Police Chase Ends with Motorcyclist Killing Himself Crashing Into Car

Police Chase Ends with Motorcyclist Killing Himself Crashing Into Car

The story that came with these pictures has it that the motorcyclist crashed into a car as he was running from police. For some reason, there is no police officer nor police car in any of the pictures. The motorcyclist either sped away so fast he left the cops eating his dust, or the cops simply didn’t bother to come and secure the scene right away and just kept making notes from their cars parked at slight distance. Unless of course this story is pure crap and the motorcyclist died by just not being careful enough and crashing into a car at high speed.

Looks like the pictures were taken by someone who lived in an apartment overlooking the scene. The car the motorcyclist hit has a passenger’s side smashed a little, but people inside (if there were any aside from the driver) would have been fine. The motorcyclist seems to have flown some 15 to 20 meters. He wore proper crash helmet, but that’s not gonna do much if your internal organs take lethal beating.

One thing that’s very common with motorcycle crashes – missing shoes. This is not the first nor last motorcyclist we see without footwear after a crash. Torn pants is one thing, but lost shoes seem very common in motorcycle crashes.

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20 thoughts on “Police Chase Ends with Motorcyclist Killing Himself Crashing Into Car”

  1. No-one can know if the biker was speeding, but we can definitely blame the arsecunt in the car. When you see massive damage to the passenger door, that’s a sign of the classic biker-killer crash: Car didn’t see biker and turned left in front of him… Blammo!

  2. knee is bleeding cause you can see a BONE sticking through.
    His pants are torn because they were too tight for his FAT ASS.
    This is why I don’t ride bikes. Too many idiot drivers. Bet whoever pulled out in front of him was TEXTING at the time.

  3. The car was obviously t-boned by the motorcycle so you are right, the car got in the way, possibly by taking a turn and cutting the biker off. But an important aspect to take into account is how far the biker flew after the crash and how damaged the side of the car is. He was definitely flying down that road. He was riding so fast, he was unable to respond to sudden road-block and took the car square on, which explains his extensive flight after the impact as well as the extensive damage to the side of the car which could not have been done by a motorcycle moving within city limits.

    I’d say the car took turn because the motorcycle appeared to be at a safe distance. However the motorcycle was riding at such speed that safe distance was not really safe.

    You can tell the impact from the hit by the motorcycle was significant. Don’t put blame on the car driver. It was clearly the motorcyclist’s fault.

  4. Those guys hanging over him reminds me a little bit of the dialogue near the end of “No Country For Old Men” when the kids show up at the scene of Anton Chighur’s accident. These guys are saying “Hey man, you got a fucking bone stickin’ out yer knee!”

  5. @Gorphan I love that movie! even though the part you mentioned was kinda pointless in the film, it still rocked and i’m glad it won best picture.I had the hots for Llewellyn for the whole, well, movie.

  6. Me either, GNight, and when I get the opportunity to talk to an M.E., I forget to ask. One tends to forget when identifying family members, but, I really am curious if it’s due to the sudden trauma. A lot of times, one shoe is off.

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