Cop Causes Accident, Arrests and Frames the Victim for DUI

Cop Causes Accident, Arrests and Frames the Victim for DUI

What you see in this video is your typical cop behavior, only under normal circumstances, none of it gets to see the light of day because it happens with cameras safely shut off. In this case, however, the cops forgot that the dashcam kept rolling, so the conversation, which is start to finish a criminal conspiracy with the cops knowingly falsifying evidence to frame the victim for DUI, has been recorded with all its juicy details.

It started with a Hollywood, Florida cop causing a traffic accident by rear-ending a woman’s vehicle. As we have seen many a time at Best Gore, when there is any form of incident involving cops, they cover up for their misconduct by turning the victim into a criminal and framing them with crime they never committed. The purpose of it is to force the victim into a defensive, so they cannot fight back. The buddy system within the police force will ensure that the abuser will at worst be sent on paid vacation. Only if the outrage is severe will they ever be fired, only to be reinstated with full backpay and benefits when the outrage quiets down.

On February 16, 2009, 39 year old police officer Joel Francisco caused an accident by hitting a car driven by Alexandra Torrens-Vilas under the Interstate 95 overpass at Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Florida.

Dewey Pressley – the responding DUI investigator, told his cop buddy not to worry about rear-ending the vehicle, because he would word the report to absolve him of blame, and pin the accident entirely on Alexandra Torrens-Vilas. But Dewey Presley forgot to turn his dashboard camera off so the conversation was recorded on video:

I don’t want to make things up ever, because it’s wrong, but if I need to bend it a little bit to protect a cop, I’m gonna…

At the time of the crash, Joel Francisco was on his cell phone, but that fact was expectedly omitted from the report.

I like how the pro-establishment reporter says that the evidence of misconduct throws all previous DUI investigations these cops have been part of into question. They were caught conspiring to ruin a person’s life forever. They should be thrown in prison for a very long time, and ALL of their previous cases questioned, not just the DUI ones.

What’s particularly troubling is the casual way the officers decided to frame this woman – there was no hesitation or reluctance on any of their parts whatsoever. No convincing was needed to get any one of them to abandon their oaths. They were literally laughing the whole time they were plotting to ruin this woman’s life, but it’s the attitude with which they did it that tells you that this is normal routine for them. It shows the disdain and contempt the cops have for the average citizen, without causing any problems for themselves.

The difference between criminals are cops is merely an arbitrary one. The principal difference is that criminals are often less violent and more honest. Plus a majority of criminals will be content with just stealing your shit. A cop is never gonna feel content with just crippling you a little bit. He will want to ruin your whole fucking life. Mark has always said that in a nigger state you can defend yourself. In a police state, you can’t. It’s sad that our friends the sheeple, aka the establishment glorifying police apologists, will never get it. Give me criminals instead of cops any day. Among criminals, you at least have a chance…

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  1. Wow..the other day a cop stopped me..i didn’t know why I didn’t do anything wrong then he just asked for my license and stuff and said I could go..the only thing he said was that i was pretty and asked is my ethnicity….what…and this guy is a ass hole..makes me sick

    1. @girlwiththeredroom.
      Funny you mention that because that’s happened to me a few times too. I got pulled over a couple years ago and I had some drugs in my car and the cop found them and gave them back to me,of coarse … in return he wanted my phone number.

          1. I was just messing with you. That sounds like such a scary combo in modern society.

            KISS?! NO!!! My Purple Rose is the only one allowed to kiss me!!!

            *wipes face*


      1. Dry your eyes honey, you’re only 23, you got years to look forward to even more harassment. Don’t waste it all on one incident. There are douche nozzles in every profession and it’s sad when those that are supposed to protect creep us out.

    2. hunny you are beautiful and I am in school to be a juvenile probate officer and to stop bullshit like this. I want to school you on something. There was a officer that was breaking into women’s houses and raping them after he would pull them over and get their name and adress, you really dont know what is on file that they have of yours. As a pretty girl cops that have ulterior motives are the scariest cause they know what to do and what to do to not get caught. I hope you stay safe and remember us girls need to watch out for each other. These men are sick fucks just look at this site. Mind you I know we arnt perfect either but we dont do this shit as much as the men

    1. They should have given him 90 Cane Lashes on the Ass. Hannabi would have surely devoted her time for this good cause, if she was still around. I miss our little sister. Does anyone know where she is, and if she,s ok ?

    1. These are cops, I mean Civilian Killers were talking about considering there’s no redeeming quality or value about them; they’re puppeteers with guns and badges. Another thing that doesn’t surprise me is that this happened in Florida, the cops in this state are notorious for pulling this shit and killing citizens is a bonus for them.

      Witnessing cop behavior is like experiencing and aneurysm a day, truly traumatic each time you breathe. Citizens are fed up with being killed off in droves by these so-called good guys in blue, black or whatever. Never trust a cop when the speak and smile because you know you’re in the shitbox for sure.

  2. This is exactly why all cops should have video cameras on them at all times. There’s been too many incidents proving they can’t be trusted and are corrupt pieces of shit.

    Calling them pigs is insulting to the animal…at least they’re intelligent.

  3. They are cops. There is not a single person these days who enlists in the police force with a pure mentality to uphold the rights pf every human being, regardless of race or creed, and protect them from those that would violate said human beings safety and peace. Any cop who openly states this as their true intentions is most likely lying. Dig into the past of these assholes. They are your former bully victims getting their turn at revenge. If what cops do to justify their lack of humanity is okay in society’s eyes, then stop calling the Columbine shooters criminals. They are no different than your average badge sitting in a blue and white, letting the real perpetrators slip by and waiting for an innocent bystander to express their lack of purpose on

  4. Where i live in Florida, there are special DUI unit officers that focus on catching drunk drivers all day and night. One of them was caught on camera punching a handcuffed man in the face. One was caught falsifying his time card and collecting thousands of dollars for time he didn’t work. The chief of the entire unit was actually turned in by other officers for being drunk while on duty as a DUI enforcement officer.

  5. Not all cops are assholes, there are nice cops, but nice cops are corrupt when they let their buddies get away with abusing peoples rights. How many cops have you seen go against the corruption in their own system? thats how many good cops there are out there.

  6. Wow scandal hit department or what. Corruption galore and cops even trafficking Heroin. Then this
    On 28 December 2010, Officer Jonathan Commella beat and tasered Arben Bajra while he was handcuffed. Bajra’s skull was fractured in the attack and he suffered permanent impairment. Commella had mistaken Bajra for someone. No charges were brought against either man. In November 2013 the department paid Bajra $195,000. Commella had by then moved on to be a deputy of the Broward County Sheriff.[17][18]

  7. Not only have I been threatened by a cop who pulled in front of my car because I hit my horn but I’ve also been lied about in court by a cop and was robbed at a traffic stop of my pay by state troopers.Nothing anyone tells me these licensed to rob,kill,abuse etc trolls do anymore shocks me.

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