Detailed Pic of Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras’ Head After Car Crash

Detailed Pic of Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras’ Head After Car Crash

Detailed Pic of Porsche Girl Nikki Catsouras’ Head After Car Crash

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    1. poor girl?!?!?! she was reckless! she disobeyed her daddy, she was a drug addict. she stole her daddy’s car + a blonde she was not a saint you know? yes sad blah blah just because she was a stupid young and beautiful girl ~ like they say live fast die young

        1. @WilliamMurderface
          You’re the one letting a stranger affect the way you feel. It takes conscious effort to be offended by the words a person types/speaks. It’s just markings on a page, or organized vocalizations.

          You obviously want to feel upset, simply so you have a purpose in your boring ass life.

  1. Wow thats crazy but the dude was right: she put this upon herself. Usualy when a good looking teen dies like this everyone feels sorry: but dont feel sorry for her, pitty her. if u wanna feel sorry for anyone feel sorry for her family…

  2. omg! why would you post this?! did you even think about what it would do to the family having the pictures posted all over the internet?! i lost my dad to a motorcycle accident a few years back and i know that if the pictures were posted on the internet i would be beyond devastated. do you really want this to be the way they remember their daughter?! regardless of whether you think she was at fault or not how could you do this to that family?! it is hard enough for them to deal with the loss of their daughter without you nasty idiots poting these pictures all over the internet! i really dont know how you can justify doing this or how you can even sleep at night knowing that these pictures are out there for everyone to see. i dont care how you justify it to yourself it is wrong and thats all there is too it. i mean seriously “If you enjoyed this post, leave a comment and subscribe to my RSS feed to get loads more.” who does that?!

      1. I have to agree with you nuttso. I feel terrible for her family, losing such a beautiful young girl in such a horrible way, but do you really think her family is on Best Gore looking for her pics? I think not…but that is why we come here, isn’t it? To look?? If you don’t like what you see then why do you come here? And all these poor souls have family…just because they aren’t rich doesn’t mean the family suffers any less.

        1. completely agree with dragonfly why is her death so much harder on her family than any other posted on this site? there are tons upon tons of people who were KILLED because of people like her doing since less things. Her act of carelessness took her own life and had it been my daughter i would post the pics to show other people how not to lose their children as i had to lose mine.

    1. if pics like this offend you why the hell are you on a website which consists of photos an video of such material? think before you speak… almost every pic on this site are like this but because this one has a family story it offends you? you idiot!!

        1. I literally just LOL’d… I think I peed a little when I did … Your right your right… If daddy died a horrible fiery death,#1 Why are you on here looking at DEATH PICS and #2 Why you holdin out on the goods,man?? Now you suck even more than you did when you first posted that lame shit… smh… You sick stingie little fucker,you.

    2. Clara: Too bad pics like this aren’t in drivers education classes in high school. If they were and kids saw the consequences of their reckless acts. If these pics saved just one life then it’s worth it. Teens aren’t immortal though they think they are.

    3. Uhmmm did you ever think about before visiting this site that your gonna see pictures like this? If your not enjoying what your seeing in this site, you better just leave this site and play farmville. Peace*

    4. True, there was a child involved, but this ain’t the official Disney site. It’s BestGore, get used to it or click on the puppy. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to visit the gift ship on your right hand side on your way out. Have a nice day.

    5. Fuck off troll. Every pic on here is of someone’s family member. And people don’t get on these sites to piss their diapers about how traumatic the material is. They just don’t look at it.

    6. I don’t think it’s just posting the pics that is the really bad thing, maybe it’ll make some people think twice before driving like that. However, It’s the assjacks out there, with their cutsie, smug and down right moronic hateful comments that think they are being so clever and funny that truly deserve to have the same thing happen to one of their loved ones. Maybe then they will think twice about what they post. The family members can see those comments too -wonder if these a-holes thought of that? It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and talk shit. Bet if you saw half these f**kwads they are just fatass, greasy, pimple infected, livin in their parents basement no friend having trolls.

      1. Good point! I happen to know for a fact that a very large number of people watch and comment on videos just to talk shit and ruffle feathers. Thus bringing more credibility to them being fatass, greasy, fuckwads! But I don’the want to judge anyone though.

  3. This ought to be shown to every teen in every school before every holiday to show them how tragically a poor decision can turn out, every parent should see this and require their children (teens) to view it also. She just wanted to have some fun!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh my dear sweet Lord……that is horrifically unbelievable. In my 41 years of living, I have never been exposed to such truth. I am so sorry this happened, but have to agree, that if such a visual truth was given to young people, it would possibly make them think twice about the decisions they make before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. It is a very serious responsibility that not only puts their own life at risk, but others around them. I say this with complete respect, but it is fortunate that only herself, as the irresponsible party, was taken that day, although so sad to see the horribly real repercussion. 🙁

  5. CAM wrote:
    “This has got to be the most disgusting photo i have ever seen in my whole entire life, WTF?.i nearly barfed!!!”

    Maybe you should stay off sites like this if you have a weak stomach.

  6. I agree with everyone…these pictures are really graphic. However, how many of you. or people you know, have lost someone close to an automobile accident? Foolish, reckless acts ultimately will end up like this. I feel for the family and friends of this beautiful young lady.

    If the pictures did not have a name attached, I would definitely want my child to see this picture and an explanation of the accident in driver’s ed.

    My son spent time in jail for reckless driving…fortunately he was caught. He was driving 102 mph in a 65 mph speed zone. Guess what…he should have seen this picture first!

  7. I do feel for her, and her family. She had been known to suffer from mental disorders which cause behavioral problems.. but was also a teen which made her all the more reactionary to her impulses. This should serve as two warnings overall; Open communication with your teenage children is essential if you care anything for their welfare. In addition. Although convertibles may look cool and sporty, they are HIGHLY dangerous vehicles. I have literally seen this kind of accident a few times before in my line of work, involving “sporty” convertibles.

  8. Honestly, she’s pretty and all but she brought it up herself. If you really feel bad for her, feel bad for innocent people who are killed all the time by drunk drivers with their own faults. There’s no difference here. She shouldn’t have been doing drugs or speeding while driving. I feel that’s just common sense and some people choose not to think twice. If she didn’t think twice, what person would even THINK once before they act. No offense and sorry for the loss, but it’s just one less moron in the streets in my opinion.

  9. this is fucked up who ever put these pictures of this girl on line should be charged with some kind of crime because this is not right. I have a criminal justice degree, i have rode along with police officers and delivered flowers to funeral homes while working at a florist during school, and have never seen something so sad and horrible. I have see some very disgusting photos, and real life things but this is just wrong the picture is a testament that we have sick people in the world who get humor out of this stuff. i do not see where there is any humor in this for anyone. i think that the most disgusting thing about all the pictures about this girl, is not the pictures them selves but the person or people who put the pictures on here. my prayers go out to the girls family and friends.

    1. why are you on this site then?

      why is ok for random Brazilians and Indonesians to be posted on here but not this one? because you are emotionally attached.

      this is exactly why these pictures need to be posted online. they are a real wake up call. we are not invincible as much as we would like to believe we are.

  10. shit like this happens all the time,it’s part of can”t candy coat everything.get over it and be real w/everyone and everything including extreme apology to family and friends of beautiful Nikki.

  11. If this girl wasn’t so pretty would this picture be so famous???
    Just a thought…???

    Also yes it is sad that this picture has been leaked and i feel very sorry for the family who have to live through this.
    I would be hell bent on revenge if this was somebody close to me and somebody did this….HOWEVER due to the circumstances of how this all came to be i must say…good bloody job. 100 miles per hour…what is that like 160 kms??? I have never in my whole driving time ever clocked that speed, the fastest i have gone…on a straight highway was 130 and still i was shitting my pants. “The faster you go the bigger the mess”
    Not to mention the other innocent lives she almost took with her….and who the fuck drives while high on cocaine!? what on earth was she thinking??
    I guess it comes down to she made a very bad error of judgement and paid for it…very very sad

  12. These pictures are horrible and a lot of people won’t agree with having them on the net, but face facts: the girl stole her father’s car because he took away her car due to cocaine use, drove over 100 mph, clipped another car and caused them to wreck, and lost control of the car she was driving and subsequently crashed and was killed. If she was drunk no one would even bat an eye. I don’t believe anyone, especially Nikki deserved to die this way, but it was her own reckless endangerment that caused it all. It’s like that video of the lady who takes one step further than her friend and gets ran over by a train that they show in driver’s ed to teach you not to try and out run a train at a crossing; this picture should be a reminder to kids why and how speeding can be dangerous. She may have had a brain tumor that caused mental instability, but it probably didn’t cause plain stupidity. I’m sorry for her, I’m sorry for her family, but if this picture keeps one kid from driving recklessly and ending up with the same fate I’m grateful. Like Edz said you can’t candy coat everything, especially if it will save the life of someone else.

  13. In response to Carrie, I don’t see anything humorous about this picture and I don’t think the person who posted it on this website thinks it’s humorous either. The only people who though it was funny were those bastards who emailed the pictures to her family. They are the ones who deserve the hatred.

  14. This is the most horrendous photo I have ever seen. I feel so sorry for her relatives that have to endure having this on the internet.
    I am very sorry that Nikki chose to do this dumb irresponsible action.

    I am praying for her relatives.

  15. in response to Kanani i did not say that i thought that it was humorous and i do agree with you that its the bastards that sent it to her family that thought it was funny but i also think that they should never have been put on the web before her family even got to see her or the pictures thats what i meant when i said that they were sick and had to think that it was humorous.

  16. i also do agree with you, Kanani, that the girl was also at fault with what she did and you are probably right that if it was a drunk driver they probably wouldnt bat an eye.

  17. This is a tragic loss for the family of this beautiful girl. People can be the cruelest, and the most hurtful when it doesn’t effect them and there lives. But one day they will feel some type of pain, maybe not to this extent, god help not, but something and maybe then will they realize what they have done by showing these most horrible pics. I only hope the family of this beautiful girl will get over the pain that they had to face all over again. God bless the family and know ur daughter is not suffering any more…….

  18. People who think this should be a good example for teens… They’re all crazy. Nowadays teens live in their own world under their own rules. They’ll probably feel sorry or meditate about this, but just for a while, and then forget it.

  19. Geez, what are all these whiners doing on this site to begin with if they’re grossed out so easily?

    Man, I am so made to work in forensics. The pictures were suprising but didn’t gross me out. I can look completely objectively at this and wonder where missing facial features could have gone location-wise.

    I think it would be good to show these pics in high school to warn future drivers of what can go wrong.
    Nice how everyone likes to overlook the fact that she nearly killed four people in the car she hit. She messed up and this is the natural consequence of those actions. I do feel bad for her family but welcome to the real world.

  20. Okay, Schizoid, I agree with you when you say that ppl that are grossed out easily should stay away from these photos but really, did you imagine they’d be that bad? I know I sure didn’t the first time I saw them. I, too, have looked at these over and over trying to figure out what went where. But you’re wrong on one point, there was only one person in the Honda she clipped.
    Anyway, I will admit that although I don’t think anyone should die that way and I do feel bad for her family, it is her fault. Yes, she had a brain tumor but she had taken cocaine once before and had a psychotic reaction so that’s really no excuse. Yes, she stole her daddy’s Porsche and drove at insane speeds, but fact of the matter is, she didn’t deserve to have her head crushed and damn near torn off. And her family shouldnt’ve had to see these photos. I mean, her poor dad came across the accident scene and probably got a good idea of how bad it was. RIP Nikki

  21. Oh how soft our society has become. For those of us old enough to rememer, these were the pix that u got to see in high school driver’s ed. The distubing part of this is that someone would send this to her family. Everyone needs to quit judging this girl. I hate when people get older and wiser and then talk down and judge our youth like we lived the perfect life. Hypocracy!


  23. I see there are some very insensitive people posting, this picture is devastatingly unfortunate…If i was the family of these people, yes i too, would be angry and hurt that this picture was posted. But hey, it’s bestgore!

  24. To Richard, or as I am sure all of your aquaintences refer to you as DICK. As a father, and protector of my child, I am not so naive to think that she is perfect, but I would be remiss if I did not wish she were. Children make decisions, many of them based on how they are raised, or the environment and peers they are associated with. In this case a decision was made, and although poor, her demise should not be used as a battering ram against her. Valuable lessons are learned from others’ mistakes, and you sending your message to her family wouldn’t teach anything, other than imbreds with terrible syntax search the internet in search of response. Just because you live in a trailer and your 1970 rusted Ford pickup can’t be stolen becuase it won’t start, doesn’t mean she was spoiled. No matter the lifestyle, communication is key, and in this case of shock and awe, I hope the message is loud and clear to think before you act and take nothing for granted. Get a life, and may God bless you with sterility.

  25. wow… Clara shut the fuck up. Any one on a fucking GORE SITE shouldn’t fucking bitch about GORE. That is like me giving a fucking loaded gun to an enemy and complain about him wanting to shoot me. You didn’t fucking just happen to stumble across this website and pic on your way to Myspace.

  26. Thank you very much “Misterman337”. I hate to hear people talk as if they are all knowing deities because they are old. Age does not mean wisdom abounds. I’ve seen a hell of a lot of dumb-ass old people. They were dumb when they were young, and they are still fucking dumb. And as for Clara..well…I think “Headshot” said it best. Hypocritical cunt.

  27. I’m sorry to say this but some one hit it right on the nail there are a few pictures on here of “fat” or “ugly” people on here and people make comments like “good one less fatty on the planet” if she wasn’t “pretty” would we really care?also I personally don’t think she was anything special i think that she looks like a lot of other girls where i live and no one makes a big deal when one of those girls passes. I really do feel bad for her family and my condolences go out to them but this is a learning tool and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it when my daughter gets older and if this site is still around I am going to show her these photos and let her know that this is what happens when you don’t think things through!

  28. I agree completely withe Tamela. The child is dead….nothing can bring her back. If her death is to have ANY meaning whatsoever, let it be to prevent OTHER teens from meeting the same fate and OTHER families from suffering the same horrors as Nikki’s family.

    We coddle our fucking kids and “protect” them from SEEING the realities of life until their ignorance leads them to BECOME one of those harsh realities.

  29. Wow!! Too bad but this girl deserved it. I’m glad that she’s the one who died and not the innocent people in the Honda. I used these pics to show my 15 yr old who has just finished her license level 2 and is getting ready to be behind the wheel by herself. This is what I’m terrified of. I don’t want to see my child like this because of her carelessness or someone else’s.

    1. Your right. If parents really cared about their kids they’d show them stuff like this. It’s shocking as hell, but it’s reality! These pictures should be on the internet, they should scare the shit out of teen drivers into what a fatal accident actually looks like. It would make them slow down and think twice before flooring that peddle. I’d show this to my kids. It’s gory and upsetting and should be! I’d rather have my kid grossed out and scared to speed than dead.

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