Concussive’s post a little more closely I think concussive wants a real, not pirated copy. Good looking out for fellow members just the same bro. 😉

      2. Right mate, what the fuck indeed. Hands are weird things , just sit there and watch that crazy , animal like appendage , dart about doing stuff so fast and without thought. No wonder the hand can live on after we are long gone !

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