38 thoughts on “Brain of Porsche Girl Along Toll Booth Pic”

    1. I agree, to all the “people” who left asshole comments, I with all seriousness hope something like this happens to your kids, spouse whatever. Then see how you deal with the blatant cruel comments coming from a bunch of little pussies hiding behind a computer on the net. Any little fag can do that, I bet if I pulled up an y’all you’d run like a bunch of bitches. That girl had some mental issues (if you could read you’d know this), too bad she’s dead and you’re – – still here. For now anyway. Don’t plan on seeing her where you’re going, no amount of fake repenting will save your sorry asses. Be prepared to have Satan fuck you.

      Rest in heaven Nikki

  1. I read an article about this. It was a spoilt little rich girl drug addict running away from rehab in daddy’s Porsche. I feel sorry for the family and friends. What a selfish little cunt.

  2. Now if only all the other spoiled twats out there could learn from her fine example. Hells, Stupid Bitches of the world unite! Steal a car, then drive it in excess of 90 mph and smash into whatever us shiny! For the innocent people who’s lives may be lost for this action, well, its for a good cause.
    Cunts shouldn’t have Cars. EVER.

  3. She had a brain tumor when she was a little girl and radiation therapy caused some mental impairment… judgement error, extreme impulse, etc. Sometimes she couldn’t control it. Rest in peace Nikki.
    Don’t disrespect the dead.

  4. u all are horrible this girl is dead and all your talking about is how spoiled she was thats pathetic shes gone and you are all going to talk bad about her i cant believe what little respect people have now you all should feel like shit and be praying for the family who have to deal with these pictures of their dead daughter on GOOGLE i dont care what kind of person she is no one deserves to die like that

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