Pregnant Woman Crushed to Death by Truck, Late Term Fetus Dies Ripped Out

Pregnant Woman Crushed to Death by Truck, Late Term Fetus Dies Ripped Out

A pregnant woman was crushed and smeared on the road by a truck. Most of her body seems to be fairly intact, but her belly was totally flattened. The late term fetus got ripped out of there and died on the road next to the mom, but at least did not get smeared.

Looks like the woman was riding a motorcycle despite being close to popping that spawn out. Maybe she was on her way to an abortion clinic and took a shortcut?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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      1. Would probably be hard with the trauma and being (presumably) far away from a hospital capable of such care. Kid wouldn’t have a great life without a mom, probably for the best that it died..

    1. What do people really expect? It’s all they have to drive to do anything, I doubt anyone here would just stay home all day and starve because the shop is 5 hours walking, which can also be bad for the baby if you dehydrate. Like there is no choice but to use a motorbike in these places. Living in the cook islands I know this because the island islands all but it still takes hours out of their work time if they were to walk everywhere and then they would not be able to look after children as well they can with bikes, over there 9 year olds ride around and helmets are almost unknown there, until recently cars were amazing and rare to them. You do what you to riding to Rd inge you are raised.

  1. one question. Why the fuck is an 8 month long pregnant woman riding a sports bike?? That’s like me taking mine out when we have 5 feet of snow. Common sense in these areas are no where to be found.

    1. Most probably her husband was taking her on the bike to a clinic for the usual check ups or coming back when this accident occurred. In India women don’t ride motorbikes. They ride scooters. With the exception of a handful of female bikers.

  2. Yeah, poor little stinker. But the bigger question is why do motorcyclists (is that a word?) End up so epicly destroyed and smeared on 3rd world roads? What are they up to over there. And why don’t we see more USA gore here? Attorneys, I guess.

    1. Lol took me a while to get it. So over populated. Free for all. bikes ,trucks , cars , people on every inch of the road. Yep they get smeared. Thank god I live where I do. This website def assures me on how good some have it.

    2. There isn’t much content from the United States, not because it is lacking so much as how society is. It’s nothing in these other countries for people to stand around, do nothing and record the incident. In western countries (speaking for USA mostly), that type of behavior would not be tolerated. If you’re caught filming or taking pics of some horrific shit going down and not doing anything, you will be exposed if not get your ass beat right there on the spot by some other person at the scene. Also, beheadings, dismemberments and machete fights aren’t as prevalent in western countries. Not to mention the fact that not even a fraction of the stuff that happens in Brazilian prisons would happen without security intervention before it goes that far. Cell phones are also taken away in American prisons, so nothing to record incidents with.

      In conclusion, it’s not that nothing happens in the west, it’s just different than other countries. The norms of society have a huge influence in dictating how much gory incidents get recorded and made public. Our EMT’s don’t pose, point and take pictures of the victims here either. Not to say that a lot of the population isn’t retarded, juat like other countries. We have morons in mass here too. πŸ™‚

    1. 1000s. I watched a special on their public transportation. 100s die a day trying to board a train. There’s a video I’m gonna look for it. People diving on the trains as they’re moving. That’s how difficult it is to board a train. imagine bro. Having to dive on a train to get to work and you’re not running late. Ha

  3. no one knows the headache i get
    trying to figure out why no one can turn
    the video 45 degrees counter clockwise
    before loading it into the player
    now that’s pain
    the kids like “wut’s up dude”

  4. Anyone else reminded of Stewie when he jiggled the dead baby’s stomach? Especially in the Prom Night Dumpster Baby episode. Anyway, I think that guy was trying to see if the dead baby was still alive. Was he giving him chest compressions or was he just tickling it?

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