Polish Driver in Daewoo Tico Has Hilariously Bad Luck – Twice

Polish Driver in Daewoo Tico Has Hilariously Bad Luck - Twice

If you live in North America, you probably have no idea what Daewoo Tico is, and it also may be difficult for you to picture this type of car, because it’s so small, there is nothing to compare it to. Just think of a large suitcase with wheels – that’s about it. Ticos are also so cheaply built, you’re afraid to sneeze in its proximity for fear the air pressure would bend its fenders. They are cheap to buy, though.

Dashcam video below was filmed from inside a Daewoo Tice driven by a Polish man with awful taste in music. During the short stretch of the road, the driver encountered hilariously bad luck – twice. I laughed my ass at his commentary, but that could be because I understand some Polish and if you combine the hilarious Polish language with the tone of his voice, it’s just pure comedy.

Here’s rough transcript with translation:

Driver: Kurwa! Skurwys… (that sounded like unfinished Skurwysyn, which means Son of a Bitch)
Passenger: RT27175 (reading of a license plate)
Driver: Kurwa, chΕ‚opie! Ja pierdolΔ™! (Bitch, man! Fucking hell!)
Passenger: Brawo!

A Chinese proverb has it that “Good luck seldom comes in pairs, but bad things never walk alone.” I guess this driver would agree.

This video shows what Daewoo Tico looks like – some young Poles took it for a ride through Tesco:

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  1. They used to sell Daewoo’s over here but they were bigger faster stronger. My old buddy had one..he told me the engine was designed by Lotus or jag, I don’t really remember, all I can say is it had serious pickup…sounded and performed like a much more expensive ride. Startled me when we were steady at 70, then gunned it..my head literally snapped back to the headrest. Too bad they stopped selling them here. Mustve had some kind of fuck up in it because I haven’t seen one in years

  2. i wonder if the driver doesn’t have his lights on. i don’t see any lights reflecting off the street, so that may be why. 2 cars just turning in front of him like that randomly? I bet he had no lights.

  3. Daewoo ticos were very popular in my city as taxis, but were also very dangerous due to their lack of weight.
    Trucks could easily blow them away in the highwayjust by passing at their side, I rode them several times until they finally got banned. However, there are still thousands of ticos in the other cities of my country and there, in some cases, all the taxis are ticos

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