Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash

Gruesome pictures of Nikki Catsouras also known as Porsche Girl are the most famous car crash photos ever. There are many car crashes happening on the road every day and many of them are horrific. If you search the internet just a little bit, you will find countless numbers of gory death pictures of bloody accidents on the road. But none of these dead people grew to be as famous as Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras. Why? Read on to find out.

Nikki Catsouras Car Crash – What Exactly Happened

Nicole Catsouras was a good looking young girl. She was 18 year old when she had a little argument because she was doing drugs (cocaine). Her dad, Christos Catsouras may have yelled at her that day after he found out and took the car keys from her car away. As a result, Nikki Catsouras stole keys from his $150k Porsche Carrera, took it on a high way and not having enough driving experience, she was plowing it down at excess of 100 miles per hour.

Porsche she was driving was capable of reaching high speeds and Nikki took advantage of it. She was going way over speed limit when she hit a Honda car that was driving down the highway at 70 mph nearly killing the people inside. The clip made Nikki Catsouras loose control, her fast moving Porsche got off the highway just about missing random people there and crashed full speed into a concrete toll booth.

Nikki Catsouras died instantly. She basically had half of her head decapitated as it got caught between solid concrete and a Porsche speeding at more than 100 mph. Needless to say, Nikki catsouras who was previously a hot chick, turned into a bloody mess with head completely destroyed and hanging over demolished car. Nikki’s brain was all over the place and her blood filled up the ground mixing itself with automobil’s fluids. It was not a pretty sight.

Nikki Catsouras Death Pictures

The police were called on the scene and did what they always do – took pictures of the car crash. As she hit that toll booth at a high speed, her death pictures look extremely horrific, but nothing that highway patrols would not deal with on daily basis. However there was something special about Nikki Catsouras – you don’t always see a super hot blonde girl destroyed like this. Typically hot blonds play cat and mouse games, teasing you for personal amusement, and here she was, completely owned.

As the death pictures were being processed, one of the Californian Highway Patrol Officers dealing with Nikki Catsouras’ death emailed the pictures to his colleague and in all that mess they were leaked outside of the police department and once they were out of there, they hit the net big and that’s how the whole Porsche Girl phenomenon started.

This is what Nikki Catsouras looked like before car crash:

Nikki Catsouras Alive
Nikki Catsouras Alive

Porsche Girl was Born

One website after another was posting pictures of Nikki Catsouras before and after the crash. The after pictures were so gory that it never failed to shock anyone who saw them. Porsche Girl grew into massive phenomenon overnight and continued to grow making unaware people sick to their stomach.

Troubles started when mean kids thought it was funny to taunt The Catsouras with pictures of bloodied Nikki Catsouras. Needless to say, The Catsouras were devastated form loss of their beautiful teenage daughter, but what’s more, she died in such a horrific way, that they didn’t even want to admit her mom to her after she’d crashed that Porsche. The sight of her was so terrible, everyone assumed her family best not see it. That’s not what mean internet kids thought.

Following the growth of Porsche Girl phenomenon, The Catsouras started receiving emails camouflaged as something else, but containing pictures of Nikki Catsouras’ death. Her dad Christos is a real estate agent (that’s why he was driving a $150 000 worth of Porsche Carrera) so they were sending emails that were made to sound as if coming from a client interested in byuing a real estate property, but after opening, there was a picture of his little girl Nikki Catsouras dead.

Other meanies created profiles on social networking sites like MySpace that pretended to be made in honor of a beautiful Nikki Catsouras. These profiles features slide shows that started with the play back of images from her happy days and went on with beautiful pictures of Nikki Catsouras but then turned into a bad joke by displaying those horrific pictures of her death.

Having lots of money, Christos Catsouras hired company called Reputation Defender to help remove Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos from the net and they were almost able to eliminate them completely. One site after another was taking them down and soon enough they’d become a hard to find commodity. Things took an unexpected turn on March 21, 2008 when The Catsouras lost the lawsuit they had filed against the California Highway Patrol for leaking the photos.

Porsche Girl Photos Controversy

Despite extremely gory nature of the Porsche Girl Photos, many people feel that Nikki Catsouras asked for it herself. She was the one who disobeyed her father, she was the one who was speeding was over speed limit on the highway and she was the one who crashed into another car and almost killed pedestrians. Seeing a teenage girl this destroyed normally calls for sorry feelings and many people do. However, it was Nikki Catsouras who endangered others by her reckless driving and many people say it’s only good she was killed before she killed somebody else, somebody innocent.

The Porsche Girl dispute continues. There is hardly any middle ground. People either totally hate everyone who posts these pictures for being too cruel, or people think those pictures should be mandatory in driving classes to make sure teenagers sober up and start acting responsively when driving a car.

I agree with one thing – there was no need to taunt The Catsouras with pictures of their daughter’s death. That was stupid and should never have taken place. However these pictures should be seen. It was plain and simple the fault of Nikki Catsouras and nobody else. Had she been responsible and not reckless, there would naver have been any Porsche Girl.

Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos

The infamous Porsche Girl car crash pictures are below. You can comment on each photo from the gallery individually. Nikki Catsouras is dead and can not be brought back. I am a firm believer that she still can help others. Yes, these pictures are tragic and she did die a terrible death, but if there are any pictures that can help stop inexperienced drivers from speeding and endangering other’s it’s these Nicole Catsouras car crash photos. Who would have thought you’d mean so much, even after your orrible death, Porsche Girl. RIP!

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    1. Sorry for hopping your thread lemon but, I lost 4 family members in 2010 due to 2 men having road rage that my family was no part of (look at San Felippo car crash Arkansas 2010 on internet for story). The pictures are absolutely MORBID (sorry can’t post because they were innocent) and heartbreaking to the rest of our family.
      But I feel strongly that if a person was in the wrong, they should publish the pictures for others to learn from. When I reach 100 years old I will grant you all permission to view what I see in my mind. Try to love each other and keep up the good work BEST GORE, some of your pictures actually helped me get past what happened for I now see that this shit happens everywhere not just to me.

      1. Post the fucking pictures! It may not be their fault, but its still a lesson on how people who’s selfish actions can cause the fatality of innocents. Or you are just a liar and have nothing to do with them at all.

  1. Wow. I read the article this website developer wrote, and I do agree with one thing. Even though the images are very graphic, and disturbing, I also think they should be shown in driving classes and such. People think they are tough enough to handle driving and the ‘real world’, I think they will be mature enough to see these photos and understand the consequences. Even though they are very disturbing on levels, it will be a good wake-up call for people.

    R.I.P. Nichole.
    It is a shame to loose someone, especially in this way.

    1. Agreed. Things like this should be added to that old driving ed video, “blood on the pavement.” (Actually, it was that same movie that got me into this stuff.) Teens should learn very well not to be so fucking stupid in driving. Whether it’s their fault or not, pay attention to every detail. You might, actually, survive. RIP Miss Nikki. You could have had a better life.

  2. i feel so bad for her.. especially how her family got all those emails.. she was so pretty

    but yea its a real eye opener to see how being in a car can fuk u up so bad.. i learned my lesson

  3. if she had killed that guy,no one would be saying ‘poor girl’.the only reason there is outrage is that no one else died.In san Jose this guy was driving really fast with his friend and crashed into this couple from India ,killing them,before crashing and killing himself and his friend.I’m sure the crash photos were about as bad.people need to not be stupid.

  4. I feel for the parent’s that had to see pictures of thier daughter on here!! They didn’t deserve that!! I showed my oldest grandson theses pic’s and told him no one is invinsable, and that speed isn’t cool. I tought he was going to get sick, he left the room real fast!

    my prayers go out to her folks

  5. I deffinitly feel bad for the family to have to see their daughter like that, but these pics would be great for drunk drivers etc.. That would deffinitly get my attention!

  6. FUCK whoever said this girl is retarded poor nikki didnt desserve this yeah she made a mistake but fuk , dont we all ? she was so pretty and seemed nice whoever sent things to her family can go fuck themselves and suck a dick what a fuckin asswhole would do somethin like that you sick mother fuckers burn in hell i can never talk enough shit about your bitch asses ,,,,,,,,,,to her family , all of you and nikki are in my prayers rest in peace nikki

  7. She is sooo beautiful..im mean proper…just a shame how some american teens are so spoilt, getting into drugs etc. she didn’t deserve this at all as some have already said, its not her fault, its the people around her.

  8. I’m not going to say she deserved to die, but she got what was coming to her, I suppose. I think she and others would have learned from her if she lived through that. Her death does the same thing though. Social Darwinism rules the Earth and she’s a good example of it.

  9. She got messed up pretty badly, but if you’ve browsed Best Gore for a while, you will see there are people who got it much worse. Why is everyone so up tight about Nicole Catsouras and not about some nameless victim who didn’t happen to have rich father so we don’t even know their names.

  10. Teenagers are stupid, but not many deserve to go out like this. It’s tragic for her family, who obviously were on top of this girl’s problems (read the Newsweek article). I hope the person in the car she hit is ok.

  11. R.I.P. nikki,
    My heart gose out to the Catsouras family and friends. I also would like to send a warm Aloha! to the family and friends of nikki. This is a lesson to learn to all those who’s out there, Rather you are young or old it can hapen to you. Be safe and take care everyone.

  12. Damn.. I Hope I die in a FUCKED UP way but while going out in style. I am sorry to say for those how knew her that I’m not sorry, because It’s better “THEM” than “ME” .. Until than… YOUR NEXT!

  13. This girl is so beautiful!!! I can’t believe that there is people that enjoy looking at this pics. The cops that download these pics should be ashamed of themselves knowing that Nikki’s family are suffering even more now knowing that their daughters pics(from the car crash) are all over the internet .

  14. R.I.P Nikki

    Even though i don’t know you everyone goes through a rough patch in life. Being exposed with graphic pictures like this is private. I hope that you know that what your parents tried to do for you was for your own good. Karma will get back to those who have exposed your death on site. What goes around comes around. Life is hard but there is always a way around it. Your a beautiful girl. May God Bless your family who are suffering over their great loss and having to deal with these gruesome pictures. Prayers go out to you and your family. Haters grow up and look at yourselves in the mirror!!!

    Rest in peace.

  15. Omg..I can’t believe people laugh at this.. It’s not Funny at all…What if u were her or a Family member of yours??
    I feel so bad for her parents..
    You be in my prays well how your beautiful daughter is in a better place with God!!!

  16. Well, at least she didn’t suffer. Such trauma is absolutely horrific, and I don’t blame the parents for being furious over the leak. It’s a reminder everyday of the distructive nature of speed in the wrong venue (public roads), and inexperience.

  17. Speed doesn’t kill, it’s the inexperienced that kills. The vehicle that she killed herself in is perfectly safe at 100 mph as long as the proper conditions exist including an experienced driver that is not tweaked out.

  18. Absolutely Terrible, but extremely eye opening. I agree that this images should be used in Drivers Ed classes, maybe they would help people think a little bit more before going out.
    RIP Nikki. Hopefully she was taken right away and didn’t have to feel any of this.

  19. Wow, what is with everyone saying R.I.P. in these comments just for Nikki. Yet if you look at other photo’s no one is saying R.I.P or really feeling that sorry for the others that have died just as bad, or worse. I can tell you why, because she was “Hot” and her dad is rich. You get comments like “omg why did she have to die, she was hot”. Yet in other photos of people, you get “haha owned”. Its really sickening.

  20. That sucks that they lost the court battle against the highway patrol/police that leaked the photos, imagine how they felt about all of it? Fuck the police and the law system, fuck judges. Judges shouldnt have the last say in anyones life.

  21. Use her pictures for drivers ed. The story pretty much sums it up. She was a spoiled self absorbed rich brat. She would have grown up to be a spoiled self absorbed cunt. This is about the only way she would ever do anything that would help another human being. She put innocent peoples lives at risk so she could throw her litlle temper tantrum. Not much of a loss to society.

  22. First of all R.I.P Nicole Catsouras.. i really feel for her family n hope no one evr has to go through this..
    but these spoiled rich brats they have so much goin for them n thats how they waste their lives doin’ drugs n shit.. yet thr r so many ppl feelin sorry for her when thr r so many other tragic deaths just cuz she was hot n rich..wht happened was tragic but she brought it on herself. cars or speed don’t kill ppl its the negligence of ppl that kills ppl..

  23. I’m sorry I do not usually post a reply to anything on the web but in this case wanted to. I was shown this by my daughter and could not beleive what I was seeing. I have seven children all whom I love no matter their faults or short commings. Shame on anyone who wants to be any part in name calling , pointing fingers or making any negitive remarks. “Those without sin cast the first stone.” Nickki is gone and you may feel however you choose but to speak it is another thing. What has her family done to anyone on here? Nothing.. So where did the respect go for them? If this was anyone of my children no matter their miscomings it would not change how they died and the hurt it would bring not only to my self but to my family. Those that speak such horriable hate and hateful words you are no different than her. She may have had problems but I am sure so has everyone else. She will answer as we all will. And anyone who feels as though making this worse by hateful words is the right thing to do , well one day you your self will be judged. There have been times we have all done wrong but it did not mean that God gave up on us. My hurt dose not go out for those that have passed simply for the fact they are gone but as a human being to their families that are left behind to pick up the pieces and continue on with their love. My god be with the Catsouras in their time of sorrow and give them peace.

  24. Porshe girl was a spoiled cunt raised by overindulgent assholes. The wall just took this piece of shit out before she could hurt a normal member of society. Fuck her and fuck her family. Fuck you if you don?t agree. At least the useless bitch it done. I mean really?what type of adult would this ?scholar? become? With enough money to buy a college education, and looks to land a successful guy, she would have bred several bastard spawn and continued the cycle of stupid. Well?thank God Darwin prevented all of that. This bitch improved herself by becoming amusement for us. I am glad she?s roadkill, and now I?m going out for some Italian?because her mangled remains look like marinara sauce. For those who are praying for the family?fuck you too. Go look for the virgin Mary in her twatsplatter?hahahahahahahahahahaha! Used up cumdumpster! PS: Nice ride, Daddy!

  25. langrisano, you’re an ignorant prick. Nikki Catsouras put innocent people who were around her in danger. She was wielding a deadly weapon and was not afraid to use it. What do you expect everyone to do? Sing praises of her courageous deed? Forget it fucker! I will call a spade a spade, because that’s what it is – a spade. Nikki Catsouras was a spoilt brat who put lives of innocent people in danger. Thanks to some higher power she was the only one who was taken off in her stupidity, but it changes nothing on the fact that she knowingly and willingly endangered others. How would parents of kids she nearly killed feel of you backing up this bitch? Why do the criminals get more respect than the victims? Why are people like you allowed to breed at all? You’re just bringing up a generation of ignorant morons who have no respect for others and think the world revolves around them. Take your bullshit and shove it up your ass, idiot.

    1. call yourself a woman you fucking monster, wash your mouth out with diesel you bitch.
      the kid was only 18 years old, she had no alcohol and only traces of a drug in her body during autopsy samples that would not have affected her ability to drive, she had a benign brain tumour that was diagnosed at an early age that was untreatable that affected her thinking rationally, and her family had just made an appointment for her to see a specialist to help her control her temper and irrational thinking,
      something i think you should do, when children kill themselves because of irrational behaviour it is terrible.
      the pictures speak for themselves, dont forget one day it maybe your child, young brother or sister that is on here smashed to a pulp.
      heartless bastard.

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