Police Car Causes Fatal Head-on Collision with Taxi Cab in Amman, Jordan

Police Car Causes Fatal Head-on Collision with Taxi Cab in Amman, Jordan

Police Car Causes Fatal Head-on Collision with Taxi Cab in Amman, Jordan

At 7:20pm on May 27, 2018, the driver of a police car Ford Interceptor lost control of the cruiser, entered an oncoming lane at a high rate of speed, and caused a head on collision with a taxi carrying a passenger. The incident happened in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

According to Best Gore member @throned:

The accident happened two minutes after sunset (at which time fasting Muslims are breaking their fast these days).

The police was rushing to back up another police team responding to a claim of a brawl somewhere in the city when it lost control and entered to the opposite side of the road.

The passenger in the taxi (sitting on the front seat) died instantly, the taxi driver was taken to a hospital and died at 2am of Sunday morning. The three policemen suffered multiple fractures but are alive under intensive care in hospital.

The taxi passenger who died instantly was a 24 year old man named Osama, whose father died a month ago. Allegedly the policemen where eating while driving (but not a confirmed story). And some witnesses said an ambulance took an hour to respond!

Thanks a lot for the CCTV video and the backstory, @throned:

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          1. @sloth12 I never listen to any Muslim laced propaganda. Out of all religions, theirs is by far the most fucked up and downright idiotic. Indoctrinated cult of imbeciles… Anything that comes out of their belief system is so much dog shit.

            I lurk on Muslim sites and pages in order to gather intelligence… Also, never worth it to get into “arguments” with the brainwashed because its like debating a rock that repeats the same thing over and over and over without hearing your point. Been down that road and it was a waste of time. So, now I’m more productive by simply learning the enemy.

            They share ways to cheat during Ramadan. Also, the killing of infidels is enhanced during the month and ensures the 72 virgins without the required suicide. Because, you know, Ramadan.

            I hate then. Hate. I’m so over this whole west-meets-middle-east “experiment”. Its actually a planned destruction of our cultures, societies and us. Why bring in abhorrent masses if not to destroy the good by way of the bad?

          2. @breakerone-nine yes i know there’s no point in debating because they come out with anything just to throw something back, i’m over all that debating, well never got into it i mean the tv debates which just infuriate me even more. We must say, we’re at war with islam and that’s it

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  2. It is really refreshing to see people around care and want to help.

    Western(US predominately) decadency of ego-centrism, selfishness and alienation among people(in need), didn’t reach all four sides of Earth.

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