Plane Crash in Dominican Republic Kills Three People

Plane Crash in Dominican Republic Kills Three People

Three people were killed in a single engine plane crash in the Estancia Nueva area in the municipality of Puñal, Dominican Republic. The victims included two brothers, aged 28 and 26 respectively, and the pilot, identified as 26 year old José Ariel. No reports of anyone on the ground being injured.

The plane had recently been serviced and necessary maintenance was all up to date. However, the tower lost all communication with the plane, an HI51 Piper Warrior, about 20 minutes after take off. The plane was reported spotted flying over a ball park and people there said they could see the men inside gesturing like they were requesting permission to land there but instead continued on.

Hundreds flocked to the crash site which authorities had to cordone off to prevent contamination of the crime science. It took two hours to remove the bodies from the wrecked plane which were then transported to the National Institute of Forensic Science in Santiago.

Props to Best Gore member elmany for the pics and info.

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    1. and then when you come to think you’re the ship is sinking and great white shark is around to get you …once u in it’s mouth …you’d say rather be in plane instead of the agonizing being chewed!

      1. true.
        also they are more weak to atmospheric danger (like wind effect/ turbulence) than big boeing/airbus.
        also more powerfull than the big one, more fast (except at very high height. boeing can reach 900km/h)

        but in final, its same shit.. flying coffin.

        but i agree to feel more secure in big plane, mostly due to the fact if it crash and i die, i not die alone XD

        1. Exactly ,plus all that aviation fuel underneath ams the speed and impact almost certainly a insta kill. Plus like you said all others die too . Except maybe those near the tail section , that’s where your most likely to survive a plane crash.

  1. iv always wondered what goes trough these peoples mind moments before hiring the ground , must be fucking horrible the 30 seconds before the impact ,what a horrid way to go. id choose sudden death anytime over dying in plane crash. anyway fuck you god.

  2. My guess is the pilot fucked up big time. Went right wing, nose down….likely stalled the bitch….after clipping some trees perhaps. The Piper Warrior is an easy aircraft to fly and land. I’ve never understood why so many pilots get themselves in situations like this…especially if the airplane is in good working condition and there is plenty of fuel onboard. Of course anything mechanical can go wrong when you least expect it, but private pilot 101 is to aviate first, navigate then communicate. Airspeed and altitude are your friends, fellow pilots!

      1. No sir…the left wing is the one with the least damage…it’s quite obvious from the pictures. The position of the bodies also tell which direction of impact as well. Sorry you can’t tell right from left, amigo :oP

  3. Chance of dying in a plane crash:
    1 in 11 fucking MILLION (ok, maybe it’s less in a single engine Piper)
    My point…If you MUST be a worrying ass pussy, worry more about your lotto tix than your plane ride…

  4. No , no no !!! It was a DOPE run…and instead of waiting till they got back …they started getting smoked out right away…realized they had gotten too mo’fuckin high , tried to land , and got fucked up ’cause the DOPE was TOO good…that’s ..that’s …that’s what REALLY happened !!!

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